Dynamic Organic SEO Solutions

SEO is our bread and butter. We have one of the best SEO team in the world who specializes in organic SEO. Our target is to ensure you have sustainability by providing dynamic organic SEO solutions that bring long-term growth!

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    Dynamic Organic SEO Solutions​

    When the questions come about online marketing for any business, the first thing comes in to mind is to make the web property Search Engine friendly. If the business owner keep SEO things in mind while developing the business web property, it will give the maximum ROI later on.

    SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It is a way through which you can increase the search engine rankings of your website, whenever a person writes anything relevant to your website.

    They say,

    If you want to hide a dead body, put it on the second page of a search engine result’

    With so many websites of businesses around us, the competition for topmost ranking has risen. In terms of business growth, especially in today’s world, it is extremely important to invest in SEO. Good SEO techniques will enhance your organic rankings. By organic, we mean the result based upon merit. You simply cannot pay search engines to show your website on top but you can hire a good SEO company or appoint an experienced digital marketing manager which can skillfully enhance the features of your website, through which search engine algorithms would place it among higher rankings.

    The end result of an optimized website results in higher profit, credibility and customer trust. People also have this perception that the higher ranked a website is, the better it will be. Businesses benefit off this perception and highly invest in SEO of their websites.

    Get Your Free Seo Analysis Report

    With so many sides to a business, it can be hard to pinpoint the root of the problems of your business. Now one of the problems that many business websites face is not being properly SEO optimized. SEO optimization is a very important step for a business. This is how search engines detect and relate your website to people who are looking for specific things related to your business. There is a technical side to SEO and that’s something you need to take care of. There are certain aspects of it that you need to tackle head-on or may not even know that SEO optimization is required for that specific part on the back-end. That’s why you should analyze your website thoroughly. So is your website perfectly optimized? Well, you can check it out here easily. Get your free SEO analysis report to find out if your website is perfect in SEO terms or not!


    Why SEO is Important for Business?

    SEO works in the following way. Suppose your business is relatively new inside the market and not many people know about it. You hire a good SEO company. The company pulls a few strings and places your website among higher rankings. People searching similar words, relative to your website will find about your website. Your business will receive exposure. If it is good enough, they will recommend it to their friends but first, you need to take care of SEO.
    Without SEO, you will suffer in the form of poor rankings, which will lead to a narrow range of customers, cutting down on profit.

    How Do We Do SEO?

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    Optimization of Relevant Keywords

    One of the first things we do when we take on a project is we create and manage a highly-optimized keyword profile for the business. Our team of SEO experts and analysts make sure that they do thorough research on the market and your competitors to find out the most relevant and lucrative keywords. Then we will create a priority list on which keywords to work on first. And that’s how we create the perfectly optimized Relevant Keyword List.

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    Optimized Websites

    We are an anti-blackhat technique company. Here at Freelancer’s Hub, you will see that we work hard and employ innovative cutting-edge techniques to evaluate and optimize websites. We do our due diligence and find out any issue there might be for our clients. Starting off with a technical SEO to the site structure to checking page loading speed to site content and others. Our team will ensure that the crawlers from Google and other search engines are able to crawl your website and understand the context easily and that’s how we optimize the website of our client.

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    User Friendly Website

    Some websites are very good optimized in terms of search engine rankings but are a total mess when it comes to user friendliness.

    The developers simply aren’t aesthetic enough to induce a touch of comfort and beauty. In other words, they do not provide a friendlier front-end programming.

    When designing a website, we think from a user’s perspective:

    • What is a user in search of?
    • Why should a user trust your website?
    • What makes your website the best in terms of relative competition?

    By targeting human psychology, we help our clients in making permanent clients.

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    Content Aligned with Uniform Business Goal

    The primary goal of any business is to make money. If you deliver spun, clichéd and sub-standard content, a user will only think the website is copying other websites. In other words, your website will make a bad impression on the user but what about something new, something different?

    What if illustrations and animations could be linked with your website? That’s where building of good content strategy comes into play. Our team of talented writers link trends and easy daily life examples, explaining the business concept.

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    First Phase of Sales Funnel

    It is important to know that not all visitors can be converted into permanent clients or even one-time clients. But, if you could obtain real time insight through the science of web analytics, you can determine the age and gender groups which spend the most time on your website.

    Their page click rate and responsiveness with their respected duration on certain web pages will tell you how much they are interested in a particular product. We tend to retarget them in terms of sales and marketing and initiate the second phase of Sales Funnel.


    Our Different Levels of SEO Services

    We include the following SEO services in our packages:

    •  Basic SEO
    •  Advanced Level SEO
    • Local SEO
    • National SEO

    SEO is more like an umbrella term. The more you put in your effort, the more promising its results are going to be.

    Basic SEO uses the same techniques nearly everyone else uses. Taking care of content, internal link building and optimization. Advanced level calls for indirect optimization which includes ways of auditing backlinks and on-page optimization methods. The last two categories are meant for attracting people from a particular geographical region to come visit your website.


    Do You Need Web Design Services?

    What Services Included in SEO?

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    Website Technical Audit

    Who knows what your previous coders have cooked up underneath the web programming of your website? When you will come to us, we will conduct a full fledge survey – a technical audit of your website and mark key areas for improvement. The errors found will be removed and preventive measures will be taken so that same mistakes are not made again. Don’t worry – Our SEO Freelancers team will do all the effort and present you the final output.

    Keyword Research

    There is a complete science involving the selection of targeted keywords. You need to think from a user’s point of view as well as keep inside the market loop. Important questions in this domain are:

    • What kind of keywords are being searched by users?
    • What kind keywords are used by your competitors?
    • Using web analytics, which keywords will be most effective?

    Title Tag Optimization

    The title tag of the document needs appropriate keywords which are most often searched by user. For example, a typical user will never write ‘Please tell me something about electric cars in New York’. S/he will abruptly write ‘electric cars New York’ or ‘electric cars NYU’. You have to modify your web-pages according to the thinking of the user. Only then will you be able to enjoy good rankings.

    Meta Description Optimization

    Meta tags are hidden elements of an HTML document. They are known to provide content information to search engines. The Meta description is available in the form of snippets – short words which help SERP (search engine result page) find relevance to searched queries. If a match is matched, your website will enjoy higher rankings.

    Header Tag Optimization

    Almost 80% of all titles of web pages, coming on the first page result of Google use heading H1. These headings also employ the use of symmetrically aligned keywords which are distributed throughout the desired content. However, it is not a hard and fast rule. Depending upon the data obtained from your website, you may require a blend of different headings to make your website outshine your competition.

    Image ALT Tag Optimization

    Search engine crawlers rely on an image’s alternative tag to navigate the website. For some reasons, if an image cannot be displayed, the ALT tag clarifies in the form of text about the description of an image. Inside the ALT description, one has to describe the image by writing words. The words used should be of good vocabulary and free of error mistakes to have the maximum impact upon web crawlers.


    The technical technique employs the use of different webpages, all connected with one another. You might not think of it as a big deal but it is an integral part of site optimization. Bots value the unity of interlinked webpages. By interlinking, a user is more prone to easily navigate through your website and to carry out effective promotional campaigns, simply highlight the text and it will gain more attention. Anchored keywords and link juicing are side products of interlinking, both playing a vital role in search engine based rankings.

    Sitemap Creation

    A sitemap is an XML file, which contains all the URLs of your website’s individual webpages. Think of it as an archive of all of your internet URLs. The important part is that the file should be easily discoverable by crawlers. The crawlers follow the links, present inside the file, so that they don’t miss any of your webpages, making all your webpages discovered by users across the globe.

    Robots.txt File Creation

    The robots exclusion protocol is a text file which guides your web crawlers about visiting and not visiting particular web pages of your websites. The problem with search engine crawlers is they tend to take a while to crawl upon all of them, leading to your negative rankings. So optimization at this point is necessary.

    Canonical Tag Implementation

    Say, your website employed a good content writer and wrote good content. You try to reuse the content on different pages but your website’s ranking might get affected because the judge here is not human. It is computer – bots which might not be able to tell a difference between original and the copy. A canonical tag is an HTML element which prevents such type of issues. It explains the bots the reused content represents a master copy of your page.

    Structured Data Implementation

    Analyzation is a tedious process, even for computers. When a search engine bot visits your website, it may spend a good deal of time, studying contents and then place you somewhere. What if your website data is to take a structured approach, through which it would take less time to make a bot understand about your website’s features. Structured data implementation is also recommended because it enables special result features like priority based image result etc.

    404 Error Fixtures

    Sometimes you move or delete a webpage. The 404 errors arise when server has been found but the particular URL has not been found. Bots don’t know where to go – which URL to hop on to? Upon not knowing what to do, your action returns an error ‘404’. Our team has talented ‘link juice’ preservers – coders who minimize such type of errors. They also apply the 301 strategy to link every page to the main page.

    301 Redirection Setup

    This is the solution to the famous 404 problem. The 301 redirection method involves giving a new direction to bots, when they search a webpage. Redirection is achieved by working inside a text editor. 301 saves your older page rankings as well as prevent the problems, related with duplicate content.

    Google Webmaster Tools Account Setup

    Google provides a set of tools to you – YES YOU!

    But to gain insight upon the important flow of data, you need to set up your Google Webmaster Tools account. Webmaster tools give you the option to balance Google’s parameters, as to how the search engine will see your website. If done all alone, it is very difficult to get your account verified. Fortunately for you, our team will setup everything for you. In other words, you will be saved from stress and gain readymade insight from privileged tools.

    Google Analytics Account Setup

    Similar to Google Webmaster, Google Analytic is a bunch of tools which provide real time analysis of your website. You will get to know about people from different regions, of different genders and age groups, visiting particular products as well as time spent by them on specific webpages.

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    Advanced Level SEO Services

    Advanced SEO techniques are useful for maximum effect of SEO implementation. Aside from usual logic building, there are some experience secrets, which not every web developer can apply. In terms of advanced level SEO, we offer the following services:

    Page Load Optimization

    There are lots of ways of webpage optimization but our core focus lies upon HTML and image compression. The coolest thing about HTTP is that it supports compression. From server’s end, the file is compressed and later decompressed via lossless techniques. Similarly, a good website demands HD flawless photos but then there is a problem: With larger size, it is difficult to transport good quality images so again, you need to take care of lossless compression.

    Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

    Nowadays, most people prefer to surf the internet upon mobile devices. Maybe your device is fast enough for desktop users but suffers from lethargic rates to the mobile market – where the actual competition lies. The thing which separates our company from other companies is that we have a diverse team. With each member specializing in a particular field, the mobile field experts will collaborate with desktop full stack developers, resulting in most benefit for your website.

    Competitor Research to Find Content Gaps

    Sometimes your website design is very efficiently made but still it is not attracting the appropriate traffic. It means you are lacking something, due to which your potential visitors are visiting the websites of your competitors. We offer concrete marketing strategies by initially studying the websites of your competitors, thinking in what ways they are better than you and then, apply that knowledge to technically outperform the websites of your competitors. Our writers are involved in deep discussions with coders, thinking of ways to target sub-conscious marketing. We will transform your website in a way that a user would naturally want to spend more time on your website, resulting in maximum exposure.

    Topic Research for Blog Post

    Web developers and digital marketers say ‘Content is King’ and they mean it. Without appropriate content, your website can never receive enough visitors. On your behalf, we will conduct topic research for blog posts. This will keep content afresh, making your website stand in better search engine rankings. Better conversion rate will also be achieved, considering the audience will not get bored from repetitive posts, they will explore and if they like the website, they will make a purchase and even recommend it to their friends.

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    Local SEO Services

    Sometimes you aren’t looking for worldwide traffic, because your business is limited to particular city/state.

    What if all the visitors and sponsored posts are targeted based upon geographical locations? You can even target multiple cities.

    From scratch, we will build the online profile of your business and also manage GMB (Google My Business) so that people can search your business on Google Maps. You control the flow of information and how you want to present it. Our team will show you latest business managing trends, which are most helpful in LSEO.

    Our clients are involved in thorough discussions with our representatives and are kept in loop of the current progress.

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    Everyone knows the power of social media and how it can be instrumental in driving sales. However, the main problem is that businesses often do not understand how to leverage paid social media campaigns for continued sustainable growth. Due to LinkedIn being a social media platform for professionals, it is often overlooked by businesses. Still, it can be a real money maker for your business with the right LinkedIn Ads service. With the Freelancers Hub LinkedIn Marketing Services, you will be able to integrate all of your social media with the rest of your B2B advertising efforts, ensuring you get highly targeted leads and generate significant sales numbers. Because LinkedIn is a platform for professionals, it’s the perfect B2B networking tool, and it excels in creating awareness for high-quality prospects who will most likely become your customers. Our custom laser-focused approach to LinkedIn advertising will help you target decision-makers based on specific industries, the size of the company, or the interest in specialized topics. Our team will strategize with you to find the right approach to connect with high-value leads. Here are some of the things our LinkedIn Marketing strategy will include!

    LinkedIn Ads

    The need for a comprehensive, well-thought-out plan for your social media campaigns is the only way to ensure you see the growth you want. The Freelancers Hub social media team will strategize and evaluate the current landscape, and the content offers for your niche to determine where the best growth opportunities are. In addition, our team will help you find which buyer personas you should target on LinkedIn and craft a comprehensive strategy targeting decision-makers.

    Sponsored Content

    There is a wide range of advertising options on LinkedIn, but our focus is usually on the ones that offer business the most in value. Our specialty is Sponsored Updates and Direct Sponsored content which offer the most sustainable and continued growth. We harness LinkedIn’s dynamic targeting capabilities and set up ad campaigns that ensure you get in front of potential customers with laser-precision that you won’t find in any other B2B channel. We take our time and get as granular as possible in determining which business demographics and LinkedIn groups you should be targeting. Once we determine that, we will start promoting specific blog posts, ebooks, guides, etc. We then guide the traffic to customized, responsive landing pages for generating leads for asset downloads and other offers.

    Sponsored InMail

    With LinkedIn, you can send personalized email messages to target audiences via Sponsored InMail. We found that Sponsored InMail is very successful in increasing signups for an upcoming webinar/event or promoting content assets to prospects. What makes Sponsored InMail even more compelling is that it will only be sent to prospects who are active on LinkedIn, which increases the click-through rates, driving conversions. In addition, we have a team of copywriters who will craft engaging emails that will capture attention through unique subject lines, thought leadership content and crisp presentation across all devices.

    Content Creation

    LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing platforms for content, and the demand for content is projected to grow in the foreseeable future. We have an experienced team of content writers who will help you create content, from identifying topics based on current industry trends, writing to editing the content, and publishing it for you. In addition, our team will create LinkedIn articles and other long-form content that you can use for offers and share across the network.

    Analytics & Reporting

    Freelancers Hub believes in providing results, and for that, we integrate LinkedIn and other marketing platforms with Google Analytics. That way, we can show you a much deeper insight into your visitor behavior. Clarity and transparency are the backbones of Freelancers Hub, and we involve you in every step of the strategizing process and give you updates upon request. We also provide clients with a comprehensive breakdown of the month passed with detailed reports that include our thoughts on what worked, what didn’t, and what strategic changes we can make for the next month’s campaigns, along with the raw numbers.

    What Our Clients Say

    Here at Freelancer’s Hub, we work as an extension of your business. Our level of dedication and obsession for quality is something we are well known for. We work tirelessly to not only meet expectations but to exceed it. Don’t believe us? Check out what they had to say about their experience with Freelancer’s Hub.

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