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The Results


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Monthly Insights

Maximizing Organic Search Visibility 

Our strategic approach to social media marketing skyrocketed Underglow Skin’s organic search visibility to an impressive 68.7% share. By crafting targeted content, optimizing keywords, and tapping into skincare trends, we made their profiles and posts easily discoverable to their ideal audience. We incorporate high-impact hashtags into the brand’s social media strategy to attract those actively seeking skincare solutions.

Expanding Reach & Engagement 

Our tailored social media marketing efforts played a pivotal role in expanding Underglow Skin’s reach and engagement rates, achieving a post reach of 72%, a people reach of 91%, and an engagement rate of a whopping 95.2%. By creating compelling and visually appealing content that resonated with their target audience, we increased the visibility of their posts, ensuring that their brand message reached a wider audience.

Follower Growth

Steady Follower Growth 

Underglow Skin’s social media presence experienced consistent and remarkable follower growth over the span of five months. This upward trajectory in follower numbers reflects the effectiveness of our social media marketing strategies. By combining a mix of engaging content, targeted advertising, and community-building initiatives, we propelled their follower count from 971 in April ’23 to 1614 in August ’23.

Quality Content: A Follower Magnet

Underglow Skin’s remarkable follower growth owes much to our top-notch content. We crafted content that not only highlighted their skincare products but also offered valuable beauty tips and skincare insights. Consistently delivering audience-engaging content established Underglow Skin as a credible skincare authority, encouraging followers to engage, share, and invite others, driving their consistent growth.

Post Engagement

An Impactful Social Media Strategy

Underglow Skin witnessed a substantial increase in post engagement, a testament to the effectiveness of our tailored social media strategy. Over the course of five months, we strategically enhanced engagement from 911 in April ’23 to an impressive 1773 in August ’23. This upward trend indicates the successful implementation of engagement-driven content and interactive campaigns.

Strategic Content Planning

We curated content that resonated with their audience, sparking meaningful interactions. By incorporating visually appealing graphics, compelling storytelling, and calls to action, we encouraged followers to engage, share, and provide feedback. This strategic approach fostered a sense of community and involvement, driving up engagement rates and establishing Underglow Skin as a brand that values and interacts with its audience.

Client's Feedback

Our clients’ feedback reflects the outstanding results and seamless online experience we delivered for his PRP clinic.

We Cannot Express Our Gratitude Enough For The Incredible Work Done By The Team At Freelancers Hub. Their Dedication And Expertise In Social Media Marketing Have Been A Game-Changer For Underglow Skin. Thank You For Helping Us Shine Even Brighter!


Founder, Underglow Skin

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