What Is The Relationship Between SEO And Content Marketing?

December 26, 2018

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SEO and content marketing are apparently two different terms. They have different meaning and purposes. Even the definitions have no relationships with each other. But we often seem then together, like SEO content marketing, content for SEO marketing etc. This post is all about finding and clearing what relationship between SEO and content marketing exists, how they are interlinked and why it is so.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization that is often read and written as SEO is the process by which free organic traffic is brought to websites in order to get more customers and make more sales. The search engines are the target in SEO because this is what the definition says- optimization for search engines.

There are few search engines but Google is the most powerful and the best so in our post search engine refers to Google. Every website needs organic traffic so that it can run and operate its business. Without traffic, no site can survive and traffic comes through search engines.

To get more traffic, SEO experts follow what Google suggests in form of rules and policies. They have to follow all the rules to optimize their site, keywords, content and products as well as services. The better optimized a page or site is, the more often it will appear in top search results. So the whole game is about ranking a site or content in top results. This is what we call SEO.

Content Marketing

Content marketing or link building in SEO is to attract more customers or visitors to a website using valuable and informative content, articles, blogs and guest posts. The sole purpose of content marketing is to bring more traffic while in SEO it is to turn visitors into customers.

The content created is based on what a website or business is about. Like a weight loss product site will create content about weight loss tips, tricks, medicines, exercises etc. Sometimes, the content marketing is aimed to increasing traffic to the site to get more visits, to make them download something or make them read an informative article or post.

In a nutshell, the content marketing is to raise brand awareness, make a business more popular, increase its visibility or exposure to target people, increase website traffic, share informative content and advertise a business or brand. It is somehow different than SEO but has a deep relationship with the former.

 In next sections we will see the difference between SEO and content marketing, what relationship exists between them and why content marketing is the backbone of SEO.

Difference between SEO and Content Marketing

Difference between SEO and Content Marketingexplained by Freelancers HUB

We have in the above section found some relationships as well as differences between SEO and content marketing. The important differences are as follows:

  • SEO is all about technical work, website design, its architecture, structure while content marketing focus on how to make the site more successful with content.
  • SEO relates to following the set standard rules for web designs, pages, loading time, speed, optimization, images while content ensures how all this can be taken to the next step of making money.
  • SEO is very technical and has a narrow aspect while content marketing is generic and has a wider scope.
  • SEO focus on the search engine and satisfying it following the rules. For example, how site design should look, speed, optimization and other technical requirements. On the other hand, content marketing focuses users and how to satisfy their needs. For example, users need informative, unique and interesting stories that content offers.

Relationship Between SEO and Content Marketing

This section will help you understand the relationship between SEO and content marketing.

1. Demands

SEO is like a person A who says he has some requirements for certain tasks and content marketing is the person B who can fulfil these requirements or demands. So SEO demands and requirements are filled by content marketing.

2. Content

SEO needs content in order to succeed and be implemented in its full swing while content marketing is the content SEO needs. SEO depends on content marketing for keywords, posts, blogs, guest blogging and words. That is the reason content is always considered the king in SEO.

3. Keywords

For SEO, you need keywords to target the search engines while content marketing is all about finding the best relevant keywords to fulfil SEO demands. We know that SEO is nothing without keywords and a business only ranks on top when it has competitive but unique keywords. The only way to use the selected keywords rightly is content marketing.

4. Backlinks

 There are backlinks for SEO. The backlinks determine where a website will rank. The more and high-quality backlinks you get, the quickly your site will rank. So SEO needs backlinks while these backlinks are only possible through quality content. You can only get best and authority backlinks when you publish killer content on reputable sites.

5. Optimization

SEO is about technical optimization while what is needed for optimization comes through content marketing. On the similar side, the technical optimization makes a content look attractive and compels the users to read the content. Both are interlinked. For optimization, some items come from content and others from SEO.

6. Consistent Output

We know for SEO, you need regular input while this output comes in form of updating blogs and guest posts regularly. SEO becomes better with regular and fresh content. If you will stop writing content, your attained SEO success will vanish in weeks and someone else will grab the spot.

Good and long-term SEO plans are dependent on regular content. You create and write unique content to make your SEO better and successful. Similarly, writing content without an SEO strategy means nothing for marketing.

7. Guest Blogging

 No one can deny how important guest blogging for SEO is. You need backlinks from high authority sites with quality traffic. For this you need content of the highest quality. Content is published and you get backlinks from those sites and platforms. Where SEO needs links, content marketing provides content via guest posts.

SEO Content Marketing Strategy

SEO Content Marketing Strategy explained by Freelancers HUB

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We have learned in the above sections that how SEO and content marketing are interconnected and how they benefit each other. What more you need to learn is how to develop an SEO content marketing strategy. These steps will help you develop such a strategy.

1. Research Target Market

The first step of creating an SEO content marketing strategy is to find and spot the target market. An SEO content marketing strategy will only work and succeed when you will target the right audience and people. For this you need to figure out what people are there who you can connect with and reach them. Then comes how you will target those audience and people who are interested in your products.

After finding the right audience, you have to create your SEO content marketing strategy. This will depend largely on the content. Like what your audience wants to read, what information they need, how they want to be guided about products and what can engage the audience and customers. Addressing the needs and incorporating them in your SEO content marketing strategy is the trait of a successful SEO strategy.

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2. Keyword Research

We learned that there are a number of things needed for SEO and optimization of a website. Keywords are one of them. You need to have right keywords that your target audience uses to search what you sell or provide. Without correct and useful keywords, you cannot target anyone or expect your site and content to rank on top.

Actually, keywords are what determine where you will head towards with your work. Many online tools, consoles, apps and software are in the market that you can use to determine your business keywords. Also check what keywords your competitors are using. You can steal their keywords as well.

3. Create High Quality Content

Your SEO content marketing strategy largely depends on your content. Not all competitors or people doing the same business have same content. This is where your success is dependent. Without great and the best quality content, all marketing strategies fail. Search engines are very smart now. People are smarter then search engines so you have to be creative.

An impressive piece of content targets people and audience, not the search engines. SEO is for search engine but content is for the visitors and customers. The number of visitors or traffic you will receive depends on your content quality. Be creative, generate content ideas and how they can be informative for the users.

4. Update Your Content

You are not done once you complete SEO and content needs. This is an ever-changing work where you have to follow the new rules in order to retain what you achieved. Updating content regularly is the most important aspect of a great SEO content marketing strategy.

Blog posts, guest blogging, video content, and infographics are the factors that make your content better with the passage of time. Update your blog regularly, get high quality backlinks through guest posts, engage users with your informative infographics and let them keep learning through video content. That is all.

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