Off Page SEO is known as the last part of website search engine optimization services for organic ranking Since the beginning of online search technology, backlinks are the core of all algorithm based on which search engines are evaluating a site’s popularity. But with the days passed away, many quality requirements come in that we need to comply for obtaining backlinks.

Days are gone when unfair techniques to obtain massive backlinks within a short time period works pretty well. Now it not only put the websites into the risks of getting a manual penalty from search engines, but it also can get de-indexed completely from their directory. So, a clear understanding of webmaster guideline, updated knowledge of search engine’s quality instruction and a proven strategy for obtaining backlink is a must.

Backlink Building/Off site SEO service by Freelancers HUB

SEO Link Building Service

Backlinks are the most vital and important thing for keyword ranking. It not only helps a site to get a better ranking position in search engine results page (SERP) but also plays a vital role for webmasters to build a personal relationship with the influencers within the industry.

Our Freelance SEO experts have a vast experience in obtaining the quality backlink from different sources. We have very clear understanding of webmaster guideline and search algorithm updates especially from Google. So we can guarantee 100% quality work by following white hat method.

All our works are done manually and so we can ensure the natural growth of healthy backlink profile that can ensure long lasting results.

It has been observed that keyword ranking usually takes from three to six months depending on the market competition by following white hat method for link building. From the completed projects, we also noticed that few sites get top page ranking for target keywords even within two months. Please visit our portfolio pages to learn more about our experience on this.

Methods we follow for SEO Link Building Service

Many websites were badly hit in search ranking when Google first release its Penguin update in April 2012. Before that update, website owners and SEO professionals heavily misuse the link building system to manipulate the search results.

As before the update, any kind of link votes can easily rank a site, webmasters used many different techniques to obtain backlinks from both relevant and irrelevant sources. Link exchanges, link scheme, private blog networks and many other such techniques were used at that time. These are usually known as Black Hat and Grey Hat SEO techniques.

Our Upwork-based SEO freelancers are well aware of the consequences and so only follow the white hat methods that are highly recommended by most renowned SEO influencers. We mostly used below methods for building links to our client’s websites.

White Hat Methods for SEO Link Building

Above are the methods that we mainly use for creating SEO backlinks for our client websites. There are also few quality guidelines from search engine webmaster which we keep in our mind while building backlinks. Instance, the percentage of anchor text distribution, natural growth of link profile, contextual links Vs links from images are few among the important guidelines.

Our professional SEO freelancers are well educated about these webmasters guideline and so we can assure a very clean and healthy backlink profile within a reasonable time frame that can play a vital role in improving the keyword ranking.

Effective Link Building Strategy

Creating backlinks won’t bring the result within reasonable time frame until they are being created by following some effective strategy. Especially after the Penguin Update from Google, quality of backlinks matters most. Moreover, it should look like the links are being created in a natural way, not intentionally.

So, we have developed our several link building strategies which we practiced since 2015 and all of them brings very satisfactory results so far. Go through our off-site SEO/link building portfolios where we share many reports which are the proof of our claim.

So what are the strategies we follow for building natural backlinks? We glad to share one of our strategies through below Infographic so that it can help to get a clear idea.

Backlink Building Strategy - Infographic by Freelancers HUB

Above Infographic shows a strategy where we use a Two-Layer link building format. Search engines have their own metric to judge the quality of a backlink and pass the link juice accordingly. In this strategy, the first layer web properties will get a boost from the second layer backlinks and pass more valuable link juice to the main site.

We always make sure of posting updated contents and fluent activities in both layer web properties i.e. blogs, profiles, social accounts. Gradually they become mature and pass permanent high-value link juice to the main site.

Beside backlink building campaign, we also create, optimize and run social accounts as part of off-site SEO campaign. We post the contents (which are created for backlinks) on those social media accounts on a regular and pre-scheduled basis so that they gain the online visibility. It also passes a strong signal to search engine that the created links from the contents are real worthy.

Reporting for Off-Site SEO Campaign

Organic ranking is always a long term issue. Relentless efforts need to put behind it. It usually takes approximate three to six months to get ranking on the top page of SERP if the market is less competitive. But for investors or website owners, it becomes difficult to wait as they need to know if their invested money brings any improvement.

We understand the client’s psychology and so we designed some scheduled reporting. For off-site SEO or backlink building campaign, we provide three types of reporting as mentioned below;

  • Weekly Work in Progress Report: We consider Saturday to Sunday as our weekdays and every Monday we send Work in Progress link building report to the client. To get an idea about our weekly reporting format, please visit this link or navigate our SEO Backlink Building portfolio page.
  • Monthly SEO Performance Report: We provide an SEO performance report on last week on every month so that client can get an idea about the improvement. It can also allow them to compare with the previous month progress. Please visit our portfolio page to have a look at our dummy monthly SEO performance report.
  • Keyword Ranking Progress Report: We also provide a keyword ranking progress report on the last week of every month. It allows the website owners to justify the overall SEO effort for keyword ranking.

Off-site SEO or link building work volume actually depends on the category of sites. Search engines prefer those sites which have backlink profile for all of their pages. So we always consider creating backlinks for all pages, not only the page we target for ranking.

As the e-commerce website usually has a high number of pages for products, so naturally it requires more volume of work. On the other hand, blog site or small business website requires less volume of work. We always offer a free consultation so that we can examine the client’s site and give a clear picture. Based on the discussion, we offer a service package for off-site SEO link building project.

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