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When the questions come about online marketing, the first thing comes to mind is to make the web property SEO friendly. If you keep SEO things in mind while developing your web property, it will give the maximum ROI later on.

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Search Engine Optimization

When the questions come about online marketing, the first thing comes to mind is to make the web property SEO friendly. If you keep SEO things in mind while developing your web property, it will give the maximum ROI later on.

Keyword Research

Search engine optimization is nothing but a game of potential words. The success of online marketing largely depends on choosing the right keywords and also optimizing the web pages with the targeted keywords.

So when taking a new challenge, the first thing we consider is to take a look at the target keywords. If keyword selection is not perfect based on our metrics, we use to do it by following out own methods and suggest a list of best possible keywords to our clients.

Upon approval from the client, we finalize the keyword list and proceed to prepare an on page optimization suggestion report and keyword map file. This keyword map file is the base of our planning for next further SEO activities.

Website Technical Audit

Our next vital step is to do a thorough technical audit of the client website. The main objective is to identify if there are any technical issues. Based on the finding, we take necessary steps to fix the errors to improve website performance.

Our primary focus of this audit is to identify the issues related to SEO title, metadata, image ALT tag, canonical tag, 404 errors, mobile friendliness, loading speed etc.

On Page Optimization

Once our keyword list and website technical audit report are ready, the next step we use to take for optimizing the website. We usually take below necessary actions to make a web page SEO friendly;

Title tag optimization

We either freshly write down or rewrite the existing SEO title and update it on the site. While doing it, we make sure that the new title tag contains our target keywords. This is, in fact, the most vital part of optimization; because it is the first place of the website that gives a signal to the search engines when a people search with our target keyword phrases.

Our primary objective is to accommodate main target keywords in the SEO title. We try our best to maintain the keyword prominence in the title tag just to get the best output from the SERP. However, we give much importance to human reader and so write the SEO title in a human readable way. In that case, if it is not possible to keep keyword prominence, we at least try to keep all the words of the key phrase in the SEO title.

Metadata optimization

Our second target place for optimization is the metadata. Among metadata, Meta descriptions are the vital one where we put our maximum effort. Though it’s only a 155-160 character length description, it plays the vital role after SEO title. Properly written Meta description can help a web page easily found in the SERP and attract visitors to surf the web page.

We also consider updating the Meta keywords on the page. However, Google uses to ignore this section, but other major search engines like Bing, Yandex, Baidu and others still take this part into consideration.

Header Tag Optimization

When a search bot crawls a page, Headers tags are usually the third places where it lands to collect information about the web page. Placing target keywords in the header tags helps the search bot to identify the main target words for the website and so we take the opportunity to optimize header tag sections.

We use to analyze the whole page content and if found any scope to optimize the header tags i.e. include target keywords in the H1-H6 tags, we do it with prior approval from the client.

Image ALT Tag optimization

Any search bot can’t read or identify any image, video or other graphical properties on its own. So, it’s important to use alt attributes for any graphical properties. The absence of such tags gives a negative impression to the search bot about the web page.

We make sure all the images on the client site must have the alt attributes which are also optimized with target keywords plus the company brand name. It is particularly helpful to find the site in Google image search results.

Anchor text optimization and Interlinking

Interlinking within a website to multiple pages improves the user experience and so it also gives some extra ranking boost. Moreover, linking from one high authority page to another page by anchoring target keywords also gives the facility to pass link juice.

We analyze all available pages, prepare a database and if found any scope we put anchor texts to create links from high authority pages to low authority pages.

Canonical Tags

These tags are particularly helpful to fight duplicate content issues. Instance, an e-commerce site might have multiple product pages which specification is almost same, but the only difference is the color. In such cases, as most of the contents are same, search bots usually raise a red flag of a duplicate content issue for all the pages. Canonical tag helps the search bot to understand that these pages are unique product pages and not the copy of each other.

We make sure all the web pages on our client site will have the Canonical tags so that no duplicate content issue will be raised by the search bots.

301 Redirection Setup

It is quite natural that you may update your content and also the change the URL. In such cases, old URL will show a 404 error when a visitor land on that URL from SERP. However, it may not be a serious SEO issue, but as the old URL is already indexed in the SERP, so when people land on the URL from SERP it’ll give them a bad impression about the site.

If any such issues found on our website technical audit, we use to put a 301 Redirection in the old URL and direct it to most similar content URL or alternatively at the home page. It’ll help the user to find the relevant content on the site that results in a better user experience.

404 Error fixing

Like the above situation, it is also natural that knowingly or unknowing, your site may contain many pages or posts URLs which are left with 404 error. Such kind of huge errors can give bad user experience and pass negative impression to search bots about the website. We use to put a system on the site so that all the pages that contain 404 errors will be redirected to the Home page.

Structured Data

We also introduce structured data to the website that display the products, services, reviews or even blog posts with author bio in a Rich Snippet. These snippets usually shown in the search results and it can attract visitors to visit the website. We analyze every page carefully and introduce structured data so that search bots especially Google can detect these rich snippets and show in the search result.

AMP Pages and Speed Optimization

Since last few years’ usage of mobiles and other small screen, devices increased dramatically and it’ll even rise more in coming days. To meet the growing demand from mobile searchers, Google introduces separate mobile indexing which is also known as “mobile Index First”.

On the other hand, when the question comes to surfing a website on a mobile device, page loading speed issue automatically comes. Because mobile devices don't have that capability like a desktop to download all elements instantly. Even if elements on the web page are not properly compressed, web page download speed can be high on a desktop too.

We closely work with the web developers and web designers to compress high time-consuming elements on the site to improve page loading scenario. We also implement Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) to give the better user experience to mobile search visitors.

Sitemap and Robots.txt file creation

The sitemap gives the initial guideline about URL structures of the website to the search bots. On the other hand, Robots.txt files give some specific command to search bots regarding which URL they should crawl and which are not.

We create and set up both files on website root directory that can guide the search engines to the right path of the website.

Google & Bing Webmaster Account Setup

Google and Bing are now the leaders of search service providers. So there is no way to ignore how they look at your website. Both service providers offer free Webmaster account facility all website owners so that they can monitor their website performance on search results, what issues are identified as a problem by the Webmaster etc.

We setup and verify the property on both Google and Bing Webmaster account and submit the Sitemap so that they can start crawling the URLs for indexing. We also test the Robots.txt commands, structured data, AMP pages, HTML issues and all other necessary things of the site here and take necessary actions to fix errors if found any.

Google Analytic Account Setup

There is no meaning of investing such huge amount of time and money behind your web property if you can’t measure its performance and the ROI. Google Analytic is such a free handy tool offered by Google that allows you to monitor your website’s users behavior, conversion, the source of traffic and much more information.

We set up a Google Analytic account, place analytic tracking code on the site and also interconnect analytic account with the Google Webmaster Tool property. Interconnecting with the GWT property allows Google Analytic to bring keyword ranking information which gives you the privilege to monitor the target keyword performance in the Analytic dashboard.

Our success of next organic marketing effort largely depends on what we’ve done on this part. We know the importance of targeting the right keywords and make a site SEO friendly. That is the reason why we handle this part with maximum care. We focus on each and every single point of On Page Optimization just to make our base solid and bold.

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