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Monthly Insights

Maximizing Online Reach

The Marketing Muslimah’s social media presence is thriving, as evidenced by the impressive numbers in their monthly insights. With an organic reach of 68.4%, our strategic efforts have ensured that their content resonates with a vast audience, making a significant impact. The post reach of 76% showcases the compelling nature of their content, drawing in an engaged audience that eagerly interacts with their posts.

Success In Audience Engagement

Furthermore, a remarkable people reach of 93.4% highlights the effectiveness of our strategies in connecting The Marketing Muslimah with its target demographic. The icing on the cake is an engagement rate of 89%, signifying the meaningful interactions and conversations we’ve sparked within their online community.

Follower Growth

Follower Growth Success 

The Marketing Muslimah’s social media following has shown substantial growth. From 23 followers in April ’23, the consistent expansion continued in May ’23 with 41 followers, further increasing to 69 in June ’23. July ’23 marked a significant milestone with 100 followers, and by August ’23, their online community had grown to 134, reflecting our effective strategies in building a dedicated online following.

Strategies for Success: Fueling Follower Growth

To fuel follower growth for The Marketing Muslimah, we employed a multifaceted approach. This involved content optimization, precise audience targeting, and engaging strategies. Our content tailoring attracted the right audience, while our engagement techniques encouraged active participation, fostering a vibrant community. This approach not only increased followers but also built a dedicated and engaged online community around The Marketing Muslimah.

Post Engagement

Month-by-Month Post-Engagement Triumph

Our social media strategy for The Marketing Muslimah consistently delivered outstanding post-engagement results. In April ’23, they achieved 433 engagements, reflecting early success. May ’23 saw engagement climb to 698, and June ’23 surged to 875, indicating growing interest. July ’23 marked a significant jump to 1,340 engagements, showcasing our strategy’s impact. By August ’23, engagements soared to 1,853, marking a remarkable achievement in creating meaningful online interactions.

Supercharged Post-Engagement Strategies

Our post-engagement success for The Marketing Muslimah is the result of well-crafted content, timely responses, and active community engagement. Resonating content ignited interest, while prompt and meaningful responses kept conversations alive. The outcome? A vibrant, engaged online community actively participating in discussions and sharing The Marketing Muslimah’s content, driving remarkable post engagement numbers.

Client's Feedback

Our clients’ feedback reflects the outstanding results and seamless online experience we delivered for his PRP clinic.

Working With This Exceptional Team Has Been A Game-Changer For The Marketing Muslimah. Their Data-Driven Social Media Strategies Have Not Only Expanded Our Online Presence But Have Also Fostered A Thriving Community Of Engaged Followers. We’re Thrilled With The Results And Look Forward To Continued Success Together!

Niger Hall

Owner & CEO, The Marketing Muslimah

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