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    The MInimalist Approach To Perhostarina Design

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    Project Name



    Project Started

    October 19, 2020

    Project Ended

    November 5, 2020

    UI/UX solution perhostarina

    About The Perhostarina Project

    Prehostarina is a personal blog by Mia where she tackles the art of telling your story. Mia hopes to engage other women in a conversation about life and what it means to be a modern woman. Perhostarina tells a story of how a vulnerable child grew into a balanced and strong woman who lives life to its fullest.

    Reason For The Project

    Mia is the quintessential 21st-century woman with a unique past filled with intriguing stories. Raised within the foster care system in Finland. A lover of horses and nature, Mia loves spending her time with friends and family when free. During the pandemic, she decided to put her stories on display to other women and share her story.

    Mia wanted the perfect platform for her stories that not only reflected who she is but also represent her past, and that’s how the Perhostarina idea was born.


    Anisuzzaman (Lead Developer), Zobaer Hossain (Lead UI/UX Designer) Amit Biswas (Jr. UI/UX Designer)

    Client Requirements

    Perhostarina came to us with a set of requirements that set the project apart from the other projects we did. The first requirement for Perhostarina was that it needs to be a minimalistic design with Scandinavian design inspirations. We were also given specific requirements when choosing the color scheme and fonts. The blog was targeting 20-35-year-old women, and the design needed to reflect the audience.

    So our UX/UI team was tasked with creating a design with feminine elements that are warm and inviting and highlights Mia’s life.


    Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, WordPress.

    Research & Discovery

    Our UX/UI designers dove deep into the Scandinavian design world to find inspiration for the design’s color and layout aesthetic. We also researched theme inspiration that makes the personal blog feel more personal and intimate. Freelancers Hub designers also explored how the user interface could highlight Mia’s brand.

    What We Did:

    • Created a layout inspired by Scandinavian UI Design.
    • Designed elements within the design to give it a more youthful outlook.
    • Integrated simplistic, clean color schemes and fonts in line with the minimalist design approach.

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    Our Design Process

    For Perhostarina, we sat down with the client to finalize the design we were thinking about implementing. Once it was finalized, we started creating the basic design structure in Figma. Our designers used Photoshop and Illustrator to create all the design elements that generate user interest and hold user attention. One of the most formidable challenges we found when working on Perhostarina was to find the right balance between the engaging elements of the design with the Scandinavian minimalist approach. In the end, we delivered a website that stands out amongst the crowd and generates user interest in Mia’s life story.

    Demos, Testing & Implementation

    We provided several demonstrations for the design when finalizing the layout for Perhostarina with several last-minute changes according to new developments. Once we completed the client’s design, our quality assurance team went to work and started testing the design in real-time situations. We made sure that UI served its purpose and was geared towards generating high user interest. Once the QA team gave us the go-ahead, our development team started implementing the design and finally delivered a unique personal blogging website that stands out amongst the crowd.

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    From The Client

    JT, rassel Cufco international Ltd

    We came to Freelancer’s Hub to get a website to only validate us as a business but what we got instead something phenomenal. With their web design and dev team, they built us an innovative website with cutting-edge technology that took our business to the next level!

    Jacob Jones Web Dev international Ltd

    Choosing Freelancer’s Hub was one of the best decisions we made for our business. They have a wonderful professional team with innovative ideas and fantastic customer service who helped us execute our vision perfectly!

    Ben Walks Solutionery Ltd

    If you are looking for an affordable web design and development solution as a small business then Freelancer’s Hub is the team you want. They provided us with high-quality design and development solutions at a much more affordable rate than their competitors. Titas and the team were very receptive to the changes we wanted and helped us achieve a final result that was better than the intended site! The Freelancer’s Hub team helps us with the site even now after the release.

    Stuarts Raw Gemcon international Ltd

    Freelancer’s Hub is really the best web design and development company you can work with. We have been working with Shovon and his team for a few years now and their communication, follow-through, and development of knowledge is unparalleled. Which is why over the years we have collaborated in building a number of highly engaging websites for our clients!

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