What You Need To Know About The Latest Google Analytics Update!

June 20, 2021

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Google recently announced the GA4 update of Google Analytics, and marketers worldwide are deep into the update exploring all it offers. One thing that is clear is that the tool is going to have a slight reorganization to enhance usability. The new features were added to help marketers to fill the gaps of those who opt-out of being tracked. 

It’s now even more optimized to allow advertisers to access the most data that they need more quickly while also allowing them to identify data points that vary from business to business. Now we here at the Freelancers Hub specialize in providing top-notch digital solutions to everyone from small startups to large enterprises to even white label services. Our digital marketing wing has explored the new GA4 update for Google Analytics, and we thought we should let you know what the new features are. So let’s get into it!

The New Left Hand Navigation Menu

One of the most significant changes that came with the GA4 update was the shift of the new navigation menu. The purpose of this recent change is to make sure marketers can quickly and intuitively navigate to different reports and use them as fast as possible. All the sections are designed to support another use case, and these sections will be called “Workspaces.”

Expansion Of The Conversion Modeling

According to Google’s announcements, Google Analytics is set to expand the conversion modeling across “certain reports” later in the year. However, there is no information on which reports will support the new modeled data or whether marketers will have the ability to opt out. The purpose of this new conversion modeling is to help marketers fill reporting gaps from those visitors that have not consented to cookie tracking. 

Flexible Reporting

In the Google announcement, they revealed that admins would be able to access and curate the Analytics interface. That means that you will be able to expand a panel on the left that would develop key dimensions and metrics, allowing you to customize what their reports look like, and it isn’t limited to custom reports but for default ones. 

Now you can easily customize any report like your user acquisition report. With this feature, Google hopes to help marketers find the insights they need quickly. What’s great is that a feature allows you to put group reports into collections and create custom overviews, and you can save the reports to the “Reports Snapshot” that you will find on the homepage for the Reports Workspace.

The Data-Driven Attribution Modeling

One of the best news we’ve had with the GA4 announcement was that the data-driven attribution would soon be available on all GA4 properties. Plus, marketers will have access to two new reports. The first one is the conversion paths report, and the other is the model comparison report. 

The conversion path report is similar to the Universal Analytics reports that allow you to monitor the entire consumer path across various channels. The new analytics report includes conversion credit visualization that helps marketers understand the value and, ultimately, ROI by channel. The model comparison report is a fantastic tool that allows marketers to compare various attribution models, and it lets them observe the impact on multiple channels. 

Advertising Snapshot

Google announced in its Livestream that a new Advertising Workspace would roll out for Google Analytics. For this feature, the search engine giant provided ample information, and they posted in detail what the reporting suite will include. Google is calling its new reporting feature the “Advertising Snapshot.” 

It’s a dashboard that contains multi-channel conversion paths, conversion volumes by channel, and an attribution model comparison graph. While the report offers a breadth of information at a glance, it won’t include the depth of information advertisers have become accustomed to from Universal Analytics.

Set Up Your Google Analytics Profile

So there you go, that’s what you need to know about the new GA4 Google analytics report. As time goes by and marketers become more used to the new features, there will be plenty of other revelations, and we will know more about its impact on the digital marketing landscape. Make sure you explore the new Google Analytics dashboard to get used to it. 

Set Up Your Google Analytics Profile - google dashboard analytics - Freelancers HUB

If you need to know how to operate Google Analytics, then you can even check out the Google Analytics for Beginners course offered by Google. Now setting up your Google Analytics can be a tricky business, especially if you are running multi-channel campaigns. If you are looking for top-notch digital marketing solutions with optimized Google analytics, then contact us. We here at the Freelancers Hub specialize in providing highly impactful digital marketing solutions emphasizing organic growth. So you will be in good hands. 

And with that being said, that’s about all we have for you today. Let us know in the comments below any questions you may have regarding Google analytics, and we will help you out. Also, please send in your thoughts and suggestions on our socials. Your feedback is vital to improve our services, so do send them in. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, ya!

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