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What is a Google AdWords Specialist and What do they do - Freelancers HUB

When creating a website, it is easy to understand that it will need a lot of attention and specialized help to have proper visibility on the Internet. After all, it’s no use to launch a website if no one will ever know that it exists. This is where marketing comes into the scene, among others that are used to properly promote a website. Google AdWords is, probably one of the most used and popular advertising services in the online environment. Developed and managed by Google, it helps website owners around the world to advertise their services and products on Google, of course. The services is a paid one, as you may suspect, but it is worth it considering that Google is the most used search engine out there at the moment.

Now, for anyone that never had anything in common with online marketing or AdWords, it may be very tricky to use this service. Also, online marketing is, by nature, a very complex system that requires solid knowledge in the domain and know-how of the latest marketing techniques. But, you always have the option of getting the help offered by a Google AdWords specialist.

What is a Google AdWords specialist and what does such a person do? These are probably two of the questions that pop into your mind at the moment. Well, you came just to the right place because we are going to treat this subject in detail so you will know everything about the benefits of hiring such a specialist and how will it help your business.

What is a Google AdWords specialist?

Google ADWord Specialist at Freelancers HUB

If you did any research about the available online marketing techniques, you may have found out that PPC or pay-per-click is one of the most used methods of advertising. This type of advertising is used for the purpose of attracting people to websites. In other words, it helps increase the traffic of a website. And when there are more people visiting a website, there are also higher chances to turn them into customers. As the name suggests, PPC is a paid type of advertisement, but it is a good payment system as you will only have to pay if someone clicks on your ad, so your budget will be well spent. Now, as you can tell, someone has to create these ads for you and make best of you of the Google AdWords.

The Google AdWords specialist knows, first of all, how the PPC system works, so it is the best person to hire in order to get these ads set up right. He will take care of everything connected to Google AdWords and use his knowledge for the benefit of your company. You see, when setting a PPC campaign with AdWords, there’s the need to bid for the desired keywords or keyword phrases that will be included in your ad. The Google AdWords specialist will take care of this for you, setting up audits and acquiring the keywords that are most effective for your PPC campaign while respecting the budget. Thus, it is a person you definitely can rely on when it comes to your PPC campaigns management.

What does a Google AdWords specialist do?

To get a better idea of the services you will get if you decide to start a PPC campaign and hire a certified AdWord specialist in this direction, here is a succinct list with all the attributes of this type of professional:

  • The specialist will take care of your PPC campaigns, setting them up where they should be, and that is on Google Search, Google Mobile Ads, and Google Display Partners;
  • He will start a research process in order to find the most suitable and well-rated keywords for your campaign, coming up with a list of keywords you should bid for;
  • He will also create for you special Adwords Ads, which can also be launched and ran in the previously mentioned online places. Of course, it is up to you if you choose Google Mobile Ads or Google Display Partners, according to your set objectives;
  • check A Google AdWords specialist will also test a variety of ads on your behalf, seeing which will trigger the best response from your target audience, in order to use in your campaigns;
  • check He will manage your bids as well, as long as you tell him what are the desired keywords and designated budget. Don’t worry, as you will also receive valuable pieces of advice in this direction if you want;
  • check He will also tell you how your PPC campaigns are working and what kind of results they are generated. To be more precise, this is the kind of specialist that will check which of the keywords used by your campaigns appeared on Google Search, making people see your ad;
  • check Besides telling you which keywords are most successful, the Google AdWords specialist will also let you know how many times people clicked on your ads and which of them attracted the biggest number of clicks;
  • check You will also receive full support from the specialist when it comes to the creation of landing pages for your Adwords Ad Groups. This will be done in collaboration with you so that the best solutions are found each time.

Why is it a smart choice to hire a AdWords specialist?

While you may find a lot of articles telling you that it is not such a big deal to start a marketing campaign with the help of Google AdWords, it would be recommended not to venture on this path on your own. That is if you want to avoid disappointment and loss of money and time. Considering that PPC is a paid marketing option, you should get specialized help and maximize the potential of your resources. Also, having a Google AdWords specialist at your side you will avoid fraud in your PPC advertising campaign management, as the expert will know that needs to be done in order to minimize risks coming from ill-intentioned developers or even competitors that may try to sabotage your campaign.

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