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    Engaging UX/UI Solutions For Hormone Replacement Therapy LA

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    Project Name

    Hormone Replacement Therapy LA



    Project Started

    October 17, 2020

    Project Ended

    December 31, 2020

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    About The Hormone Replacement Therapy Project

    Hormone Replacement Therapy LA is a clinic that provides top-notch hormone replacement therapy and treatments to diminish lingering ailments. Based on Beverly Hills, LA, they aim to make the standard of living for LA better with rejuvenating treatments using cutting-edge technology.

    Reason For The Project

    Hormone Replacement Therapy LA already had a website that did not meet industry standards. They needed a website highlighting the expertise and services while informing the visitors about the symptoms and treatment specialties. 

    .Dr. David Nazarin needed a website that met niche standards and showcased his knowledge depth while highlighting his service specialties.


    Anisuzzaman (Lead Developer), Zobaer Hossain (Lead UI/UX Designer) Amit Biswas (Jr. UI/UX Designer)

    Client Requirements

    Dr. Nazarin came to us with a wide range of requirements to revamp their entire website. One of the essential requirements we had was to find a way to showcase male and female treatments separately while also integrating plenty of CTAs to generate user engagement. 

    So our UX/UI team was tasked with creating an engaging website that highlighted the specialty services and helped users know more about the problems they might have.


    Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, WordPress.

    ui ux hormone replacement

    Research & Discovery

    One of the first things in our research effort was a sit down with DR. Nazarin to understand what he expects from the revamp. When we got the final notes, our designers started researching the medical niche to find engaging design elements. We also devised a layout that showcased and highlighted treatments individually for male and female patients and integrated several CTAs to generate qualified leads.

    Research & Discovery

    What We Did:

    • Designed a layout that prioritizes all the contact information first.
    • Utilized smart CTAs within the design without overwhelming the design.
    • The using color, font, and patterns selected ensured it gave a “clinic” vibe.
    • We created a layout to provide all the information is highlighted without seeming too big.
    • Integrated CTAs, interlinks, videos to make the customer journey smoother.
    • Prioritized office location within the design using Google Maps.
    • Created a layout that guides users towards setting up an appointment.

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    Our Design Process

    After the research was done, the first thing we did was to show all our findings to Dr. Nazarin and got the green light for crafting the design. After getting the go-ahead, our designers started creating the website layout using Figma. They also started crafting CTAs, and other design elements with Photoshop and Illustrator. The creative team knew that they had to invoke a sense of safety and create an online atmosphere that mimics a clinic. So they carefully selected a color pattern and font that will invoke that feeling. In the end, we delivered a design that highlights the website’s specialties and encourages users to engage. The best part is the entire design has been optimized for guiding users towards setting up an appointment.

    Demos, Testing & Implementation

    We provided quite a few design demos when creating the website, with our designers making changes according to new developments in client requirements. When the design was done, our quality assurance team took over and started testing the design for discrepancies in alignment, real-time engagement, and load time to ensure maximum optimization. Once the QA team gives their seal of approval, then our developers moved in. They implemented the design and migrated the website to the client’s domain, replacing the old design with the new faster, more engaging design.

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    From The Client

    JT, rassel Cufco international Ltd

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    Jacob Jones Web Dev international Ltd

    Choosing Freelancer’s Hub was one of the best decisions we made for our business. They have a wonderful professional team with innovative ideas and fantastic customer service who helped us execute our vision perfectly!

    Ben Walks Solutionery Ltd

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    Stuarts Raw Gemcon international Ltd

    Freelancer’s Hub is really the best web design and development company you can work with. We have been working with Shovon and his team for a few years now and their communication, follow-through, and development of knowledge is unparalleled. Which is why over the years we have collaborated in building a number of highly engaging websites for our clients!

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