Why is responsive web design so important for e-commerce websites?

September 7, 2018

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Businesses in the e-commerce area are discovering new realms year after year, as more and more people discover the benefits of online shopping. However, this doesn’t mean that everything is easy and straightforward. The rapid advancement of technology is throwing challenges in the direction of e-commerce business owners. In other words, the preferences and shopping habits of customers are changing due to the new opportunities and possibilities offered by technology. This is why we should talk about the importance of having a responsive web design, even if we are talking about e-commerce websites. Just take a look at the aspects mentioned below and find out why you should include responsive web design into the next best things you can do for your e-commerce business.

What is responsive web design?

The responsive design is an extremely practical and versatile solution when it comes to web design. This is due to the fact that it is capable of adapting to a wide range of screens, regardless of their size. In other words, it doesn’t mean what kind of device the end user is utilizing because he will enjoy a pleasant experience each time. With this type of design, there’s no need to scroll from left to right and from right to left in order to read content, find the site’s tabs, and so on. Responsive web design will offer the user a comprehensive website with nice visuals each time. The user will just have to scroll up and down, just like when using a computer, in order to find the desired section of the website. If you choose a responsive design for your website, you won’t have to worry about the device type your visitors are using, as each will receive a personalized experience.

1. Responsive web design makes the site load faster

One of the main reasons people choose to abandon a website before even having the chance to discover it is its poor loading speed. No one has the patience to wait too long for a website to finish loading. In fact, the patience of people regarding this aspect got quite short in the past years. In other words, if your website does not load in less than 3 seconds, half of the people trying to access it will simply walk away. So, yes, loading speed is extremely important. Luckily, a responsive web design will make a website load faster by reducing the HTTP requests, minimizing the response time of the server, needing fewer plugins, and making sure that visual elements are properly optimized. Thus, a website with responsive design will always load faster and improve the user experience.

2. The site’s ranking on search engines will be improved

If you have a website or intend to create one, the term Search Engine Optimization  is probably not unknown to you. You need search engine optimization in order to improve your ranking and have a website that is more visible. Luckily, Google appreciates websites with a responsive design more, so opting for this type of design will definitely improve the ranking of your site. Some say that making a site mobile-friendly may soon become one of the criteria that are mandatory for obtaining a good ranking in the eyes of Google, so you’d better start taking some measures as soon as possible. One of these measures would be to make sure that your e-commerce website is suitable for every type of mobile device out there.

3. It is a cost-effective solution

Once you get a responsive design for your website, the costs generated by its maintenance will not become something you’ll worry about. This is due to the fact that you can make any necessary changes in one single place and the modifications will be seen on every platform. So, you don’t need to work on several platforms, which consumes not just resources but also time and effort.

4. The sales will be considerably improved

Considering that an increasing number of people are using their mobile devices for a wide range of operations, it is easy to tell that online shopping will also be shaped by this habit. In fact, a number of studies discovered that those using mobile devices to shop online are more likely to close a purchase than those using a computer, for example. Of course, if the e-commerce website is not mobile-responsive and navigation is complicated, such a thing has slight chances of happening. But, if a website is capable of providing pleasant experiences, the chances for a visitor to turn into a client are much higher. So, it is a fact that e-commerce websites are enjoying a higher number of sales both via Google AdWord PPC advertising and organic search results ranking than those that still have a traditional website design. You see, maybe a potential uses his or her mobile device to check out your product offer. But if the website looks great and it is easy to use with the help of a mobile device, what supposed to be a visit may easily turn into an order for your store.

5. In spite of the initial investment, a responsive web design requires little maintenance in the long run

The costs of developing a website with a responsive design may be scary at first. Yes, you will have to be able to invest a little in order to get this type of design, but it is worth it. On the long run, a responsive web design is very easy to maintain and will save you good amounts of money. Websites with regular web designs may be cheaper, but when you’ll need to make a change or perform an update, you will have to do the same operation for each and every platform you have in your management. With a responsive design, this is not necessary. You just need to make the change once and it will be immediately visible everywhere it should be. Also, think about the fact that you don’t need to have multiple domains, sites, and designs in order to suit various types of users and their preferred devices. Sometimes it is worth making an investment that will save resources, time, and effort for a long time to come.

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