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Shovon Joarder - Freelance SEO Expert at Freelancers HUBMy name is Shohani Uzzaman Joarder but popularly known as Shovon Joarder. Currently, I am working as an individual Freelance SEO expert and also a Digital Marketing Manager on different projects, especially on Upwork. However, I also provide Online marketing services to different clients outside of Upwork marketplace. I started my SEO freelancing career on Upwork in 2015 and before that I use to work for different private companies in my country.

Although my online marketing career is only two years old on Upwork, but in between the time, I worked on more than eighty different projects. I started with organic search ranking through off-site SEO, but gradually expand my expertise on keyword research for both organic search and PPC, on page optimization, e-mail marketing, and social media marketing. During my service career, I also established a digital marketing agency there namely Freelancers-HUB on Upwork and there, few of my team members are assisting me in providing services to my clients’ projects.

Blogging, writing is my passion and Digital Marketing Services are my profession. I love both my passion and profession and, work really hard to gain my expertise in these fields. I’m not claiming myself as the Marketing Guru as I still have to go a long way and so learn every day. However, in this short time, I manage to grab some real good success in organic search marketing for the various local business located in different parts of the world, few e-Commerce sites, and some very influential blog sites, and all these make me confident enough to provide quality services to my client projects.

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About Search Engine Optimization Experts at Freelancers HUB

Freelancers-HUB Digital Marketing Agency

Freelancers-HUB is a digital marketing agency provides professional SEO services especially search engine optimization for organic search, paid advertising marketing, and social media marketing to various websites. The agency is formed with few team members led by me (Shovon Joarder) and so far we gained working experience of hundreds plus projects maintaining 95%+ success score and client satisfaction.


Alongside creating agency on Upwork, I also build this website with the aim of learning different aspects of search engine ranking. Later on, it sparks an idea for me to develop as my portfolio site. It not only help me to learn about the most popular CMS i.e. WordPress, but also the design modification and small factors of optimization to make a site SEO friendly. It helps me to implement my learning in real life so that I can acquire the practical experience. Now, as I reached at a certain stage so that it insist me to turn the site as the marketing face of my agency so that I can offer services directly to my clients.

Mission & Philosophy

My logic is to interface splendidly with the customers keeping in mind the end goal to give effective, productive as well as mutual solutions for achievement. I believe that our ultimate success relies on the success of client’s business success and when a project assigned to us, I feel the business is mine. So, I will do whatever needed to get the best out of it. And, that’s my philosophy too and I motivate my team in that way to achieve the goal.

Our Team

We have a small team of total six-people including me working under the banner of Freelancers-HUB. All of us professional freelancers and play different vital roles in every single project. Instance, I play the role of Project Manager, coordinating with customers, execute strategic planning for online marketing services, assign tasks to my team members and deliver the works to the clients. Besides, look after all technical aspects like keyword research, competitor research, and analysis, on page optimization, setting up PPC campaign etc. all are fall under my responsibility. On the other hand, one member is dedicated to creating text contents, one for visual contents and the rest are assisting me on my SEO tasks.

Freelancers HUB Agency on Upwork

Different Solutions

To make sure the best outcome in Internet marketing, we offer a combination of all and different marketing tools to get the best possible result in organic search and lead generation. Starting from keyword research to on-page optimization, off page SEO backlink building, social media marketing, PPC campaign and e-mail marketing – everything we offer that fit the client’s need.


Freelancers-Hub is customer centered. We esteem our customers’ prosperity than or own. Our main goal is to promote the services and products of our clients and help them in every possible way we have.

All Services in One Roof

Although we are specialized in Internet marketing services and especially in effective search engine optimization services, we do have collaboration with other teams who’re specialized in web application development, website design and development and other important parts that fall under complete digital marketing services. By uniting web development with high-quality programming and designing services, our complete team offers all the solutions such as customization, integration, business process, web application development, online marketing services as well as project management under one roof.

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Product Delivery

Rather than giving satisfactory solutions only, we convey customization, coordination, and business procedure design tools to accomplish the business objective. We believe in providing results, which will help the clients, in the long run, providing their desired needs.

Freelancers-Hub is an experienced digital marketing company committed to furnishing the customers with powerful web solutions. Our broad experience in search engine optimization and overall Internet marketing functioning gives us the ability to attract traffic to your site and hold guests returning to your site again and again.

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