White Hat SEO Techniques and Right tools for Ethical Link Building Strategies – Myth Revealed

White Hat SEO Techniques by Freelancers HUB

Individual SEO freelancers like many of us, especially who’re at very initial stage, usually hear two things most of the time, one is ‘White hat SEO’ and another is ‘Content is King’. Everywhere on the Internet and on different blog posts from the most influential SEO bloggers repeat these two things again and again. But, from my experience, I found it difficult to understand the exact meaning or insights of these two things at my initial stage. Continue reading

Best & Affordable SEO Content writing tools for Professional Freelancers

Best & Affordable SEO Content Writing Tools

“Content is the king” – this truth mostly realize by the SEO guys and the content marketers. Without a great piece of quality content, it becomes impossible to rank any website and attract the organic traffic.

So, I usually invest a lot of time and energy to create text contents that not only create backlinks for my niche site or client site but also for building an online reputation and bring traffic as well. Continue reading

How to do Organic SEO Keyword Research with Free Keyword Tools


Keyword Research with Free tools - SEO Freelancers Technique

How to do SEO keyword research for best organic search result? This is probably the most common question arise in the mind of every SEO freelancer. Not only them, but also in the mind of any website owners having live blogs or business and e-commerce websites. Well, I write this article particularly for the freelancers because business owners might have their own budget to purchase expensive online keyword tools to serve their purpose which is actually not possible for the SEO freelancers. Continue reading

3 Major Steps that are must for all Digital Marketing Solutions


3 Major Steps of Digital Marketing Solution by Freelancers HUB

In today’s era of online presence, it’s vital to know the exact process of presenting your blog or business to the internet so that the search engine recognize your existence and bring on the top for what you want. And that’s the reason why you need to know the most 3 basic steps of any kind of digital marketing solutions. Lets try to dig more into the depth of these 3 major steps. Continue reading