Laser-Focused PPC Management Services

Work with the best PPC management service provider around to craft laser-focused PPC campaigns that maximize ROI and increase revenue. We ensure growth and sustainability with our unique approach to PPC management.

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    Pay Per Click Advertising

    Paid advertisement, also known as Pay per Click (or PPC), is among the most effective way to advertise your business and reach the highly targeted audience. It not only helps to build brand image and achieve short term goals in terms of bring targeted traffic and generate sales.Living in 21st century has its pros and cons. Internet has become a necessity and most people surf the internet, on the go.

    For business, it is extremely beneficial for them to go for PPC (Pay per click) management services. With people visiting so many websites and so many search engines, their business has a wide range of market. The coolest thing about PPC marketing is its affordability.
    There are a lot of PPC management companies which offer good rates. Talk to them and sign up your business, to get ahead in the business competition.


    Why Hire A Professional for PPC Management Services?

    There are thousands of DIY YouTube tutorials which boast about making you an expert in the field of PPC advertisement. But the truth is, it will take a long time before you can achieve the master level. In business, you simply cannot wait that long otherwise, someone else will firm their grip on the free market. In professionals, there are two categories:

    • Professional agencies who churn up a good deal of money from small businesses
    • Enthusiastic individuals who excel in their field

    It is recommended to hire Google AdWords Certified Professional as compared to professional agencies because of the following reasons:

    You might have heard the proverb ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’. Where one person is able to carry out your task, why go for a big agency which not only has to cut its cut but also feed its employees.

    The smaller the group, the lesser you are going to get charged.

    A company is nothing but a group of professionals. Most companies are made up of professionals who excel in a particular field.

    If that professional quits the company or is unable to do company’s task for some time, your work is stuck (even if 80% is done by the company, the remaining 20% work of that particular individual is stuck)

    This red tape or ‘bureaucracy’ is crucial in terms of successful completion of the project. You may lose cash if you wait for too long. It is better if you go for a ‘one man army’ and hire a competent professional who is able to complete, all aspects of your work.

    Big companies have their respective troubles. Either they are knee deep in projects and simply lack the time and commitment to satisfy relatively small businesses.

    There is competition among talented individuals so expect a fair rate of your work. The individual knows that he has to give his best if he is interested in getting long term projects from companies.

    Since he has a thirst for making reputation, he will quickly do your work.

    ‘There are plenty of professionals in the sea’
    If you don’t like one, you can simply take your project to another. All of them have one thing in common though: Professionalism, courtesy and the eagerness to earn your satisfaction by completing your project ASAP.

    What Ad Campaigns We Offer in Our Pay Per Click Services?

    Search Engine Campaigning

    Through search engine campaigning, the people writing particular keywords and searching for specific queries will see the ad of your business on famous search engines (Google, Bing). SEO and LSEO and data from web analytic tools is gathered before making a decision about search engine based sponsored posts.

    Social Media Campaigning

     The big four (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) are the hottest platforms to propagate your business. With a bit of money, you can sponsor posts which would earn you umpteenth exposure for your business.


    PPC Advertising Services on Search Engine Platforms

    There are different methods, different techniques when it comes to harnessing the search engine tech. They are explained below:

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    Google is the largest used search engine. It offers an advertisement program by the name of ‘Google AdWords’

    With a help of service, you can offer product listing, brief displays and even multimedia content to people who use Google.
    This service can be used globally as well as inside a specific region, followed by filters of time, days and ISPs.


    Making an ad is not a piece of cake. With so many people opting for the same solution to their universal business problems, an ad has to be unique.

    Good content, good taglines and good imagery upon selection is proportional to success. Planning your marketing strategy with appropriate keywords is necessary if you want to become successful in the long run.
    Sitelink extensions are hyperlinks which appear as URLs when a person searches a particular keyword. They have to be properly planned and worked through professionals who ensure its optimum functionality.

    Initially primary and supplementary feeds are created which are accountable for data intake. Through those feeds, all your data is sent to Google Merchant Center – where the ebb and flow of your advertisement infrastructure is made. This is not a regular text-based ad as a title tag, image, store name and price is shown. The SAC is a sharp advertising tool which tempts the user to click on the ad to view your products. This leads to better CTR (click through rates), easy retail management and helpful insight about benchmarking data, which is obtained through raw statistics of people of different gender and age groups, clicking upon your ads.

    Not everyone can read but everyone using the internet can see. Visuals are important to create an impression.

    Video campaigning includes two things primarily:

    • The content of the video
    • The SEO links

    Normally, the video is supplied by the business but professionals also provide the service of videography. The technical part is the SEO.

    Through content writing and through programming, a link between a random user of any arbitrary region is made to the video. This is done through effective keyword marketing.

    For best results, you have to think from a customer’s point of view. If your business is about doughnuts, you have to attract the psyche of appropriate age group and how will they search the internet.

     That’s where memes, trends, jokes and influential marketing comes into play.
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    After Google, Bing has the honor of being the most used search engine. The best thing about Bing is that there is no starting fee. One third of desktop computers inside US run on Bing and in US and 12 billion searches are made monthly – kudos to Bing.

    A combination of SEO and SEM (search engine marketing) does wonders for your business on Bing platform. You make your ad strategy and present it, to the search engine. The amount of people who click on the ad is proportional to the amount you will pay Bing. This works similar to Google AdWords but Bing has its pool of unique visitors. Bing offers a game of ‘cat and mouse’ in terms of ‘budget and bid’. One effective way to run a Bing advertisement campaign is to lower your bids. If you focus on the quality scores, even with lesser bids, you can win a good ad position among search engine through lower bids.

    Bing supports multiple ads so most professionals encourage you to make multiple ads so that audience is not bored and you are termed as ‘fresh’. You can include distinctive ad campaigns for both, products and pages as well.
    After your ads are published, you are entitled to their monitoring. Bing offers a wide range of key monitoring tools which tells you information about the ad effectiveness. The insight from regular performance report tells you the caliber of your ad.

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    Hands down, Facebook is the largest used social media platform. It has more than 2.2 billion active monthly users and with a bit of social garnishing, you can expect a huge ROI (return on investment)

    Here’s how you can utilize Facebook’s marketing strategies:

    Usually a page represents a business or an important figure. If you are serious about Facebook marketing, make a page of your business.

    The trick is that people don’t want boring announcements of products (People get bored because a lot of people don’t know how to market the product)

    You need to post interesting videos, images and content which would naturally make the people ‘like – comment and share’ your posts. This increases your business circle.

    These are also known as Marketplace Ads. Usually these ads appear towards the side column. A headline, a click through URL accompanied by an image rules the ad.

    Facebook gives you a wide option to sponsor your posts. Be it content – pictures or videos, you can sponsor anything.

    Even if you just finish making your page, you will often see notifications, tempting you invest this much amount to make this post reachable to a fixed number of users.

    Sponsored multimedia (images and videos) are expensive than promotional content but they are also more effective. For best results, it is recommended to adopt a marketing policy, which involves all the methods of attracting all types of crowds.

    The Facebook algorithm works in the terms of ‘word of mouth’ when it comes to sponsored stories. If your friends have liked particular stories, you will view ads on your screen, urging you to like the story as well. The goal is to make a user follow their friends. This creates a similar pattern of attraction, which is attracted to particular groups.

    The abovementioned sponsored posts have the ability to act upon certain filters. If you are going to make your post viral, you can control how many people should see it in New York and how many should see it in Washington.

    Aside from regional targeted ads, one can target gender groups of different ages. A good example of a business utilizing this feature is an elderly female clothing store. To get a specific age group, your post gets circulated and you get to receive a group in which nearly 100% people would be interested in seeing your product. The fb algorithms also combine a person’s taste through the use of AI and machine learning so it’s a good investment.

    This feature is responsible for making a random Facebook user post on his/her wall when he/she performs an interaction through a third party (business) app.
    When you perform a certain action with the app, your Facebook receives a notification. This is useful in creating a hype or spreading new features inside a community.

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    Everyone knows the power of social media and how it can be instrumental in driving sales. However, the main problem is that businesses often do not understand how to leverage paid social media campaigns for continued sustainable growth. Due to LinkedIn being a social media platform for professionals, it is often overlooked by businesses. Still, it can be a real money maker for your business with the right LinkedIn Ads service. With the Freelancers Hub LinkedIn Marketing Services, you will be able to integrate all of your social media with the rest of your B2B advertising efforts, ensuring you get highly targeted leads and generate significant sales numbers. Because LinkedIn is a platform for professionals, it’s the perfect B2B networking tool, and it excels in creating awareness for high-quality prospects who will most likely become your customers. Our custom laser-focused approach to LinkedIn advertising will help you target decision-makers based on specific industries, the size of the company, or the interest in specialized topics. Our team will strategize with you to find the right approach to connect with high-value leads. Here are some of the things our LinkedIn Marketing strategy will include!

    LinkedIn Ads

    The need for a comprehensive, well-thought-out plan for your social media campaigns is the only way to ensure you see the growth you want. The Freelancers Hub social media team will strategize and evaluate the current landscape, and the content offers for your niche to determine where the best growth opportunities are. In addition, our team will help you find which buyer personas you should target on LinkedIn and craft a comprehensive strategy targeting decision-makers.

    Sponsored Content

    There is a wide range of advertising options on LinkedIn, but our focus is usually on the ones that offer business the most in value. Our specialty is Sponsored Updates and Direct Sponsored content which offer the most sustainable and continued growth. We harness LinkedIn’s dynamic targeting capabilities and set up ad campaigns that ensure you get in front of potential customers with laser-precision that you won’t find in any other B2B channel. We take our time and get as granular as possible in determining which business demographics and LinkedIn groups you should be targeting. Once we determine that, we will start promoting specific blog posts, ebooks, guides, etc. We then guide the traffic to customized, responsive landing pages for generating leads for asset downloads and other offers.

    Sponsored InMail

    With LinkedIn, you can send personalized email messages to target audiences via Sponsored InMail. We found that Sponsored InMail is very successful in increasing signups for an upcoming webinar/event or promoting content assets to prospects. What makes Sponsored InMail even more compelling is that it will only be sent to prospects who are active on LinkedIn, which increases the click-through rates, driving conversions. In addition, we have a team of copywriters who will craft engaging emails that will capture attention through unique subject lines, thought leadership content and crisp presentation across all devices.

    Content Creation

    LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing platforms for content, and the demand for content is projected to grow in the foreseeable future. We have an experienced team of content writers who will help you create content, from identifying topics based on current industry trends, writing to editing the content, and publishing it for you. In addition, our team will create LinkedIn articles and other long-form content that you can use for offers and share across the network.

    Analytics & Reporting

    Freelancers Hub believes in providing results, and for that, we integrate LinkedIn and other marketing platforms with Google Analytics. That way, we can show you a much deeper insight into your visitor behavior. Clarity and transparency are the backbones of Freelancers Hub, and we involve you in every step of the strategizing process and give you updates upon request. We also provide clients with a comprehensive breakdown of the month passed with detailed reports that include our thoughts on what worked, what didn’t, and what strategic changes we can make for the next month’s campaigns, along with the raw numbers.

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    The platform of intellectuals can be used as a powerful marketing tool to make public aware as well as attract people of similar tastes.

    The main part is planning your ad and attracting the type of audience. Twitter runs on a bidding scheme so you have to bid daily, if you want to stay in the game. There is no floor limit of budget.
    Twitter recommends the use of at least 4-5 targeted tweets which prompts a user to make an action. Words like ‘sign up’ ‘catch up’ ‘start today’ are deemed to be effective while avoiding mentions and hashtags is smart strategy, considering audience might not get deviated from your Twitter campaign.

    Hear from an Expert

    Remarketing and Retargeting

    You are a business. If it is not your first time, looking for professionals to market your business, chances are you spent a great deal of your time with companies.

    Say, there is a company which performed exceptional marketing for you. Your profit and exposure level reached to greater limits but after that, you gave your project to another company which failed to meet that standard.

    Our professionals can ‘remarket’ and reach the same level which you once touched. We have strategies of effective email, social media and search engine marketing which is bound to present a positive response to you.

    When you visit a website, cookies are stored on your computer. The cookie is a part of ‘retargeting marketing’ as after a certain period of time, it will present an ad, which would urge the user to visit the website again. While a user thinks of it as magic, it is mere utilization of effective piece of technology, one which boasts of higher ROI and profit for your company.

    Retargeting is effective in terms of creating happy customers. Sometimes a person visits a website to buy a product and then forgets about the website. Retargeting ads divert the mind towards a specific website and periodic returns make up the mind of a customer.


    Our PPC Campaign Setup Process

    For some people – all that above information is a lot to handle. Allow us to take care of your troubles.

     We have a unique method of managing your PPC campaigns. We do it in the following way:

    All the businesses that are interested in dealing with us, we ask them to fill some questionnaires. As marketing strategists, we need to harness the linkage between your business and the type of audience you want to attract.
    Filling the questionnaires give us a broader picture, in terms of formulating the perfect marketing strategy.

    Evaluating the past performance of your PPC account gives us all the information we need to make your marketing, more productive!

    After a client has completed the questionnaires, it is now time to personally have a talk with the client and take his point of view. His answers on the questionnaires are discussed and marketing strategies are formed.

    If your past performances were not up to the mark, chances are your targeted keywords were not fully utilized. Based upon web analytics, we will pick out the best keywords for your business, ones which would have a positive impact upon marketing.

    It is an art to capture the mind of an audience. Fortunately, our company has its fair share of art and science, in the form of coders and copywriters alike!

    We will design an ad, run diagnostics about its performance and target an audience for maximum exposure of your business.

    We believe in the policy of client satisfaction. If our clients are not satisfied, our business will be worthless. At every step of the move, our clients will be notified of our moves and periodic feedback will be shared with the company.

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    Here at Freelancer’s Hub, we work as an extension of your business. Our level of dedication and obsession for quality is something we are well known for. We work tirelessly to not only meet expectations but to exceed it. Don’t believe us? Check out what they had to say about their experience with Freelancer’s Hub.

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