Customized SEO Services

Freelancer’s Hub ensures that the work is upto standards with the best of the industry. We can do that because we have one of the best teams in the market. Here are some attributes that ensure our promise of premium quality at affordable rates:

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    customized seo services by freelancers hub

    Every business is unique in its approach. Now what might be right for someone might be very wrong for someone else. We here at Freelancer’s Hub understand this very well. This is one of the reasons why we offer customized SEO services for all our clients. Every industry and sector is different even the companies within the same industry can have vastly different needs. The Freelancer’s Hub team will sit down with you to first discuss and understand the SEO needs for your particular business. Then we will provide you with a custom SEO plan tailor-made to fulfill any and every SEO need for the business.

    We don’t believe in the one size fits all model. Your brand is completely unique and we will treat it that way. Due to our longstanding presence in the market, we understand and know what it takes to create unique highly customizable SEO plans for a business. Our SEO experts will provide you with every single information required for you to make an informed decision on what should be done SEO-wise. We provide the best-customized SEO service available. We can say that because of our list of clients varying a multitude of industries spanning several sectors. Freelancer’s Hub has served everyone from individual professionals to nationally operating businesses to corporations that operate in several countries. Our wealth of experience and your vision is the perfect recipe for SEO success!

    Customized Digital Marketing Services

    Digital marketing is the essence of any business’ success, whether it be growing online sales or strong presence. Without marketing and targeting the right audience, no business or start-up can make much success.  There are a number of integral parts of digital marketing and to further make it understandable, we have put up three situations.

    Case 1: There is a business website that’s established really well. This business website has got their SEO done and it’s pretty good as well. But they are not getting the expected leads or sales. There is issue somewhere and that needs to be fixed in order to help the business not only survive but progress too. Such websites need only Pay Per Click (PPC) services.

    Case 2: A website may have a great SEO strategy and a well-optimized PPC campaign. But the company is suffering a poor brand imaging and no one likes making purchases with them or trust the brand. Whatever the reasons are but there is something wrong on marketing side and it needs a quick solution. For such websites, social media marketing services are must.

    Case 3: There is a business website that is getting enough leads from PPC campaigns and good traffic from social media sites. The website has also a great reputation and people love their products. However, the business website doesn’t get expected organic traffic from search engines that can be their conversions. Such a website needs a great SEO strategy and should get SEO services.


    For any business owner with the above-mentioned cases, it’s affordable to hire services for one or two jobs. But the issue comes for business websites that are just fresh and don’t have enough budget to spend on outsourcing professionals. So what they should do?

    They don’t need to be worried at all as we have covered them. This service is for them- the small businesses, start-ups and companies.

    What’s Included In Our Custom Digital Marketing Strategy?


    We have a unique digital marketing strategy that ensures amazing results and top ranking for the websites. We do understand SEO is a long process and takes time to generate leads and provide organic reach. Also, social media marketing strategy is a time-taking process and but the website needs traffic and audience to survive and emerge as a leading business website.

    For such websites, we recommend either using PPC campaigns when the SEO is poor or get social media advertising services when the social media marketing strategy is producing slow results in the start. But the problem still comes for the small business and start-ups who have a fixed limited budget to get these marketing services. To facilitate such business owners, we have divided the whole marketing process into a simple step by step process that is based on the following services.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services

    Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services

    PR & Social Media Management Services

    Search Engine Optimization Services


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what makes a business website successful in this modern-day world. No one can earn from the website by only creating a website, developing and leaving for other necessary works like SEO. If you a business owner wants his business to survive, they should hire SEO experts who could work on the SEO strategy and make the website rank in top search results. With effective search engine optimization services, the website manages to appear on top, get more organic reach and thus the rate of sales or leads increases with more visitors on the website.

    Hear from an Expert

    Detailed SEO services include for our clients

    Keyword Research

    Whenever you want to search something in search engine, you use keywords. These keywords may be longer or shorter and you get search results based on your keywords. Most of the people click and open the first few links because they believe these sites will have their desired products or what they are looking for. These websites appear in top results because their SEO is perfect and maintained over the years.

    We find the best short and long tail keywords for our client’s business website, use several tools to make them more authentic and spend a lot of research to ensure the keywords selected are right. These keywords build the base of a website through which the target users reach a business website, decide whether to make purchases or not.

    Website Optimization

    There are a lot of things that are covered under website on-site search engine optimization. It’s not just a one step or simple process, rather it takes a lot of time and regular work. After keyword research and selection, we work on further details for the site optimization so that it could appear on top whenever a user searches our keywords. Many are the people working in the market with same business ideas and models and in order to compete them, website optimization is inevitable. Website should be user-friendly, open quickly, doesn’t crash when something is opened, doesn’t take the users to other websites are the few important essentials of an optimized website.

    Content Strategy and Blogging

    Once the website is ready and launched, the next phase is to work on the content. This is really an important phase and decided where the website will stand in next few months. We work really hard to devise the content strategy for the client website and make sure everything goes as planned. This also include what kind of content should be done, sources that are helpful in developing content, paid tools for content strategy and blogging for the client website.

    Content Marketing and Link Building

    SEO is all about continuous work, making sure all the right things are done on time and the plan execution is perfect. After devising content strategy, we head for content marketing and link building. We use two techniques for link building and content marketing. First is simple and can be productive for new websites while the 2nd plan is for the websites that have a good SEO but don’t get expected leads or sales. We choose the right strategy for a client’s website considering how much work the site needs to come on top.

    Branding and Public Relations

     Poor branding or poor public relations damage a business more than anything would do. We also offer branding, marketing and brand image building services for the business websites and start-ups. Our team works to launch what kind of brand strategy and public relation plan will work the best and we go ahead once we are sure the strategy will not disappoint us for achieving the desired set of goals.

    Search Engine Marketing Services


    We discussed about three scenarios in the start of the post and this kind of service is the need of today’s business websites. Pay Per Click is not something new, rather it has been around for years and is quite helpful for the people who want to market their business in search engines and multiple websites. We provide the following search engine marketing services to our clients for their business websites.

    There are two steps involved in our search engine marketing services i.e. setup process and an ongoing process. In setup process, we add must do things and techniques in order to initiate the search engine marketing while the ongoing process includes steps that are taken regularly once the search engine marketing produces positive results.

    The first phase of search engine marketing is setting up the marketing campaigns for the business website. We do thorough and comprehensive market research in order to find out the best practices and websites where the business website should be advertised. In the next step, we start the campaigns with our already decided set of goals in order to make sure the search engine marketing kick-starts smoothly. Other steps in the setup process include conversion code tracking installation, re-marketing tag installation and custom audience creation for the business site.

    In the first process, we initiated and built the base of search engine marketing for the client website while this ongoing process includes all the inevitable actions that we take once the campaign starts running. We continuously monitor the campaign performance in order to make sure it’s working fine and producing desired results. Cost is always tracked and managed so that the website owners don’t spend more than needed on campaigns and can get maximum benefits with minimum budget.

    We have a simple process that our Google AdWords certified manager and digital marketing team member take care of and manages any sudden or abrupt changes that may not be productive. For this reason, we do competitive research and find out other business websites with the similar business theme and use their successful practices for our client’s business websites.

    Adexpress Campaign: This campaign is useful for small and local business websites.

    Search Networking Only Advertising: This kind of advertisement works best for small or local business who a single office or at multiple locations.

    Display Network Advertising: Best for remarketing and brand image building

    Shopping Advertising: Gives perfect results for Ecommerce websites

    Video Advertising: Using video content for brand image building and brand awareness

    This was all about how we use PPC campaigns for Google search engine. Here below are the further details of how we execute our plans for other search engines and platforms.

    Google is not the only search engine, rather a business website should also focus on Bing, Yahoo and particularly the social networking platforms for better results. We run PPC campaigns to target Bing, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in order to make sure the business website gets traffic from all available sources.

    Social Media Marketing Services

    Writing own content and sharing that on social platforms is never enough. Rather, there is another process called content curation. With content curation, we do comprehensive research on multiple platforms and relevant websites to gather interesting information, create new and unique content and spread it with social media users to keep audience active and engaged on the website.

    This is what our social media marketing policy is. We believe content curation and creating own content are both inevitable for making a business progress well and stay on top. With this belief, our strategy is to have 40% of our own content from the client site while 60% content is curated from multiple sources. Here is what you can learn further about this process and our social media marketing service details.


    PR and Social Media Management Services

    Our bundle of services for a successful business website also include public relation and social media management services. There is no denial to how important public relations and social media marketing is for any business or start-up. Whenever a business suffers from poor brand imaging, that indicates they have a poor public relation and social media marketing strategy. But we don’t let this happen for our client and make sure the business is always branded with great reputation. When it comes to our PR and social media management services, this include the followings:

    Press Release Writing

     Whenever there is an announcement, achievement or promotion by the client for its customers- we spread the word by press release. PR is inevitable to spread the message to maximum users.

    Press Release Distribution

    The next important step is to distribute the press release or any announcement so that every target user or potential client gets to know about the announcement or news and this is only possible when you hire a professional team.

    Press Release Syndication

    We have agreements with thousands of bloggers, website owners, and with platforms where we have the privilege to share every press release and announcement. This way we let every user or target buyer find out the announcement.

    Social Media Account Optimization

    Social media presence makes a major impact. Through social sites, a business can connect with its buyer way better than any other platform or channel. We optimize the social media accounts, pages and accessible for the interested users.

    Content Curation for Social Sharing

    We do comprehensive research to find out interesting but relevant content topics and ideas that can be used for social purposes. With those ideas, we curate content and that is shared on all social networking platforms through business website accounts.

    Post Creation and Scheduling

    Once the content curation is complete, we post that content on social sites. There are different schedules for sharing content on different social sites so we schedule the posts and let them get published on a certain time.


    Lastly, the shared content needs engagement and maximum exposure. This is necessary that content should reach all loyal user and potential customers for engagement and we share that content on all platforms and maintain engagement with our followers.

    Do You Need Web Design Services?

    Service Contracts and Payment Terms

    Our customized SEO service package is specially designed to achieve long-term goals for the business. So we never insist on signing a long-term contract until the client has such term and conditions. We encourage weekly basis payment based on our logged time either on marketplace provided time tracker or our own Timedoctor time tracker software.

    As we offer service on Upwork, wold’s most popular freelance marketplace, we offer a promotional reference link to our clients to sign up an account with Upwork. This allows the client to pay us without paying any commission fees to Upwork which is 20%.

    To get our service on Upwork, clients’ only needs to sign up a new account with Upwork using the referral link, verify his/her payment method, send job offer to any profiles listed with our Freelancers HUB agency and we can start providing service.

    We also provide direct services to any of our clients. But, in this case, to kick start our service, we need an advance payment for one week via PayPal or Payoneer.

    What Our Clients Say

    Here at Freelancer’s Hub, we work as an extension of your business. Our level of dedication and obsession for quality is something we are well known for. We work tirelessly to not only meet expectations but to exceed it. Don’t believe us? Check out what they had to say about their experience with Freelancer’s Hub.

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