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White Hat SEO Techniques by Freelancers HUB

Individual SEO freelancers like many of us, especially who’re at very initial stage, usually hear two things most of the time, one is ‘White hat SEO’ and another is ‘Content is King’. Everywhere on the Internet and on different blog posts from the most influential SEO bloggers repeat these two things again and again. But, from my experience, I found it difficult to understand the exact meaning or insights of these two things at my initial stage.

The main problem I realize is the communication gap between the most experts and the beginners. Experts usually explain their logic in their expert way which usually flies far above of any beginner’s radar network 😉

Instance, when a beginner tries to learn about the White Hat SEO from any influential blogger’s blog post, s\he mostly found that link exchange, buy links from link farms or links from unnatural sources are Black hat SEO practices because its sole objective is to manipulate the search result. They even provide a list of traditional link building methods i.e. forum profiles, links from the forum, profile links, web directory links etc. are now not worthy and now Google usually counts them as spam links. And most of them recommend for blogger’s outreach, guest posting and publish insightful content to earn links.

What shall I do for link building if all are treated as Spam by Google?

Now, in the beginners’ mind, the question arise, well, I’ll avoid the link scheme or building links from the traditional sources, but what else left for link building if I want to create backlinks? Say, I write an awesome content and follow the strategy of blogger’s outreach and requesting thousands of influencer’s to link my content, do you really think that they’ll feel interested in linking with my content when they check my site and found that it’s completely new and has no authority or not even ranked for any keywords in the niche?

If I put myself in the influential blogger’s place, I may not feel interested in linking or give any reference link to such kind of site, no matter how worthy content is that until I’m financially benefited. And when the question comes to money in exchange for any reference link, it ultimately falls into the link scheme category which Google hates the most.

So, I still believe in the way of traditional methods of link building described by great marketing guru Neil Patel in his blog post on building links in a scalable way. But, of course, the whole process must strictly follow by the ethical way.

Is it really necessary to write a massive size content to get SEO benefit?

On the other hand, about the ‘Awesome Content’ or ‘Wow Content” – that are mostly prescribed by the SEO gurus are something that I feel really tough things for any beginners. Their vital logic behind the great content is to attract links so that the published content gets authority and so the site.They even have some specific prescription like 2000 or 3000 plus word content so that reader will read the whole content and it’ll help to reduce the bounce rate. Also use some graphics, videos or some other kind of visual contents that can make the whole stuff flashy and attractive. Most importantly, create content for the human reader, not only for the search engine.

They even have some specific prescription like 2000 or 3000 plus word content so that reader will read the whole content and it’ll help to reduce the bounce rate. Also use some graphics, videos or some other kind of visual contents that can make the whole stuff flashy and attractive. Most importantly, create content for the human reader, not only for the search engine.

I appreciate all most all the points, but when the question comes to doing SEO for any small business website which topics are limited, then how will you do that?

Their prescription is mostly applicable for the blog sites. And, the another fact is, long form contents are not always suitable. A great analysis by Salma Jafri on Search Engine Watch about Long Vs Short content can make things clearer to you.

Most of the business website owners hardly feel interested in publishing such long contents on a regular basis on their business websites because it involves some extra cost of hiring a professional writer and all.

Length doesn’t matter – Help the Reader – SEO Benefit comes Automatically

I completely agree with the statement that the content should be created for the human readers, but keep the search engine factor in mind which is actually should be the second priority.But, one question strike always in my mind that, is the huge content length is really needed to get a better outcome for organic SEO performance? Honestly speaking, as a reader when I see a huge size content, I usually lost my 60% interest and skip most part of the content until some bullet point catches my eyes.

But, one question strike always in my mind that, is the huge content length is really needed to get a better outcome for organic SEO performance? Honestly speaking, as a reader when I see a huge size content, I usually lost my 60% interest and skip most part of the content until some bullet point catches my eyes.

So, here in later part of my writing, I’ll mostly explain the actual insights of “White Hat SEO techniques” for off-site SEO campaign and the “SEO friendly content”. If you read up to this point, then I believe, you’ll surely feel interested to read the rest to understand my explanation and believe me, it’ll help you to understand clearly most of the things regarding White Hat SEO and SEO friendly content.

What is White Hat SEO Technique?

In my point of view, white hat SEO technique is the traditional SEO practices for link building which is ethical and acceptable by the search engines.

White hat, Black hat or Grey Hat – all tricks or methods usually practiced in the case of off-site SEO. And, link building is the core objective of off-site SEO and the ultimate goal is to rank the site for certain target keywords.

However, you may find a lot of expert posts nowadays that, the backlink is dead in SEO and it has no any effect on site ranking in SERP. I strongly disagree with this statement. Still, backlinks are one of the three core factors of the search algorithm especially Google.

Why search engines take backlinks as the core factor in their search algorithm?

In general sense, it’s simply nothing but a vote for a site. In our human society, we elect the man as a president or our leader who gets the most votes from the general voters. Same concepts work here too.

Hence, votes from all kinds of people belong to the different profession are accepted like from worker, farmer, businessmen, doctors, engineers, political activists etc. In this voting system, the whole process is White Hat.

Now the question comes, what make an SEO practice White hat or Black hat?

Now think, if one person gives two or more votes to manipulate the election system with the aim of electing a person as the leader, what will happen?. The process becomes corrupted and it can be known as black hat tricks.

From the very beginning of SEO, we know below systems are the tools of building backlinks i.e.

White Hat SEO Tools for Content Marketing

Most SEO guru suggests that most of these traditional link building tricks are now useless as they’re now treated as spam by the smarter Google. And so they suggest avoiding them, focus on some WOW Content that can attract authority links from other sites. Another mostly suggested trick is to approach for guest posting opportunities.

Now one question strike in my mind that, why Google and other search engines treat these backlinks as spam? What makes these links valueless?

The fact is, before the Penguin update, SEO professionals used these sources in such a massive way that search engines forced to think that these sources are spam.

Well, in my point of view, search engines are still not thinking these sources are as spam until you’re doing something wrong. Instance, if I create multiple profiles in a single Forum and all the profiles have the same website address, and then certainly the thing becomes suspicious.

I’ll discuss more detail about the ethical link building by following white hat SEO techniques and practices in my upcoming posts.

Here at this point, I would like to share an infographic with on Evolution of Link Building that I found on Globe Runner a Dallas Digital Marketing Agency website. It gives a very clear picture of link building practiced in the different phase of SEO history.

Evolution of Link Building - Freelancers HUB

SEO Contents for Marketing

After the Penguin update, the sites gets the most hit who practices Black hat SEO. With the Penguin update, Google force SEO practitioners to practice link building in the more compliant way. Links from contents (both contextual and visual contents) carry the most value and pass higher link juice. In short, Google makes things more difficult for the acquire backlinks.

Although most SEO gurus discourage article directories and web 2.0 backlinks, but from my experience in last two years (after Penguin update), I found them quite workable and play the vital role in ranking my small business client’s websites.

However, I was scared to build links through such way at my initial stage because I found so many expert articles on these that are against back links from article directories and web 2.0 blogs. I also see many of them suggest off-site content length must be more than 1000+ words otherwise Google with treat it backlink from thin content.

Honestly speaking, a lot of jargon floating around on the internet that is good enough to confuse any newbie. Here I can confidently claim that these still works pretty fine because I experimented in recent past (in 2015 and 2016) and get results from it.

What should be the Standard Content-Length for Off-Site SEO campaign?

Well, I agree with the logic that short content is unable to engage a reader for a long time on the page that results in high bounce rate. But, is all the time long contents are really necessary?

What if I have some very important message to pass to my readers and that doesn’t require a huge volume of text contents? As my ultimate goal is to help the reader with some real good information and search engines also appreciate that, then why not short content can have the good SEO value? Even according to Google, short content is not the low-quality content encourage me to believe that the most prescribed method by marketing gurus of long-form content in not mandatory all the time.

So, I plan to give a shot and start creating average length (between 500 – 800 words) content for off-site SEO campaign that not only creates backlinks for my client’s site but also help the readers to learn more about my clients’ products and services. I submit those contents in different article directories and web 2.0 blogs and also work hard to make them valuable for the readers.

I did all necessary things for those published contents to get higher visibility on the internet. It includes creating backlinks, shares on different social media platforms, building relations with other bloggers on the niche and convince them to post comments on my published contents, give likes and share and, much other stuff like these.

After few months, when I check the backlink profile of my client’s site, I found those contents are passing the maximum link juice and play the vital role for site ranking. And this result not only for the web 2.0 blog posts or articles on article directories but also profile links and visual contents I published during my off-site SEO campaign.

After testing these for few clients’ project, I came to a conclusion that my logic was right! Neither Google nor other search engines mark the article directories and web 2.0 blogs as spam. I was honest with myself while creating those off-site contents and give much priority to the reader’s intention.

So, SEO content for marketing is not only referring the contents on the main site (client site or money site) but also the contents that used for off-site SEO with the intention of backlink building and also the content marketing.

I’ll share the tricks and my experiences on this kind of backlink building through publishing off-site contents in my upcoming posts. So, stay tuned with me.

Essential tools of Off-Site SEO for Content Marketing

As I name earlier of few traditional methods of link building in off-site search engine optimization, here I’m going to give a short intro of all the methods so that it could be easy for you to understand things in my future posts. In my point of view, they’re the smart ways to combine content marketing with off-site SEO backlinks building activities.

White Hat SEO Tools for Content Marketing
  • Social Networking: Social networking could be the important money for hard times. Social networking will be thriving and also everybody knows in which, a lot of the social media marketing internet site back links are usually no followed but nevertheless they will employ a crucial benefit. Revealing articles between 1000 s of folks boost the reputation and also alludes a huge selection of backlinks. You will find a lot of websites providing do follow back links us. At the. Delicious, scrumptious, dig-go and so on. Making use of yahoo additionally, twitting, LinkedIn and so forth can be a sensible way to advertise articles.
  • Video Sharing: Show your ideas by way of video clips. Develop engaging video clips along with talk about your ideas along with approaches using your consumers. Placed your current URL throughout introduce the rule of your respective video clips and enable consumers for you to introduce your current video clips on the internet sites by simply setting rule along with supplying you with a new inbound link. You’ll find countless websites similar to Vimeo, met cafe and many others. Found pertaining to creating video clips. Online video submitter tactic is utilized by simply most your profitable & major makes current.
  • Audio Submission: Finding inbound link by acoustic is very much pretty bizarre nonetheless it’s really a really good way to have high-quality one-way links. Produce a good intro sound for the website for example sound cloud,,, 8 tracks, your listen etc website for your content marketing by search engine optimization.
  • Syndicating On Other Websites: Syndication connected with information is usually it will always be a way connected with giving this summation section of the full information with other sorts of excessively targeted visitors internet websites to build far more understanding in relation to your content in addition to intended for giving expertise involving a better volume of end users.
  • Blog Aggregates: Blog site aggregates internet websites usually are it will always be this RSS directory site style of websites. Many people enhance the targeted visitors in addition to inbound links towards website along with the intrinsic websites.
  • Document Sharing: Document sharing is an incredibly common technique of making back links currently. The idea seems to be peculiar if you feel precisely what file you’ll be able to talk about, effectively their certainly not something useful. You’ll be able to talk about your PDF file variation coming from all your current content, reports, expression papers, electronic books you’ve got made and many others.
  • Business Listing Site: Business listing website is definitely an on the internet mention of your own business’s title, tackle as well as telephone number upon additional web page – even when there is absolutely no hyperlink stage aimed at your website.
  • E-Books Submissions: Nowadays promoting e-books is the wisest method of generating revenue on the internet. However, you may also generate hyperlinks via e-books. E-book additionally helps you to appeal to the large amount associated with search engines like Google people to your own site as well as boost the presence upon the internet.
  • Paid Directories: Paid web directories are generally a superior way involving increasing solid backlinks to help you using your search engine optimization advertising campaign. These kinds of web directories will certainly force your website up the Google search in Google and yahoo while joined with powerful onsite search engine optimization.
  • Paid Ads: Paid for advertising is actually a terrific way to manual much more visitors for your website as well as improve the company. It supplies you additional service with regard to enhancing your articles advertising within search engine optimization.
  • Slide Sharing Site: Slide share is actually a lot more than only a record discussing website, and therefore this warrants an entire publish focused on this.
  • Web 2.0: Web 2.0 are generally internet sites which in turn let you develop your website which has an exclusive website. You could possibly release data along with place back links from that internet. Web 2.0 internet sites are viewed while good quality internet sites along with making internet pages along with creating written content by way of web 2 .0 internet sites would likely help out with URL making along with accomplishing prime ends in search engines.
  • Artist Portfolio Sites: A good artist portfolio is definitely a modified assortment of their finest artwork meant to display a good artist’s design or even approach to function.
  • InfoGraphic Submission Sites: An infographic is usually an image photograph, for example, an information. An infographic submission sites help to make your content marketing strong in search engine optimization base.
  • PDF Submission: PDF submission could be the particular revealing with the PDF data files by means of PDF revealing internet site. It’s important section of away from site search engine optimization.
  • Design Galleries: Design galleries indicates enhance this content of the web page is actually to pay attention to the actual pictures. The majority of web pages include pictures, whether or not they end up being pictures, pictures or even symbols. And it is additionally helpful with regard to content material advertising within search engine optimization.
  • Image Submission: Image submission means constructing back links together with photos can be excellent and also a basic solution to develop back links to your internet site. All you have to could be a good quality special photos if they are usually connected aimed at your web or perhaps whatever else. The image must not consist of copyrighted articles or perhaps mature articles.
  • Press Release Submission: In a very the latest obvious recorded by simply yahoo and Google, they have got stated that this public relations campaign will certainly go search engine optimization price to your site. It implies should you be receiving do follow backlinks via public relations in internet sites. Nevertheless, it is important should be to post your website for you to merely excellent website article internet sites. It is significant since yahoo and Google look at cheap public relations backlinks while junk.

In my upcoming posts, I’ll share how to use the above tools in an ethical way to practice white hat SEO for the clients’ site and how to use them properly both for content marketing and link building.

Wrapping Up

White hat SEO techniques are not a difficult stuff to understand, but of course, it requires hard work and huge patience. When you can be able to use the above-mentioned tools in a proper way by following white hat method, ranking a site in SERP is not a difficult job, I believe. But, before entering into the world of SEO war, you must know about the mostly used armaments and the ethics of the battle and here in the post, I try to give some light on it which I learned from my experience.

I’ll give some insights in my upcoming posts about my most used tools for effective search engine optimization that help to measure the off-site SEO performance. So, if you feel benefit from reading this post, stay tuned with me and re-visit my blog whenever time allows you.

  • Nice detailed post. It surely help the beginners who planning their career as an SEO freelancer.