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Project Description:

Cobb & North Atlanta Investment Properties is actually a real estate broker company based in Atlanta, Georgia. They usually purchase old or damaged residential and commercial properties at a cheaper price. Invest on them for renovation and decoration and, sell them to different buyers at a higher price. But, their selling price is actually much cheaper than compared to the market value of the properties. Their main target customers are mainly the Cobb County real estate investors who’re willing to invest money in real estate business.

To promote their business online, they launched the Cobb & North Atlanta Investment Properties website in the month of October 2016. Immediately after launch, company’s representative, Mr. Terry Burger contacted Freelancers HUB via Upwork marketplace for the complete search engine optimization services. As the site was new and yet to optimize, the client required a complete SEO package that includes keyword research, on-page optimization and also off-page optimization services.

Project Status & Remarks:

We start working on this project by the end of October 2016. Due to some financial reason, the client pauses the contract in January 2017 on mutual understanding and we also agree to resume the contract soon.

Though we use to provide SEO performance overview report on a quarterly basis, as the client pause the contract after one and half month since we start working on the project, so we produce an overall SEO performance report for his convenience. We’ll present some highlights of findings in below sections.

What We Provided in Local SEO Services

As the site was completely new, at first we had to conduct a thorough keyword research.

Real estate is always a very competitive niche for the US market. Moreover, the site has a limitation of having only four pages on the site. These pages even include the “About Us’ and “Contact Us” pages. So we had to do an extensive research to find out the potential keywords which are highly relevant to business, having low SEO difficulty level and competitiveness.

After finalizing the short list of main target keywords, we write keyword optimized SEO titles, Meta descriptions, Image ALT Tags and update the site accordingly. We also set up the Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster account for the, set up Google analytic account, interconnect the Google Webmaster and Analytic account for the site.

Besides optimizing the website, we also create and optimize social media channels for the company. They’re on Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter. We these channels with target keywords, geolocation, audience group and set up these channels in content syndication network for regular posting.

Once set up all above, we proceed for full-fledged off-site SEO campaign i.e. link building in November 2016.

Achievement through Search Engine Optimization Service

Our main Key Performance Index (KPI) for the project was to increase the website visitors, improve the overall web visibility that results higher percentage of organic search, keyword ranking, Google local search, and natural growth of backlink profile.

We provided the client with an SEO performance overview report to show the improvement before we mutually agree to pause the contract. Few screenshots of the report are presented below for reference.

Google Analytic User Flow Report

To present the improvement of SEO performance, we compare the month of December 2016 with the previous month November 2016. In this comparison graph and data from Google Analytic, we can observe the increase of Session by 72.50%, User increased by 99.37% and Pageview increased by 52.82% in December 2016 compared to November 2016.

Hence, we must mention that, as the site was very new, so it’s natural that it get very few visitors in November 2016 and that is the reason why such huge improvement reflects in December 2016 compared to the previous month. But, the graph line for December shows a steady flow of visitors to site which indicates the good take off of site’s SEO.

Google Analytic Organic Search Report

In Google Organic Search section, we also notice a positive change in session which increased by 122.27% and also new users flow increased by 76.19%. Again, the reason of such huge improvement in Dec 2016 compared to previous month is the site’s new launch. But, getting the top most users flow through Google Organic search is surely a good sign of SEO performance.

Besides, we must mention that the most of the organic users come to the site from the different cities in Georgia state and Atlanta was the top most supplier of organic visitors. It indicates the site’s better web visibility in Google local search. In this section, we also observed an increased referral traffic from the US local directory sites like Foursquare, Yelp, MerchantCircle etc.

Keyword Ranking Report in Google US Search

We usually use Semrush position tracking tool to track the target keyword ranking for our all client’s project. As Semrush is the most reliable and complete SEO tool available in the market, we largely depend on Semrush (paid version) for local keyword rank tracking. Here is the screenshot from Semrush rank tracking tool of main keyword ranking position and published local business in Google for the Cobb & North Atlanta Investment Properties.

Due to the nature of business, we focus on such type of keywords which contains words that are highly related to business. Besides, as the site was recently launched, we take the strategy to target the easiest keywords first. As per our plan, we suppose to analyze the information on Google Webmaster after two months and pick the best performing keywords for further optimization on-site. Initially, we select total five keywords for website optimization and rank tracking. As shown in the rank tracking report screenshot, on Jan 03, 2017 Once the keyword is already ranked on the top page of Google SERP, another four are still far away and need further effort for ranking improvement.

Natural Growth of Healthy Backlink Profile

As we start our off-site SEO link building campaign since Nov 2016, the impact shows from December. At initial look, it may appear as sharp growth, but gradually the graph will look normal. As per graph, the site now gets backlinks from 50 plus different domains and 700 plus backlinks from different pages.

Here in this graph shows the composition of do-follow and no-follow backlinks. We always focus on creating the natural look backlink profile and so create no follow backlinks with the recommended ratio. Our backlinks are permanent and it also can be observed in the graph as “Lost Backlink” ratio is much less compare to the “New Backlinks”.

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