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SEO Freelancer vs Digital Marketing Agency, Which is better - Freelancers HUB

As a business owner online, you very well know the importance of SEO for business, as it offers diverse opportunities to maximize your presence online. Without SEO (search engine optimization) for your website online, you will be lost in the midst of other hundreds of similar businesses in your niche.

SEO makes your services/products discoverable on the web, as the search engines recognize vital related keywords that matter to your target audience, and keep such on top of the search results.

With this vast need for businesses to scale through online, several SEO providers have emerged, thus you can find many SEO freelancers or diverse SEO digital marketing agencies. What matters most between these two categories of providers – is their experience and skill. A SEO freelancer who is more skilled can produce better results than one who is less skilled operating a digital marketing agency, vice versa.

There is huge competition increasing day by day on the internet for businesses, making efficient online marketing a very crucial deal for those who want to succeed. Whether your business is large or just a small start-up firm – you need to know that your rivals are already investing in diverse digital media channels all in the bid to attract more online presence, more sales & higher return on investment. SEO is simply one of the most effective pointers for online marketing as it stands in the same perspective with email marketing, PPC and more. Majority of businesses choose SEO and put PPC or email marketing second place and this is due to the reason that SEO delivers targeted business prospects or site visitors to websites without having to pay outrageous advertising fees for clicks. In the long term, SEO provides higher return on investment once the groundwork has been properly laid and executed by an expert SEO freelancer or digital marketing agency SEO professional.

So the question with regards to this content is: Which is better between SEO Freelancer and Digital marketing agency? Which can you say would be ideal for any business? Let’s take a look into the elements of these two categories!

SEO for business serves as a long term investment and it is something businesses that really want to succeed can’t do without. Knowing how important SEO is; how then can you successfully invest in it? There are several routes to achieve this; and this includes hiring a SEO freelancer or outsourcing your SEO needs to a digital marketing agency.

Hiring the services of digital marketing agency for your SEO needs

Search Engine Optimization in this era requires a dedicated team with long-term experience that can put together the basic parameters that will help pull in results to increase your business SERP rankings, pull in traffic and leads and make your business notable online. To get this right, you need to hire the right SEO professionals in this context that are super good at their respective niche. A digital marketing agency offers the benefit of being there to solve your business website issues every now and then when required.

A well-established digital marketing agency like R6S have skilled team of SEO experts, content writers, back-link creators, & project managers that usually work with several clients across geographies.

Outsourcing your SEO needs to SEO agency is good in a way that you are handing over your work to people who are connoisseurs and those that specialize in the work that you are looking for; so your work is in safe hands. SEO agencies usually work with multiple clients and have gone through different problems already – so if your website faces any issue related to SEO they can immediately identify and fix it in view of that.

Since a digital marketing agency is open to work with many clients – you have to understand that they may not be too accessible to communicate with from time to time as they are far too occupied with several tasks. Some agencies, though – can meet up with this, particularly if they have a large workforce.

Working with a SEO Freelancer

SEO freelancers can be said to be the bread and butter of Search Engine Optimizations. A SEO freelancer has fewer tasks and in most cases work with dedicated clients. These SEO experts will take on a client’s SEO project and ensure to put in their best to pull in more traffic, site ranking and leads. For people who are not satisfied with working with a digital marketing agency; the best alternative would be to work with a SEO freelancer or a team of SEO freelancers who can ever serve as like in-house marketing team..

While a digital marketing agency with the right workforce can take loads of projects at a time, a SEO freelancer usually won’t take on several tasks and thus will be more available to work one on one with a client. A freelancer might have more space to work and listen to a client more than an SEO agency would do.

One more essential point: SEO freelancers’ fees are quite less costly than SEO agencies!

So which is Better?

We can’t say one is better than the other. Marketing budget will play a major role in your decision making for choice. And also, working with an experienced SEO partner is what matters most. Once you make your research and find out that one (either SEO freelancer or a digital marketing agency) is better experienced at SEO solutions; go for it. You need a SEO partner that can stay committed to your project and that will make your online project successful at all times.

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