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Does A Law Firm Really Need Professional SEO Services - Freelancers HUB

SEO services for lawyers: what for? A study on how to adapt to the new profile of legal-age clients in the technology age of this year reveals that 31% of people in search of legal services goes through the Web to find the law firm with whom they will do business. And again, 95% of them rely mostly on online reviews when it comes time to choose between several law firms.

It is now accepted that positioning well on search engines is essential to attract a large clientele and that a modern and informative website, combined with solid digital marketing services, is an incomparable showcase for businesses on the Internet.

For a lawyer, the website is an opportunity to give a good impression to potential customers, collaborators or partners who visit.

From Design To SEO Services, Here We Present Our Checklist;

  • The Design And Appearance Of The Site: Ugliness Sells Badly
  • Comprehensive, Up-To-Date And Engaging Content
  • Optimize Your Site For Mobile And Search Engines
  • Do Not Display Advertisements On Your Law Firm Site

The Design And Appearance Of The Site: Ugliness Sells Badly

A user spends an average of 30 to 60 seconds on a website: it’s not much! The appearance of the site is, therefore, an immediate signal of the quality of the service offered. A worked design is a simple way of asserting one’s professionalism and reassuring on the quality of one’s work.

The graphic style of the site should reflect as much as possible the positioning of the firm. Thus, the graphics choices must be thought according to the values that one wishes to communicate.

Whatever the chosen graphic style, here are some elements to take into account to succeed the graphic design of your site:

The choice of colors: The best sites have a clear graphic charter, based on 2 or 3 colors only.

If You Do Not Have A Specific Graphic Chart, Get Some Tips:

  • Prefer a white or gray background
  • Somber colors for typography (anthracite, gray, black)
  • One bright color whose purpose is to highlight certain information and brighten up the site
  • The choice of typography
  • Each typography has its personality
  • The choice of typography should not be left to chance

To give a modern image of your office, choose a sans serif font, on the other hand, if you want to share a more classic and traditional tone, serif fonts like Times New Roman, Bodoni or Baskerville will be relevant.

Comprehensive, Up-To-Date And Engaging Content

Of course, the SEO experts’ claims the importance that is given to the design of the site should not be at the expense of the quality of the information and content of the website.

Comprehensive information

It is necessary to present its activity in enough details so that a collaborator or a customer can find the information that he would come to look for on your site, all these come to play via SEO services out there.

Some Pages Are Unavoidable

User Interaction - Freelancers HUB

  • A history of the cabinet
  • A presentation of the firm’s philosophy, positioning, and differentiation
  • Pages presenting the areas of expertise of the law firm
  • A presentation page of the team

Then again;

A contact page easily identifiable by the user, in which you fill in the name of your activity, contact information! If possible, integrate a contact form and a location via Google Maps for example.

 The presence of a blog for your publications and news, the website is a good way to assert its leadership and expertise including through the holding of a blog.

Updated content

Refreshing your site frequently (every 2 weeks) is a great way to create engagement. And you know this can be managed well as you use the professional SEO services on your site.

In addition, a maintained and regularly updated site employing SEO services is a signal, which shows that the office is active and working, which is always reassuring and attractive for a visitor.

Integrating your Twitter feed directly into the home page of the website is a good SEO practice to appear active without too much management effort.

The free SumoMe plugin allows you to easily integrate a sharing bar of your social networks.

Indeed, if you do not have the time to update the pages of your website, you can instead update your social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn and possibly Facebook).

Optimize Your Site For Mobile And Search Engines

A responsive lawyer site, on average, in 2017, 60% of website traffic comes from mobile phones (smartphones, tablets). That’s why you have to make sure that your site is responsive, it takes SEO services to get all these done: that is, it adapts to the medium on which it is displayed, whether it’s a mobile, a tablet or a computer.

In addition, Google may degrade your rankings in its search engine if your site does not display correctly on mobiles and tablets.

NB: The website must also be compatible with all browsers (Mozilla, Chrome, and Internet Explorer) and appear in the same way. This is an element that we often forget to check!

If you want to make your site visible when users search Google or Bing and the like for a particular keyword, you should carry out the SEO services for your website.

It is important to think about optimizing your SEO site before and during the construction of the website.

Do Not Display Advertisements On Your Law Firm Site

It is forbidden to display advertisements on law film website; the attorney’s site may not include any advertising inserts or banners, other than those of the profession, for any product or service whatsoever.

It may not include a hypertext link to access directly or indirectly sites or pages of sites whose content would be contrary to the essential principles of the profession of lawyer, these must be noticed while opting for SEO services.

Do not forget the legal mentions: these must include at least the firm name, address, legal form, contact details of the director of publication, the coordinates of the host of the site, credits related to the property content used or produced.


The shape is the bottom that goes to the surface said, Victor Hugo. A successful website showcases that which will communicate a professional image of your firm and make folks want to work with you. Take care and do not hesitate to get SEO services if you need their help.

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