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Do Property Management Businesses Require SEO Services - Freelancers HUB

Once SEO services are carried out effectively, it helps a property management business get found while people are searching for words such as property management businesses in the urban center, or perhaps homes for hire in the city. It should be noted though that SEO service is just one of many online marketing strategies for property management companies. Search Advertising and various forms of display advertising (also referred to as Paid-Adverting) can be effective forms of marketing as well. Not to mention traditional media, and word-of-mouth.

But when we decide to do property management businesses SEO services, then we have to commit ourselves thoroughly. And take the opportunity to test the upper range: it is an opportunity to focus on comfort and take the options, in short, to evolve.

The Goals of an SEO Strategy

It’s at the time of the creation of property management businesses site that one must already think about the objectives of its SEO services strategy.

Position your pages in the first pages of Google, yes, but mainly at the local level (needless to be very well referenced nationally if 95% of your customers evolve within a radius of a few kilometers around your property management businesses), except of course for an agency and agent networks that need both scales of visibility.

Attract more qualified traffic, which you can then incubate and convert to customers in your business or network. Reduce your acquisition budget: SEO services are usually 3 to 4 times cheaper than paid search (SEM) for the same amount of traffic.

And 80% of real estate agents use SEO to gradually reduce their financial dependence on ad portals (practical tools to get started, but which end up costing and need to adapt to them rather than the other way around). But beware: so far SEO service is not magic. It’s not enough to snap your fingers to get first on Google and attract the attention of users!

A Property Management Businesses Site Optimized For SEO, Otherwise Nothing!

That’s why SEO services are essential for your communication. But it is equally essential to integrate this need as soon as possible into the heart of your digital acquisition strategy. In essence, when you plan to optimize your SEO website, you are faced with two options:

  • Redo your site to zero to integrate good SEO services from the creation of property management businesses site;
  • You launch a total renovation of the existing property management businesses site to attract the Google attention.

There is not really a better solution. It all depends on the amount of work to be done on your existing property management businesses site. Think of it as a project to renovate a house: sometimes, it is conceivable to break everything inside to completely remodel, keeping only the structure and the outer walls. But other times, it is more interesting (and more economical) to destroy to rebuild on new bases, and thus ensure that the new version will be exactly as you wish.

Because, in some cases, your existing property management businesses website is not conducive to a good integration of SEO services! Sometimes the structure of a web platform is as unresponsive to natural referencing as a city car body to the engine of an Aston Martin. And so, the best thing to do is still to sell the small car to buy the big one.

The Steps of a Real Estate Website Creation Designed For SEO

Now that you have realized the importance of SEO services and that of having a website thought from its conception/redesign to facilitate the levers of SEO, you wonder how it works in practice!

Here are the steps for creating SEO friendly property management businesses site.

Identify your personas

Who are you going to create/remodel your professional property management businesses site? Which targets will you target through the levers of natural referencing?

From the creation of a real estate site, or its evolution, start by drawing profiles of your customers, what are called personas! These profiles represents your company branding and it will help you understand who your customers are, what they want, what they want from you, and what types of goods/services they are looking for.

Knowing more about who is using your services today is one of the SEO services, which will help you better target your prospects tomorrow.

Wbsite Navigation for Property Management - Freelancers HUB

Establish the site tree

Think of the design of your site for property Management Company according to the personas defined in advance, so as to create a section for each. For example:

  • A sales page for sellers
  • A buy page for buyers
  • A rental management page for landlords
  • A rental page for tenants
  • An ICS creation page for investors
  • A page sale in life Etc.

This division will be the opportunity to work that each of the sections in a specific way, to target in SEO each persona.

Choose Topics That Interest Your Prospects

From the personas, you must define the topics that interest them: a buyer wants to know how an acquisition process takes place and the details to have in mind when visiting a property; a salesperson needs to visualize the different stages of his transaction and know the documents he will need; etc.

For this, we must go look at the requests made by users and the keywords they use (with dedicated tools). These keywords should then be selected based on their popularity and competitiveness.

Attention: as soon as you create a real estate website/redesign, think local! Use your knowledge of the local market to define topics that really interest your customers. If you work in a highly residential urban area, for example, you probably have a catalog of properties consisting mainly of apartments; you will not focus your communication on the sale and purchase of houses!

Structure pages and site

Then comes the moment to structure your web platform, this is where working as well as considering your SEO services from the creation of property management company site is crucial because you can act directly on the skeleton of your pages to make them conducive to SEO.

But do not forget one very important thing: whatever happens, your SEO must be integrated into a global strategy of communication, acquisition, dissemination, and conversion. Because attracting (many) visitors to a real estate site are not an end in itself. These visitors must then become prospects, and these prospects must trust you enough to turn into customers.

And yes: your property management business website is just a tool. It allows you to take the turn of the digital transformation, but it is up to you, then, to give it a course!

Lastly, have you decided to embark on your website SEO services rather than doing it yourself? Get in touch with an expert to get the best advice on the subject, and ask for SEO services for your property management company!

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