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Freelancer’s Hub understands the importance of branding in this day and age. So our branding experts create disruptive solutions that shake up the market and ensure your target audience pays attention to your business!


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Branding is your promise to your customer. It is your business’s identity and what it will be known for throughout its lifetime. Branding is how you tell your customers what you offer and why they should take up your services or buy your products. Branding helps you stand out amongst the competition. This is a vital part of any growing business and we here at Freelancer’s Hub do it very well. Our specialized branding team makes sure that ample research is done on the market and competitors t make sure we create a branding image unique to each business. When it comes to branding having a tailor-made approach is the only way. Our dedicated team and years of expertise allow us to provide top-notch branding services to businesses that are looking to stand out from the crowd. The Freelancer’s Hub team ensures that your vision is clearly visible and our branding strategy will be based on your business philosophy. So if you want your vision to shine through your brand then let us lend you a helping hand!

Branding & Social Media Optimization Services

What is Branding?

Branding is a process in which a company is made unique through its name, logo, its website and marketing tactics. The uniqueness helps in becoming different than a company’s competitors, which yield more exposure and greater profit. A brand is an identity, which helps customers differentiate between different products.

There are many ways to brand a product. You change the company’s name, alter its tagline, improvise its logo and make the audience feel something ‘particular’ through your posts.

The relationship of branding and social media goes hand in hand. In today’s world, it is simply unacceptable to leave social media as social media is one of the most vital platforms of branding a company.


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Why Branding Is Important for Business?

People, especially business owners have started realizing that almost all the emerging businesses have started relying on extensive social media optimization. It is the new status quo and anyone who won’t follow it will be dragged behind in terms of monetary profit.

Read the following reasons for importance of branding:

Millennials = Shorter Attention Span

Life has gotten fast and people expect more things in less time. In all the things that have been lost over the course of years, patience is one of them and now, people have shorter attention spans.

This is the primary reason why MNCs like Pepsi and Coca Cola invest in SMO because they know, if they stop trying, no one will buy their product.

That’s where your role as a business owner comes into play. Through SMO, you have to focus your marketing strategies upon general public so that they are periodically reminded to buy your product.


Nowadays, people simply are not restricted to a company’s website. Most of them go to a company’s website and click on the social media pages of a company.

They try to judge the caliber of a company through its posts. If they like the marketing style and the nature of posts, they recommend it to their friends as well.

In short, social media accounts have started emerging as an identity of a company. Why waste this platform and get deprived of considerable revenue?

With a small investment, you can hit big in your business. Meet our social media coaches and discuss the future of your business!


Once upon a time cable TV promotional posts were thought to be the best because despite heavy fees, they did a good job.

Social media optimization is similar to retro cable TV posts expect there is one difference – They are very much affordable. For a few bucks, you can target a rich diverse group, supported by multiple posts. All thanks to social media!

Our Branding Strategy and Process

See our portfolio and come to know of multiple companies who benefitted from our experience. Why Did They Choose Us?Because our marketing strategies are a little different from mainstream digital marketing agencies. Following are the key points of our branding strategy. Have a read!

One of our biggest strengths lies in our diverse team. We have artists, technical coders and website developers and all of us indulge in competitive research-based analysis, resulting in maximum output for your website.
Discovery is proportional to research. When we receive a client’s order to care for their business, we search about the ways to make their business better. We crosscheck our research with that of their competitor’s profiles and take appropriate measures.

Ideas are not confined to degrees and knowledge, rather they are a product of creativity. Our copywriters and coders brainstorm the ways to achieve the maximum output. All of our team members are present on multiple social media platforms and sometimes, when one of us sees an admirable trend, a bold statement or a good meme, we present it to our group before implementing it.

Our business model revolves around the rule that ‘the client is always right’. Final power rests in the hands of clients.
Before making any major changes, we inform the client about timely progress and useful stats. A client gets satisfied when he/she comes to know about pros and cons of adopting a specific social media marketing strategy. Regular report of our progress is sent to client and client is encouraged to indulge in weekly/monthly meetings with us.

There are many companies who boast of being a brand but little do they know about fan following and uniqueness.

A random internet surfer is craving for something unique. When he sees a social media platform, feeding off the hard work of other people, he will make a negative image of a brand, thinking from head to toe, everything they are doing is a copy of someone’s great skill. Why should I buy and bring them profit?

That’s where our role comes into play. Being second best in no longer an option. We give our full potential in terms of developing a brand identity of our client. This means the business we are taking care of, should have some unique features, which are repeated after a while.
Because that will make you famous over the course of time. Give us a call and talk about the possibilities of what direction would you like to give to your business.

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Social Media Optimization

Almost everyone uses social media these days and some of us have multiple accounts. With so many people using social media services, it is an open secret that in order to make your brand grow inside a progressive market, you have to focus upon social media optimization.


But What Exactly Is Social Media Optimization?

You open your Facebook and Instagram – you have liked thousands of pages but you only see regular posts of few pages. Why? The other pages post regularly, how come you don’t get to see their posts?

That’s because they haven’t been properly optimized. Our company’s experts technically see towards the ebb and flow of social media branding and research about the ways to make your business exposure stand out against your competitors.

 It is fair to say that social media optimization is like a game of cards. Play your cards right and you can win big.


Social Media Optimization Services

Social media is a vast sea and your business is a tine dot over its surface. Why not take the benefit of the opportunity and grow big?

 Check out our optimization services in the following fields

Google is the top used search engine of our generation and people use Google plus as an authentic source for getting information, especially for getting reviews and updating themselves with the latest news.
We will setup your Google plus Brand Page and optimize it according to most feasible upper rankings of a search engine. Aside from pictures, Google plus Brand mostly relies on quality content and one which targets specialized keywords so don’t worry – we got your back in this one!

LinkedIn is a sound platform to target talent. With right optimization, you will have access to people from specific colleges, degrees, jobs and experience but the problem is you are trying to attract people on a sober platform.

You simply cannot use tactics which are used on other social media platforms. You have to be subtle and be straightforward. Most people are either unemployed or looking for serious opportunities on the portal so you want a sturdy profile for your company.
Be stylish – be impressive and you will attract people which you wanted to impress through your company’s profile in the first place. Meet our team today to discuss the opportunities.

Pinterest is what people dream about having but can’t have. How about a dystopian profile which everyone thinks perfect in their own unique way?

We are talking about common grounds here. You need to adopt a Pinterest business profile which would attract all types of communities. Pinterest also offers analytics which, combined with our team’s insight can take your business to newer horizons.
We will set up your account and manage posts. You will be notified periodically of our progress.

The ‘cat and mouse’ of blogging world enjoys a significant number of readers and to appeal readers, you need to present your business profile both, informative as well as attractive.

Tumblr users are hard critics and won’t go easy on your profile if they come to know about blatant loops of your business profile so let us take care of your business profile.
From scratch, we will build your Tumblr profile and make it look good. You will receive a good amount of readers, turning up on your business blog, which will redirect your reader traffic towards your business website.

Reportedly, Facebook enjoys a monthly visit of 2.2 billion+ users and as the time progresses, the numbers are increasing.

Although likes are great but they underrate a brand’s progress. You have to make people believe in your content ingenuity, but also not frustrate the people so that people may share your content in their comfort zones.

Facebook employs the use of pictures, contents, tags, metatags and keywords to target more and more people, according to your preference. In terms of regional SEO, you can attract a particular age group of a particular location through your Facebook posts but you will have two challenges to deal with:

  • Writing good content
  • Make people share your content

Sub conscious marketing tactics are employed by our company to make your product more and more. Let’s keep somethings private for personal chats. Till then, we invite you to give us a call

The platform of intellectuals requires smart work since it works on bids. If you are new to Twitter Business Profile, you can enter loss.
You also need to know the correct use of local and worldwide trends and their linkage with hashtags. We provide talented content writers who formulate innovative taglines for your businesses. Every so often, you can change them so that your business appeals fresh. Twitter birds also appreciate good sarcasm and good laughs so expect our team to link some suave humor along with business promotions.

Instagram has surpassed Twitter in terms of total users. It is a world of pictures and people admire the aesthetics of posted pictures.

Business owners who actively take part in Instagram marketing campaigns reportedly enjoy higher conversion rates and better profit margins than those who don’t. Our team will create your Instagram posts and discuss the direction of marketing.

With proper social media optimization, your posts will start reaching to large circles who in-turn will share it ahead, creating a self-perpetual marketing cycle.
All of this can be achieved if your social media marketing team knows the art of presentation. Without presentation, the movement of social media marketing is nothing.

Social media presence is not a mere matter of looking tough on popular platforms. There are platforms which although are not as popular as Facebook and Instagram, but simply having an account on those platforms places you in better rankings of a search engine as well as people on those websites give you free exposure.

We are not talking about one or two websites. Our enthusiastic freelance digital marketing experts have created a database of such promotional sites and we offer wholesale rates of setting up your account and managing your posts on all those websites. There are tons of people who have never heard about your business, who are waiting to be impressed by your product. There are people who are yet to become your permanent clients and we would like to connect them with you!

 You have read about our working methodologies. It is time to test our skills. We will keep you in loop of our progress and make sure that you are compensated well, in terms of exposure and financial profit, for your time.

What Our Clients Say

Here at Freelancer’s Hub, we work as an extension of your business. Our level of dedication and obsession for quality is something we are well known for. We work tirelessly to not only meet expectations but to exceed it. Don’t believe us? Check out what they had to say about their experience with Freelancer’s Hub.

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