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An Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing Strategy for Educational Institutes - Freelancers HUB

What is Digital Marketing?

Today the digital media is the fastest growing industry in the world complemented by the fact that handheld mobile digital devices are the most used small appliance around the globe.

Millions of these mobile devices in some form or other are being used worldwide and communication possibilities is at a peak which has given marketers practicing their lucrative trade to innovate digital marketing strategy for educational institutes, a never before given opportunity, to take their marketing messages first and fast to millions of prospective customers instantaneously.

Some of the applications introduced by search engine operators, especially Google have given digital marketers the challenge of taking their educational institutes closer to their customers, either taking the brand to the customer or the customer to the brand through the small screens on their mobile devices.

The use of digital technology for marketing

Scottish emigrant to the United States of America, Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the first telephone which carried the audibly clear voice of one person to another between a substantially long distance, earned him laurels at the time and the first communication patent in 1876, was delivered and that was 140 years ago.

Through these years the art and science of communication has seen tremendous and unprecedented growth, with billions of dollars being spent on Research and Development (R&D), to get the best communication appliances out onto the market.

Mobile communication devices are affordable and versatile with instant connectivity to the World Wide Web (www) or internet, enabling users to obtain any information on any educational institute they would want to and would need straight at their fingertips and on to their palms.

Getting closer to your prospective customers with CSR

Corporate social responsibility or CSR is in fashion today and every educational institute worth its salt, would need to take up some pertinent issue which would generally be close to the heart of their targeted customers.

This would drive home the message that they are not only in business to rake in the profits but are also concerned with issues concerning the public, which includes their potential customers too, who could be affected with such issues.

The challenges of SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the most important paths, if you need to be always visible to your umpteen customers on the search engines, wherever they may be, which would place your educational institute at an enviable position.

Search engine optimization or abbreviated as SEO is achieved when your educational institute pops up regularly on the first page when a search engine user on either Google Yahoo or Bing searches for such a need.

To achieve a high SEO ranking and regularly too, an immense amount of dedicated and committed effort should be forthcoming from you.

It is the innovative SEO efforts that you put in, which would give your educational institute the required exposure and boost to be the one to be flagged and be seen first and fast on any prospective customer’s screen.

Your SEO strategies should be equal to the tough task ahead and for that you need to have the right balance in your digital marketing strategy for educational institutes, to ensure that your educational institute makes the most effective inroads that you would envisage.

Customers are easily accessible via their mobile devices that they carry, most of which are sophisticated technological masterpieces, with a variety of applications that they could use to keep in touch with the world around them and you getting there fast with your message in what would matter at the end.

Taking the social media challenges up

The immense communication possibilities available today have opened up social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Skype and many others which are possible hunting grounds for sustained social media marketing strategies targeting members in these groups.

Social media marketing strategies are effective as it is targeted to a specific group with common interests or goals and invariably with the same social standing, economic clout and common needs.
Research have indicated that there is a very high incidence of “word of mouth” advertising among these groups which could be targeted by social media marketing objectives incorporated into your digital marketing strategy for educational institutes.

If you could penetrate into these circles and make your educational institute visible with high rankings on the search engine optimization platform coupled with other sustained social media marketing strategies, some part of your battle could be won.

Social media marketing strategies could use emails as a very potent medium to carry you educational institute’s messages across to your potential customers in these social groups.

An email marketing strategy

Email marketing is very cost effective whilst having the ability to be closely monitored and reviewed to quantify performance and if found lacking the email campaign could be revised, amended or even withdrawn, and replaced with another at minimum cost.

It is envisaged that 80% of conversations among social groups are business related in the sense that they tend to unknowingly give opinions of products or services that they would be using or intend to use, giving social media marketing to be a very fertile field to sow your educational institute’s marketing messages constantly and consistently.
Apart from emails, social media marketing could be used in a wide spectrum of many other social applications innovated by Google and the other search engine facilitators to get your messages across to the specifically targeted social groups, who could be potential targets for your educational institute.

Concentrating strategy

It is known that “birds of a feather flock together” and this notion holds true for every social group banded together, providing an opportunity to innovate a digital marketing strategy for educational institutes in a social media marketing endeavor.

It is an easy and convenient exercise to formulate specific marketing campaign strategies to suit the exact thinking of the individuals in the grouping.
Social media marketing strategies in the alternative have also to be well planned and defined as some of these social groups may have opinionated views that would take immense convincing, before they would wilt to strategic marketing pressure, to take your educational institute into their domain.

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