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    Social Media Marketing

    Today online marketing has grown an increasingly important phenomenon of
    every firm’s marketing mix. Social Media Marketing now becomes a more
    important tool to reach your target audience and building brand image
    for your business.

    PR stands for public relations and it involves the work with which how people see a company or brand and organization. Let me make it further clear with an example. When a person of an organization is caught red handed by people on social media, it’s called bad public relations.

    SMM stands for social media marketing and it revolves around everything done online to promote a brand. In other words, social media marketing is a form of marketing but on social media and social networking websites to ensure maximum exposure of the business or product to its target users and using content to engage more people that may turn into customers.

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    Why It’s Important for Business?

    There was a time when companies used to hire people and salesmen for promotion, introducing new offers and make the products easily available for consumers. This tactic has gone old and obsolete. Most of the people now purchase goods and products online. According to an American research, over 70% people search online before they make purchase and over 40% of them end up buying their desired products online.
    People prefer online shopping and social media marketing and public relations make it easier for the people to access best products online. With a great social media strategy, the brands/companies can target their users and build company reputation. There a good number of benefits associated with social media marketing that define why it’s important for any business. first it lets the companies raise awareness about their products, second social media is a great platform to interact with consumers and get their feedback and third it makes a brand get more exposure.

    Objectives of PR and SMM Services​

    We have just talked about the importance of social media marketing and public relations for any start-up or business. No company or brand can survive, in this competitive world of online shopping, without a strong presence on social networking platforms. Social media marketing is actually geared by public relation teams and they help the company drive more sales and make more profits.

    Some of the lesser known objectives of PR and SMM Services are as follows:

    Brand Awareness

    Power of Connecting People

    Customers Feedback to Your Advantage

    As the internet is a great tool to spread news and share best things with anyone. The companies use social sites for business promotions, run ads, create engaging content, share news on social platforms and with help of this content they reach the target audience and consumers.

    With a great and effective social media strategy, it becomes a lot easier for the brands and companies to interact with like-minded people, those who like their business, consumers, bloggers, influencers and most importantly build trust with their customers. Social sites have become one of the best tools to promote any business and build reputation. Companies get even closer to their customers and reach those people who want to make purchase with them but have never known about any such business online.

    Last but not the least, by taking feedback from customers of social sites and responding to their queries online, any company can retain customers and create more consumers who buy their products. All the famous brands have a noticeable social media presence that helps them create more buyers and customers.

    Public Relation Services

    The importance of public relations for any business or brand is not hidden now. A great public relation team makes a company cope with tough situations, make the company stay on top even in the worst cases of failures and deal with media and press sections.

    For public relations, our process is simple but effective. Once the project is assigned our team creates a blog or news section of the client site, write news or public important events and achievements or awards and in the last step the news or every new post is shared on multiple websites and social networking platforms. This way the company communicates with its loyal customers and potential buyers very often and makes them trust their brand with better results.
    Further details on the process are as follows:


    Every website that sells something or offers services has a separate section through which they interact and communicate with their loyal customers and regular buyers. This section is often called Blog or news section. This blog or news section is regularly updated every week with latest news, informative content, interesting stuff and sometimes tutorials and guidelines. This is the best way to let the customers get updates of every news, new update, promotions, offers and discounted packages, if any.

    Once the blog or news section is decided for the client website, we put all our efforts into making this section as interesting as possible. This is the portion on the website that readers/buyers and new visitors often check. This is actually a kind of platform from where the visitors learn more about the company, their services and offers. This also include all the latest news from the brand, external information that’s somehow relevant for the customers, announcements and information about new services introduced.

    Press release is an informative announcement that carries offers, promotions, new product information or new services that the companies to share with its potential buyers and new customers. With every new press release, we ensure it’s distributed well all over the internet and social platforms so that it gains maximum feedback and reach the target audience. We have agreements with almost all famous website, platforms, bloggers and influencers and we use these resources for distribution of the press release. All these websites, social platforms and influencers share the news and it ultimately gains optimum exposure reaching the potential consumers.

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    Social Media Marketing Services

    Writing own content and sharing that on social platforms is never enough. Rather, there is another process called content curation. With content curation, we do comprehensive research on multiple platforms and relevant websites to gather interesting information, create new and unique content and spread it with social media users to keep audience active and engaged on the website.
    This is what our policy is. We believe content curation and creating own content are both inevitable for making a business progress well and stay on top. With this belief, our strategy is to have 40% of our own content for the client site while 60% content is curated from multiple sources. Here is what you can learn further about this process and our social media marketing service details.

    Our Process for Social Media Marketing Services

    Here are all the details about our practical social media marketing services process:

    There goes a lot of effort into what it takes to create a great social media marketing strategy. There are a number of ways to keep users engaged, boost products and gain more reputation in this competitive world. Content curation is one of the best and most effective policies. Content curation is all about finding best, interesting and engaging content and sharing it with the people in a better way.

    We utilize all our sources to make sure the best and useful content is in our access so that we can curate better content for the client websites. We use all available and paid tools for impact content curation. These tools help us curate perfect content that makes the website and products stands atop.

    Social media marketing heavily relies on how well prepared you are and how the information is presented on the social sites. With our own content and that we curate, we run the social media campaigns. The content written is shared on social media platforms with those posts collected from relevant and best sources. We ensure consistency in our social media marketing strategy and don’t let users move to other brands or products. Post creation and scheduling involves creation and curation of content and using paid or free tools to schedule posts on social sites that will be published on a specific time. There are different requirements of every social platform and we keep up the best practices to ensure all platforms are producing the best results for the brand.

    Engagement refers to keeping users, loyal customers or potential buyers engaged through content, posts, images and info-graphics. This user engagement is the essence of brands’ survival. The companies or brands who have little impact from engagement fail to make profits and thrive through social platforms.
    This is the reason we have a huge number of followers, user and subscribers who want to visit the websites, read blogs, check new and informative content and get updates of announcements or promotions. Groups, pages and discussion platforms are created in order to share everything new with them. This practice has turned out to be really productive in engaging users and offering them incentives. With better engagement, a website gets more visitors and more visitors means more clients/customers. Ultimately, the new customers are turned into loyal customers and they stay with the brand for maximum time.

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