Why Learn Web Development When There is WordPress?

March 18, 2022

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You also must be wondering why to learn web development when there is WordPress. Well, it is a bit tricky to make a balance between conventional web development and WordPress.

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS). Millions of people around the world use it.

But what if you don’t need a CMS? What if you just want to create a website?

This article will discuss the pros and cons of using WordPress vs. learning web development. 

Pros of WordPress

The pros of WordPress CMS always outrun its cons. You will find it easy to use and manage, whether you run a blog or commercial website. A few other benefits will make you choose this CMS system.


The origin of WordPress is closely connected with blogging. Thus, you will find it super friendly for the users and website admins. 

WordPress makes it easy for administrators to edit pages, navigate through the backend of their site, and upload new content. 

This tool makes organizing content on a website easily without any website management knowledge.

Numerous Plugins

As it said, there are plugins for almost every task for WordPress.

WordPress plugins are programs that allow you to customize and enhance your WordPress site. There are over 54,000 plugins available for WordPress, and these can be used to change everything from the look and feel of your site to its functionality.

If you need specific changes made to your site, chances are there is a plugin that can help make those changes.


WordPress is software that anyone can use, study, change and redistribute.

The themes and plugins available for WordPress are under the GPLv2 license. It means they can be freely used, tested, and modified by others.

The sharing of code can lead to the development of a project being completed more quickly and at a lower cost.


WordPress has a large number of responsive themes. This means that they will adjust to being the same size on all devices, which is helpful for users who have multiple devices.

WordPress does an excellent job of developing and managing mobile-friendly sites that are consistent across all devices.


SEO is an essential part of online marketing, and WordPress does an excellent job of promoting best practices.

SEO plugins are available to help optimize content for search engines. One plugin that is often recommended is Yoast SEO.

Cons of WordPress

There are a few glitches in WordPress that can give a second thought. However, as we said earlier, the glitches are manageable, and once resolved, few options can beat WordPress.

Requires customization

WordPress is a web builder tool that can be customized using drag and drop. It is less flexible than other tools, but this flexibility may benefit some users.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have someone who knows how to develop WordPress sites, there may be some problems with updates to the core WordPress software.


WordPress is an open-source platform that is attractive to potential hackers.

WordPress plugins and themes can be risky to install, as not all of them may not be of high quality. Always research the plugin or theme before installing it to ensure it is safe.

Speed issues

Some of the WordPress themes contain a lot of generic code. This has a two-fold impact on your site. It can decrease the website speed and slow down the site loading time.

A professional agency like FreelancersHub can help you understand WordPress code and decide which one to choose for the best UX.

Requires regular update

Updates are essential for the health of a WordPress site. But they can create a big issue if not done thoughtfully.

WordPress themes are updated and improved often to maintain proper security on WordPress websites.

If there are updates to a WordPress site, some problems may need to be fixed.

The user may have to revert to an older WordPress state for the site to function correctly.

Pros of Web Development

Pros of Web Development - alternatives to web development - Freelancers HUB

A customer web development may take a long time and extra resources, but they will offer you some long-term benefits.

More SEO friendly

A custom-built website is more SEO friendly than any WordPress website. So your site will rank higher in search engines than any template website built with a WordPress CMS.

A higher ranking in the search is crucial in digital marketing for any business that wants to increase leads and conversions.

Band image alignment

A custom website will be designed specifically for your company, incorporating its branding.

This makes your business stand out from the competition.


You can customize a custom-built website to grow with the business.

So, if you want to make changes to your website, you can contact the company who designed it for you, and they will redesign it according to the growth and progression of your business.

Customer support

You will get better customer support for a custom website than a website built from ready-made templates.

The custom-built websites have been designed by a professional web designer specializing in websites.

If there are any problems with the website, they can be fixed quickly by the original developer.

Cons of Web Development

A website built from scratch is typically more expensive than a WordPress website.

A customized website is created specifically for a business rather than a pre-made template. This process requires professional expertise and can take more time than creating a WordPress website.

Changes to the website may take a while; you will have to rely on the developers’ availability.

Why Learn Web Development When There is WordPress

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows users to create and manage their websites. It uses HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. So, without knowing these languages, making a website with WordPress is like cooking with frozen ingredients- it may work, but the result may not be as good as if you used real food.

Knowing those codes will help when you customize your site, especially its design, usability, and functionality. Even you will be able to develop a custom theme (or a child theme) and later add additional functions like plug-ins.

WordPress is like an over for the Web developers who help them cook. However, you will require reliable ingredients (the codes) to bring the possibilities to an endless level.


In conclusion, both WordPress and web development have their pros and cons. Then why to learn web development when there is WordPress?

When it comes to creating a website, web development is much more powerful and versatile. If you are looking for a website that reflects your brand image and aligns with your target audience, contact FreelancersHub for the best web development service.

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