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Project Insight Brief


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The Results


Organic Search Surge


Direct Traffic Rise


Referral Traffic Boost


Combined Social And Other Channels

Top Traffic Channels

A Multifaceted Approach to Achieve Top Traffic Channels

London CFM’s remarkable growth stems from strategic channel optimization. Through meticulous analysis, we pinpointed resonating keywords and trends, resulting in an 89.1% surge in organic search visibility. User-friendly experiences boosted direct traffic by 5.6%, while precise execution transformed their site into a sought-after destination, bypassing intermediaries.


Nurturing the Power of Word-of-Mouth & Collaboration

London CFM recognizes the influence of referrals and word-of-mouth for a strong online presence. Our strategies fostered partnerships, resonating with the brand’s ethos, resulting in a notable 2.8% referral traffic rise. Leveraging alliances, we boosted organic growth. Additionally, focusing on social and other channels yielded a 2.5% contribution, harnessing community engagement and content sharing for valuable traffic streams.

Keyword Growth Report

Keyword Growth Across Six Months

If you observe the bar chart on the right, you will notice a gradual increase in Keyword Growth Trends from Jan’23 to June’23. The journey from January to June tells a captivating story of a rising keyword growth trend. Starting at 30 in January, the trend steadily climbed to 331 by June, showcasing a remarkable ascent in search volume. 

Strategic Efforts Yield Fruitful Results

This gradual progression, as depicted in the accompanying bar chart, reflects an expanding online presence and increasing interest in the subject. The data unveils a promising trajectory, suggesting that strategic efforts yield fruitful results and capture greater attention as the months unfold.

Estimated Traffic Growth Report

Fueling Remarkable Progress

In just six months, London CFM’s estimated traffic has transformed from a modest beginning of 12 in February to a substantial 98 in June. This exceptional journey of growth is a testament to our focused strategies and relentless dedication to enhancing online visibility. Our efforts have consistently improved our offerings and expanded our reach, as shown by the data.

Navigating the Path to Enhanced Traffic

We used strategic guidance and targeted optimization to increase London CFM’s traffic. We analyzed trends and tailor our efforts to the target audience. Our strategies and refinement increased traffic. The data shows our methods are effective and will help London CFM succeed.

Client's Feedback

Our clients’ feedback reflects the outstanding results and seamless online experience we delivered for his PRP clinic.

Freelancers-Hub Has Been A Game-Changer For London CFM. Their Tailored Approach, Transparent Communication, And Creative Strategies Have Elevated Our Online Presence Significantly. Their Expertise Is Matched Only By Their Dedication To Our Success. Highly Recommend Them For Businesses Seeking Impactful Digital Marketing Solutions.

Rob Staunton

Founder, London CFM

Establishing Trust & Authority By Freelancers Hub Digital Marketing Agency

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