What Is SEO? What Are The Different Types Of SEO Techniques?

November 8, 2018

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Today is the era of online business where every brand competes with others, with similar products or services, to attract more visitors to their websites. The more visitors lead to more sales and more profits. But all this is a complete and somehow complex process done through SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is simply a process that is carried out with a number of steps to increase website traffic and gain more organic traffic to the sites. Below are some more tips and examples that will help you understand what SEO really is.

Whenever you go online and want to search something, you use a search engine; Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other. Google is the most popular and biggest search engine that makes almost 90% of the total traffic coming through all search engines.

As you type some words in the search engine box, the search engine brings a long list of websites with their links, descriptions and relevant content. Have you ever wondered what are the standards or criteria on the basis of which some links are listed on top while others are at the bottom?

This is the game of SEO. The websites on top against your search have better SEO and better organic traffic campaigns. SEO is not just limited to bringing your website or brand on top when a user looks for something similar but it is a detailed and comprehensive process including user experience, website designs, techniques and strategies to improve the site rankings.

When a website is created, it needs traffic. The word traffic is used for the visitor. A website works only when it attracts more visitors and manages to sell more products. Apart from sales and revenue, websites get ranking every month or year according to their website nature, how friendly it is, what is sells, quality of content and other factors.

The SEO experts devise different digital marketing strategies that target search engines. Most of the people focus on Google because it provides more traffic than any other search engine. Google has its own process and method to rank sites, list some sites on top and others below.

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Why SEO is Important?

As said earlier, the survival of a website is subjected to the number of visitors and traffic. More traffic means more sales and more revenue. But traffic comes only when you target the search engine with your content, keywords and products or services.

Big companies have a lot of capital to invest in and run paid companies for search engines. But this is an issue for small or new businesses. They can’t afford expensive ads and campaigns. So they focus on getting traffic naturally and that is to create SEO strategies for their sites.

So in short, a business website can make profit only when it has enough visitors and customers. And the visitors are only possible when you target search engines or run paid campaigns. As small business can’t do this, they need effective SEO campaigns to receive organic traffic.

We have learned that SEO is the backbone of any online business and to get organic traffic nowadays. Without SEO, no business can expect to run successfully. Furthermore, three types of SEO are in practice. But among these three, White Hat practice is the safest option as it relies on legal and ethical techniques instead of the illegal or unlawful practices as used in Black Hat and Grey Hat SEO.SEO Strategies Explained by Freelancers HUB

Types of SEO

SEO is a comprehensive work including what you should do and what to avoid. Based on what is effective, there are three basic types of SEO; White Hat SEO, Back Hat SEO and Grey Hat SEO. In the below sections we will cover these types and talk about them in details.

  • White Hat SEO
  • Back Hat SEO
  • Grey Hat SEO

I. White Hat SEO

This is one of the most effective SEO strategies used by SEO experts nowadays. It includes link building, content creation and sharing, keyword research, backlinking and keyword analyses. This type of SEO is completely legal and ethical, as compared to the others that we will discuss below.

White Hat SEO is a safe option for every website, blogger and SEO expert because it has been built on the basis of legal acts and ethical rules. What Google or other search engines require for SEO is a part of this strategy. It involves no hidden, secret or illegal tricks.

Strategies of White Hat SEO

This kind of SEO follows a number of techniques and strategies that are discussed below.

1. Research and Analysis

Research is the basic factor for this strategy. The experts spend a lot of time on finding out the right keywords for their business, analyses of the keywords and how they will be useful for the website. Choosing the right keywords is a part of this strategy.

2. SEO-Friendly Website

The site of any business that gets traffic from organic source has a great role when it comes to SEO. The site should be built according to the search engine recommendation and standards in operation. Such websites make it easy for the experts to design practical SEO campaigns and get most out of them.

3. Content Creation

Content is the most important element when it comes to SEO and White Hat practice. Unlike other practices, here the experts brainstorm for content ideas. The content is always unique and carries new information for the visitors. No plagiarized content is acceptable when it comes to White Hat SEO.

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II. Black Hate SEO

There is a lot of competition in online business and it creates a dog-eats-dog like situation. To escape formalities and rules, some people want to get more results through SEO but using illegal and unethical means. Black Hat SEO is all about illegal and unlawful practices for organic traffic.

With such a strategy, they use sometimes aggressive tricks that produce better results in a short time, dodging the search engine and other competitors. But it comes with a lot of risks. If caught, the websites are spammed and people face penalties in initial cases.

Strategies Used for Black Hat SEO

Below are some strategies that are a part of Black Hat SEO.

1. Cloaking

This trick is used in SEO to deceive the search engines. The content presented on the site is different than content shown to the search engines. For this, the SEO people use illegal tricks that are designed to dodge the search engine crawlers. Punishments in form of penalties or suspending accounts are imposed if people are caught.

2. Duplicate Content

Using plagiarized or copied content is another strategy that people use in Black Hat SEO. This practice is really dangerous and Google can instantly track it. In White Hat practice, the experts use original and unique content of high quality that has not been shared anywhere else. But Black Hat SEO relies on copied content and it can make your site listed as a spam or you will be penalized.

3. Paid Backlinks

We have seen that White Hat SEO depends on original backlinks. They post content on other but relevant and high domain sites and get backlinks. But in Black Hat SEO, paid backlinks are used. The search engine can find out all such paid backlinks and once they are tracked, they mean zero even if they are thousands.

III. Grey Hat SEO

You can understand this technique as in between White Hat and Black Hat SEO. The practice used in Grey Hat are very effective and yield quick results if they are used wisely. But the problem is they are considered illegal. They keep changing very often. Any practice can become a part of White Hat as well as Black Hat SEO. For this reason, people avoid it.

Strategies Used in Grey Hat SEO

Following techniques or used in Grey Hat SEO for traffic. These strategies are in practice but have no valid stance when it comes to their comparison with legal and ethical practices.

1. Social Media Followers

This technique is really popular nowadays among people running small businesses. What they do is to purchase likes and followers on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and others. This offers instant and huge traffic. But the issue is these account holders or followers are not relevant and they don’t make instant purchases. It further causes risks of malwares between organic users and bots.

2. Paid Reviews

Paid reviews have become very common for all sorts of businesses and online stores. As these people don’t have enough customers or good enough services to attract more customers, they turn to paid reviews. People are paid to write reviews and then these reviews are shared through social sites. Even companies add them in their advertisements and campaigns to impress new people.

3. Using Charity Links

In this method, the website owners create content for charities. The content created is about goals and achievements of a certain charity organization. Then they add backlinks to their products and services in the content.


We have learned that SEO is the backbone of any online business and to get organic traffic nowadays. Without SEO, no business can expect to run successfully. Furthermore, three types of SEO are in practice. But among these three, White Hat SEO practice is the safest option as it relies on legal and ethical techniques instead of the illegal or unlawful practices as used in Black Hat and Grey Hat SEO.

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