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    Taking Galaxy Waves' User Experience To The Great Beyond

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    Project Name

    Galaxy Waves


    Project Started

    September 15, 2020

    Project Ended

    September 26, 2020

    UI/UX Solutions for Galaxy Waves

    About The Galaxy Waves Project

    Galaxy Waves is an e-commerce store that brings the wonders of space into your room. They sell projectors and lamps that turn your room into your very own planetarium. So they needed a website that represented space and went well with their brand identity. The Galaxy Waves team came to us with a simple requirement. They wanted a website that matches the emptiness of space, so that meant integrating a minimalist design.

    Reason For The Project

    Galaxy Waves aspires to be the first choice astrophiles all over the country when it came to getting galaxy-themed products. The esthetic of the brand needed to exude warmth and capture the excitement of the final frontier. They also needed a website that is perfectly optimized to generate user engagement.

    The Galaxy Waves team wanted the perfect place to showcase their high-quality lamps and projectors based on high-resolution images from NASA’s satellites.


    Anisuzzaman (Lead Developer), Zobaer Hossain (Lead UI/UX Designer) Amit Biswas (Jr. UI/UX Designer)

    Client Requirements

    One of the first things we were told to keep an eye on was to ensure the interface is clean while making sure the entire outlook exudes warmth. We were given a set of requirements starting from a warm night-themed layout with a clean interface. Another essential requirement that was set for us was to integrate elements that shorten the customer journey.

    Our creative designers were tasked with creating a minimalist design that utilizes vast empty spaces to guide and encourage user-engagement.


    Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, WordPress.

    Research & Discovery

    Our UX/UI team dove deep into the industry to find inspiration for the website. Our team took inspiration from astronomy-related websites and e-commerce sites that generate high-traffic with a minimalist layout. We identified a few different factors that we then integrated to create the design.

    Research & Discovery - Galaxy Waves

    What We Did:

    • We finalized a color theme that captured the essence of the night’s warmth and comfort while inspiring a sense of wonder.
    • Our designers created a layout that was clutter-free and utilized much open space to guide traffic.
    • We shortened the customer journey and made sure the traffic can go to the checkout page within a few clicks from anywhere on the website.

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    Our Design Process

    When we start our work on a UX/UI project, we do the first thing to sit down with the client and share our discovery from the design research. Once that was done, we started designing the website with Figma. The creative elements and exciting features for the websites were crafted by our designers using graphic tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. One of the main challenges we faced when designing the Galaxy Waves website was to ensure a user-interface that utilizes all the blank spaces and guides the web-traffic into engagements. In the end, we delivered a website that invokes the sense of wonder of space while exuding warmth.
    Our Design Process

    Demos, Testing & Implementation

    We provided several design demonstrations once we were done designing the layout making small tweaks here and there according to last-minute changes. Once the demo was finalized, our quality assurance team tested the design to see if it functions well in live situations. Because it’s an e-commerce website, we had to make sure the visual assets, images, and design elements are perfectly optimized and loads on devices lightning-fast. Once testing was done, our development team implemented the design and delivered a minimalistic e-commerce website optimized to generate high user engagement.

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    From The Client

    JT, rassel Cufco international Ltd

    We came to Freelancer’s Hub to get a website to only validate us as a business but what we got instead something phenomenal. With their web design and dev team, they built us an innovative website with cutting-edge technology that took our business to the next level!

    Jacob Jones Web Dev international Ltd

    Choosing Freelancer’s Hub was one of the best decisions we made for our business. They have a wonderful professional team with innovative ideas and fantastic customer service who helped us execute our vision perfectly!

    Ben Walks Solutionery Ltd

    If you are looking for an affordable web design and development solution as a small business then Freelancer’s Hub is the team you want. They provided us with high-quality design and development solutions at a much more affordable rate than their competitors. Titas and the team were very receptive to the changes we wanted and helped us achieve a final result that was better than the intended site! The Freelancer’s Hub team helps us with the site even now after the release.

    Stuarts Raw Gemcon international Ltd

    Freelancer’s Hub is really the best web design and development company you can work with. We have been working with Shovon and his team for a few years now and their communication, follow-through, and development of knowledge is unparalleled. Which is why over the years we have collaborated in building a number of highly engaging websites for our clients!

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