Web Design Solutions: Freelancer’s Hub

As a digital service provider, our goal is always to stay ahead of the curve, and we felt that our website fell short of our dreams. So back in January 2020, we started to overhaul our entire website. Our web designers were tasked to create a design that entices engagement and a design that highlights our prowess over the digital service providing landscape. Here are some of the things we did:

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    Project Keynote

    We made growth-inducing design upgrades with the help of our talented created team!

    Project Name

    Freelancer’s Hub



    Project Started

    January 10, 2020

    Project Ended

    March 05, 2020

    freelancers hub
    Freelancer’s Hub
    freelancers hub

    Future Proof Web Design Solutions

    Near the end of December of 2019, we re-evaluated our website and business as a whole to make sure we are ready for the upcoming decade. We found out that the design isn’t up to our standards. Our designers took to conducting an industry-wide research spree to find a web design solution that will encourage engagement and create a digital environment that incites trust. Our designers came up with a unique design that was not only for the future but was also optimized for efficiency, maximizing your output while guaranteeing top-tier visual mastery.

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    What We Did - Freelancers Hub

    What We Did For The Freelancer’s Hub Website

    The challenge for our designers was to create a web design that is warm and inviting but also looks like we are at the cutting-edge of digital innovation.

    Here is how we did it:

    Our first task was to create an innovative plan of action that guarantees growth for the foreseeable future.

    We identified the features and started developing a design that is intuitive and informative.

    We made sure to choose a color scheme that is easy on the eye and has design accents that elevate content.

    We did comprehensive surveys that ensured the features, tech, and tools we integrate are top of the line.

    Freelancer’s Hub

    Our Working Process



    We dove deep into researching cutting-edge design solutions.



    We went through several iterations of the design to ensure we have the perfect site.


    UX/UI Design

    Our designers developed an interactive interface that elevates the user experience.



    We made several demos and tested all of them to make sure we make the right choice.



    We started creating small goals to ensure we develop and integrate all the tools properly.



    Our designers were fully dedicated to supporting the entire development process.

    Work With Dedicated Creative Designers For Unique Designs

    Our designers provide innovative design solutions that are future proof!

    Our Guarantee

    We created a website that is not only highly engaging but is future proof to ensure success!


    We created a design that makes the customer journey effortless with an intuitive interface.

    Responsive Design

    Our new design was made in a way to support cross-platform usability.


    We made sure that our design was perfectly compatible with the cutting-edge tech.


    We customized every aspect of the design to ensure it aligns properly with our vision.


    The Final Results

    The final result of all the hard work was a design for a professional digital service agency that screams growth and embraces the future.

    Our designers delivered a design that is intuitive and accentuates the content while making sure the visitors engage with the tools to generate leads.

    Yes, our designers made sure custom WordPress development.
    Our designers made sure the design, widgets, and plugin are all custom.
    With dedicated support from our web designers and developers, we can easily make necessary design upgrades.
    Freelancer’s Hub results

    UI/UX Factor

    100 %

    Responsive Design

    99 %


    90 %



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    From The Client

    JT, rassel Cufco international Ltd

    We came to Freelancer’s Hub to get a website to only validate us as a business but what we got instead something phenomenal. With their web design and dev team, they built us an innovative website with cutting-edge technology that took our business to the next level!

    Jacob Jones Web Dev international Ltd

    Choosing Freelancer’s Hub was one of the best decisions we made for our business. They have a wonderful professional team with innovative ideas and fantastic customer service who helped us execute our vision perfectly!

    Ben Walks Solutionery Ltd

    If you are looking for an affordable web design and development solution as a small business then Freelancer’s Hub is the team you want. They provided us with high-quality design and development solutions at a much more affordable rate than their competitors. Titas and the team were very receptive to the changes we wanted and helped us achieve a final result that was better than the intended site! The Freelancer’s Hub team helps us with the site even now after the release.

    Stuarts Raw Gemcon international Ltd

    Freelancer’s Hub is really the best web design and development company you can work with. We have been working with Shovon and his team for a few years now and their communication, follow-through, and development of knowledge is unparalleled. Which is why over the years we have collaborated in building a number of highly engaging websites for our clients!

    Some Of Our Projects

    Here are some of the projects we have done. Check them out to find out how we solve visual problems.

    digisol by freelancers hub

    Web Design Solutions: Digisol

    Web Design Solutions: Digisol Freelancer’s Hub started working with Digisol back in March 2020. A Mobile Apps Development Service, Digisol

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