Freelancer Hub is reshaping the digital world dramatically with world class search engine optimization. In rapidly changing and competitive environment, no business can stand online in organic search without using the techniques of SEO. With great results, search engine optimization has proven to be the effective part of internet marketing.

Search Engine Optimization Services by SEO professional of Freelancers HUB

For Organic Search Ranking

We are providing best internet marketing solutions for the personal and business websites. So, that these companies can improve their online presence by using advanced search engine optimization techniques. SEO is a necessary component that helps to transform your ideas into actions.

High search engine ranking is the primal goal of our services. We are devising strategies that will earn your business and website high organic ranking in search engines. With consistent hard work and dedications, we are able to drive organic traffic towards your business. This is possible because of the end most expertise and enthusiastic team of copywriters we have. We have presented solutions for most difficult website and ranking problems.

With a top ranking on the search engine, any business can receive the bulk of profitable of organic traffic. With such impressions and clicks, you can transform your traffic into your sales. We are making this happen by creating such informative content on your website for solving the queries of people. We make full fledge research on relevant market and consumers, so the performance and outcome will be optimal.

SEO for Ecommerce Websites

We are building solutions for e-commerce and non-e-commerce sites. Our search engine optimization services provide quantifiable results. Not only our team is focused on top search rankings and traffic, it is also focusing on improving the return you earn.

Freelancers Hub makes your website easily navigable for users. From content to design, we pay attention to each and every detail. Without search engine optimization methods, we make website simple to use to a great extent. Improving the user experience is the sole objective to make profitable conversions.

The company is serving clients to come up with best digital marketing solutions. Our team also includes domain and digital marketing experts. These experts are so good at extracting data and doing research on a specific market or niche. This way the best solutions have been created as they are backed up by research and strategies. With exceptional performance, our company has the effective record of solving extraordinary marketing problems faced by companies.

SEO for Brand Awareness

Freelancers Hub is focused on creating value and positive impression about your website and business. With top rankings, it is so obvious that your business has earned loyalty and set the benchmark. We make possible to rank for competitive keywords on top pages. It not only associates your brand to those keywords but also helps you for earning brand loyalty.

Our company always works with updated marketing strategies.  learn and improve with every update made at search engines. We understand learning and improving are the only ways to survive in such competitive world. We not only ensures high traffic and top ranking but also improves return on investment. Our team always formulates such strategies that ensure a boost in marketing performance of your company.

Our Website Search Engine Optimization Services

In the broad sense, search engine optimization services for any website can be sectioned into two major parts. One is the On-Page SEO and another is the Off Page SEO or backlink building.

Please go through the below to learn the details about our website search engine optimization services.

On Page SEO Service

It is very important to optimize the website with the target keywords so that search engines can easily detect the site for certain keywords. Besides, the web suffers or human visitors also search for information with certain queries which we find out during the extensive keyword research.

During On Page optimization, we mainly focus on optimizing the various important parts of the pages with the finalized keywords. After optimizing all the pages we use to conduct a thorough website to find out if there are any technical issues that need to resolve immediately.

Our freelancing team has the in-house web developer who can assist us to fix the technical errors or clients can use their own developer or designer to fix issues based on our recommendation.

What we do in On-Page Optimization

There are few steps that we use to do while doing on page SEO. The main purpose of the actions is to figure out the current condition of the website, identify the problematic area, prepare suggestion report for fixing the issues and implement the changes.
Below are the specific tasks that our freelance SEO specialist performs before implementing any change on site for optimization;

1. Website Audit;
2. Keyword Research;
3. Suggestion Report for On Page SEO;
4. Implement Change on Site;

Once the report reviewed by the clients, we proceed for final implementation of changes on the site. We form a team that includes a freelance SEO specialist and web developer, chalk out a plan to execute the changes on-site.

Website Audit

Auditing a website is the first step when we taking up a project for internet marketing. We do a thorough audit to examine the current condition of the website. The prime objective of the audit is to figure out if there are any technical issues on-site and the off-site issues i.e. backlink profile.

Our Website Audit report covers below;

Technical section
Review Section

SEO Keyword Research Service

We consider the keyword research as the second step for our website marketing services effort. As only the right keywords can bring the most targeted audience to the site, we always prefer and suggest our clients to do extensive research for finalizing potential keywords.keyword-research-by-freelancers-hub-seo-professional

The reason behind for considering the keyword research as the first step is, once finalized the lists of keywords, we can proceed to the next step of our website marketing stage. Finalized keywords will be used for optimizing every page of the website.

A website which is better optimized with most relevant less SEO difficulty level keywords can easily get top page ranking with less time and effort. So, finding the right and easy keywords is the most important part of successful online marketing campaign.

Keyword Research for Google Organic Search

As Google is the giant search engine since last one decade, so we usually give the most priority to its organic search. For Google, we use to pull the initial keywords list from keyword planner considering the target country and then use other tools to collect the related necessary information for further research.

What we focus in Keyword Research Analysis?

We usually collect Google search volume and search engine results page (SERP) and SEO difficulty level score related information after gathering a list of relevant keywords from the Keyword Planner (a Google Product).

Key features of a Good Quality Keywords that we count on

Above are the technical issues we usually focus on while doing the keyword research. But, there are also many factors we need to consider while doing the research. Instance, location name for the local business, product type or category name or ever the color, “Call in Action” words, stop words and many other few important factors.

Local SEO Keyword Research

Our keyword research specialists are capable enough to find the most potential keywords for local business. Although sometimes it becomes to find out the potential keywords with desired local area name, but we’re little bit tricky to make new keywords for a local business.

We do find out the name of surrounding area of the located business and combine few other highly relevant keywords to make a unique one. It not only can help the site to be recognized easily in the local search but also get one step closer to get ranking on the highly competitive keywords.

Keyword Research for E-Commerce Website

The list of target keywords for an e-commerce website is usually very long. It is always recommended not to use more than two keywords to optimize any single web page or the product page.

So based on the product category, types, user and other important ideas, we collect, analyze and finalize the list of keywords to optimize the e-commerce website.

PPC Keyword Research

Our freelance SEO professionals also offer specialized keyword research for Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaign. We focus the audience or buyer intention while selecting the group of similar keyword and give special attention on the CPC cost. And it allows us to create multiple advertisements using a group of low-cost keywords, ensure higher ad quality and get maximum clicks within the budget.

For Google AdWord campaign, we mainly use the database of Google for PPC keyword research. On the other hand, for the Facebook ad campaign, we collect data from various combined paid tools.

On Page SEO Suggestion Report

In this phase, we use to provide different reports to the website owner/clients so that s/he can get the whole scenario of the site. Our reports include Website audit report, Website review report. Keyword Analysis report and on page SEO suggestion report.

Please visit the above-given links to get the idea of our reporting system and its quality.

Implement Changes On-Site

Once clients/website owner reviews the report and agrees with all our suggestions & recommendations, then we proceed for the changes on the site.

On Page Optimization Tasks Lists

Final Words

Keyword research, website audit, on page SEO suggestion report and implementation – all these are separate kinds of work, but all are fall under On Page Search Engine Optimization. As a Upwork-based SEO Freelancer team, we usually offer a free consultation at first to review the site and provide a preliminary idea to the website owner. Based on the discussion we estimate a time schedule to complete the job and provide cost estimate accordingly.

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