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Project Description:


Newmarket Naturals Inc. is a US-based family owned business established in 1992, with the aim of supplying water filtration systems for the entire home including shower and bath. The Shower Filter Store is eCommerce website operated by Newmarket Naturals Inc. officials. This is main online store through which different drinking water filter systems, shower water filtration systems, filter cartridges, and accessories are sold throughout the US and also in Canada.

The management of the company contacted Freelancers HUB through Upwork marketplace to get search engine optimization service. The main objectives are to increase organic users flow, organic search and sales, get a natural growth of inbound back links and have a healthy backlink profile.

Project Status & Remarks:


We took this project in Jan 2016 and it’s ongoing. We usually provide weekly off-site SEO work reports, monthly keyword rank tracking report and quarterly SEO performance overview report to the client. And as each time, we able to show the improvement in every Key Performance Index (KPI), the client decided to continue the project with us.

However, as we both parties believes that SEO is an ongoing process and can’t stop in between, otherwise competitors can beat in Google SERP with their continuous effort. This is another vital reason why we agreed to continue the search engine optimization services for the project. To facilitate the client with the budget, we also offer them customized SEO pricing for medium size package so that it can be affordable and within their marketing budget.

What We Provided in Ecommerce SEO Services

The Shower Filter Store website is built on 3dcart CMS and there are more than eighty different kinds of products on site. These products include different drinking water filter machines, shower head filters, cartridges, and accessories.

We provided keyword research for every single page, product pages, categories, and tags. We re-write keyword optimized SEO titles, Meta descriptions and Image ALT tags and update on the site. We also set up the social media channels; optimize them with target keywords, location, and target audiences.

Once all the above done, we start off-site search engine optimization i.e. backlink building and social media marketing.

Achievement through Search Engine Optimization Service

Our main Key Performance Index (KPI) for the project was to increase the website visitors, improve the overall web visibility that results in higher percentage of organic search, increase sales and natural growth of backlinks.

We provided the client with quarterly SEO performance overview report to show the improvement. Few screenshots are presented below from the latest report.

Google Analytic User Flow Report

To show the improvement, we compare the two periods in The Shower Filter Store’s Google Analytic account. We compare Sep 2016 to Nov 2016 with the previous period i.e. Jun 2016 to Aug 2016. In this comparison we notice the improvement like Sessions increased by 45.59%, Users increased by 2.06% and Pageview increased by 32.83%.

Besides, the returning visitors’ percentage improved dramatically. In June to August, it was only 21.4% and in Sep to Nov period, it improved to 44.9%, which is more than double. And, it indicates that users actually found what they want in their search.

Google Analytic Organic Search Report

In Google Organic search report, we notice the remarkable improvement. Organic search improves 172.37% in Sep to Nov period compare to Jun to Aug 2016 period. During Sep to Nov 2016, The Shower Filter Store gets total 5077 visitors through organic search whereas, it was only 1864 in Jun to Aug.

Besides this achievement in the organic search result, we also notice the increase in sales percentage. Transaction rate increased by 54.55 % and overall revenue increased by 128.38%. However, conversion rate decreased by 43.26% because we mainly focus on the costly as per requirement of the client.


Keyword Ranking Report in Google US Search

Our strategy is to use two to three keywords to optimize one single page. So for 82 products pages, we target approximately 250 keywords for optimization. Besides the products pages, we also target another 50 keywords and use them for optimizing the other main pages and category pages.

While doing the off page SEO backlink building, we focus the target keywords and their long tails for anchoring that gives a different variation of anchor text clouds. Reference image of anchor text distribution presented below in backlink profile section.

Since our start of off-page SEO campaign in March 2016, we get some real great results in keyword ranking. Initially, we track 300 keywords through our Semrush rank tracking project tool, but gradually expanded with the profitable long tail keywords.

In our latest quarterly report, we manage to rank the site on several target keywords. 87 Keywords on the top page of Google SERP and 7 among them are on top three. 189 Keywords are on top 20 and 462 keywords are on top 100 of Google SERP.

Natural Growth of Healthy Backlink Profile

From this graph, we notice the natural growth of backlink profile from April 2016. As we start our link building campaign since Mar 2016, the impact shows from April and the growth looks absolutely natural. As per graph, the site now gets backlinks from 350 different domains and 2.2 k plus backlinks from different pages.

Here in this graph shows a clear composition of do-follow and no-follow backlinks. We always focus on creating the natural backlink profile and so create no follow backlinks with the recommended ratio. Our backlinks are permanent and it also can be observed in the graph as “Lost Backlink” ratio is much less compare to the “New Backlinks”.


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