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Here’s Why Email Marketing Is Still A Powerful Strategy - Freelancers HUB

People often question the reliability and durability of email marketing. Truth is, email marketing still remains one of the top marketing strategies to promote your brands. But of course, you shouldn’t believe on that statement without anything solid. Follow below to get into details.

1. Email Is Serious!

Email is a corporate medium. Unlike social media, where everyone is trying either humor or trends to influence marketing, email is serious in nature.

The trick is to influence your marketing in an interesting way so that your audience does not get bored. Once they subscribe to your mailing list, Congratulations! You got someone who “pays attention” to your emails now.

2. Everyone Uses Email

Not many people use Facebook

Not many people use Twitter

Not many people use Instagram

But all of them use email. This is because in a world of today, using email is a compulsion. All your business dealings take place through email. If you are applying for college or sending someone a formal message, email is the medium to do so.

It has been over 40 years since Email took over communication. Taking our own example: We know how much we get excited when we receive an email and think about “ways” to reply. Sometimes, when there is a link included inside an email, we click it.

Using this strategy, you can divert the people towards your website. This will help generate revenue and increase popularity of your website.

3. Very Affordable

The email protocol works in the following way:

<Name of receiver> <Generic marketing body affecting both genders> <Name of sender>

When you are sending an email to different people, name of receiver gets changed. There are numerous software which can help you get through this or you can take help of a bot. A service known as “Mail Chimp” allows you to send 12000 emails FOR FREE.

Also, there are professional services which offer sending of email, in bulk quantities to recipients. You will have minimal cost of spending pennies per message while those companies will earn their livelihood. EVERYBODY HAPPY!

4. Easy to Keep Track of

The stats of email marketing are easy to measure. With the help of online tools, you can measure bounce rates, number of people clicking your link, rate of people being reached and amount of people who did not receive their email.

The best marketing strategy is to make short term goals and then with the help of tools, you can monitor your success rate.

A Little Secret for You

Most companies these days try to focus their marketing on social media so if you focus on email marketing, you will have less competition and more chances of interacting with potential clients.

It is fast and sent in a matter of seconds. With your generic email content, you can send it to either all kinds of audience or modify your content so that it reaches an audience of a particular age group and gender.

In short, email is a very efficient marketing tool, provided if used correctly.

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