What Is Authority Link Building In Off-Page SEO?

December 17, 2018

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This guide is for the people who want to know about link building, its importance, types of link building, how it works, how you can get quality links and what you will need to do to master the art of link building. We hope this guide will help out many readers as well as people learning SEO.

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process by which website owners or bloggers get quality hyperlinks from other websites of similar niche. When there is a hyperlink on another site, it lets readers and visitors navigate between the original site and the site hyperlinked. This is used for SEO because the search engine crawlers rank websites on the basis of links on other sites.

Link building through content marketing has always been very important for SEO since it started. For your surprise, link building is the hardest part of SEO and many people spend a lot of time trying to get quality links on other sites. Finding relevant niche sites with high authority and quality traffic is very difficult and more difficult is to convince those people for links to your websites.

Understanding More of Link Building

Understanding SEO link Building explained by Freelancers HUB-min

The link building has changed over the years. It started back in 1990s’ when Google’s co-founded found out that links can be helpful to determine how credible a page or site is. The number of links are important if someone wants to rank their site on top. Not only the content matters, but the quality and number of links are also counted.

Let me clear this with an example. When someone is elected or chosen, the votes are counted. The links are defined and considered as the vote of confidence for a page. If a website provides you a link of your site, that means they have trusted you and voted for you. These votes help the search engines determine which site should be ranked on top in a certain category.

Moreover, the quality of links is really important. This is just like some influential people refer you as a credible person. In the similar way, websites with high authority are more valuable for link building. Everyone tries to get links from high authority sites because the better-quality links your site has, the faster it will rank on top.

Benefits of Authority SEO Link Building

Benefits of Authority SEO Link Building explained by Freelancers HUB-min

So far, we have learned what is link building and why it is important. Now we will check what benefits link building has for a business website. Some important benefits are listed below.

1. Building Relationships

When you want to get backlinks from any site, you outreach them. Before that all high authority sites are found and approached for sharing content. This is done when you want to share something new you have created. It can be a guest post or an Infographic or images. Apart from the links, you build relationships with those people. This strategy can be known as “Relationship Link Building”.

As you communicate with them, you are actually connecting with similar niche people. Such people are the key influencers in their business and they can be of great help for you. If the chain continues, you will build relationships with all the prominent influencers and bloggers and that is valuable for link building.

2. Referral Traffic

One of the best benefits of link building is getting organic traffic. When you have a link on a high authority site with quality traffic, chances are the readers will visit your site if the link is relevant to them. It is very much clear that you will get a good number of new visitors. And the new visitors can become your customers, too.

Apart from getting indexed in top results, link building is a great source of organic traffic. There is apparently no other way to attract more relevant traffic to your website than link building.

3. Brand Building

As you start getting quality links from reliable sites, your brand or site becomes more famous. It helps you build your brand and make it grow further. Then a time comes when people want to get links on your site because it is a site of high authority for them. Like, when you will do some research or create a new content, it will be shared and believed to be from a credible source.

How to Get Authority Links for Your Site?

How to get Authority Links explained by Freelancers HUB-min

We have already mentioned that link building is one of the hardest jobs for people who do SEO. However, we have created this list of doable things that will surely help you to get authority links for your website.

1. Creating Free Valuable Resources

The valuable resources refer to quality content that can be somehow useful to the readers. This includes blog posts, eBooks, short reports, videos or whitepapers. This type of content is really good if you want to get authority links from unique and high authority domains.

The numbers of social shares are not included here. They are the extra benefits valuable content offers. You will get thousands of social shares for every report or post that is somehow valuable to the readers. All we mean is to create something unique that can be shared.

2. Filling the Content Gap

The content gap refers to something what other bloggers, marketers or your competitors have missed out. This is purely for the customers and readers. Create content ideas and how you can convert them into valuable content for the readers. Informative and research-based work receives more appreciation and shares. There are a lot of areas you can work on to fill the content gap.

3. Writing a Press Release

A Press Release (PR) is needed when you have a new product, new service, a new agreement or contract or something interesting for your industry people and you want it to be shared on media. With a PR, you can get some really good authority links.

PRs, if interesting and valuable, are shared by media houses as well as other websites. In return, you are linked to their sites and 30-40 shares means this number of new backlinks. This is very effective. Writing a press release is technical that you need to master.

4. Creating Infographics

Infographics are visual content and they are considered the best way to spread information. Like you can choose a trending topic and find relevant data on it. Convert the content and statistics into an Infographic. Visual data is shared more than simple content. A lot of sites accept infographics and offer backlinks and you will also get thousands of social shares.

5. Monitor Your Competitors

Monitoring the competitors refers to the sources from where your competitors get quality links. This is called competitive auditing. You cannot just ignore what your competitor is doing to make more sales and get more traffic. You must analyze what their sources are. Steal all such credible platforms that offer them authority links so that you can approach them as well.

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6. Broken Link Building

There are over 200 Google’s ranking factors and backlinks are still one of them. Apart from what methods we have discussed above, there are many others too. According to Brian Dean, he increased his organic traffic by 110% in just 14 days by fixing the broken links. Find out all the broken links and replace them with new links to get more referral traffic and authority links.

7. Interview Top Influencers

Finding top influencers can be a hard job but interviewing them and talking to them about industry, business, and tips for the people can be a fun. A number of experts and SEO marketers use the top influencers for quality links. They interview such people and get thousands of shares.

Even the influencers themselves share such content. It can be a short video, a blog post or an interview. You will get a lot of authority links when other sites of relevant niche will share the interviews of a top influencer.

8. Guest Blogging

When it comes to any link building strategy, guest blogging is everything. It generates more authority and quality links than any other strategy. Neil Patel, Brian Deal and other top marketers have listed guest blogging as their top strategy to get backlinks. It is in use since 2011 and continues to the best source for organic traffic.

What you need to do is to find out relevant sites with high authority. Outreach them and ask for content demands. Check their sites and topics like what they accept and how you can create a valuable guest blog for them. There are millions of sites but you just need high authority sites for quality links.

10. Approach Govt and Education Sites

This is something many new bloggers don’t know about. The SEO experts and marketers believe government and education sites are the authority sites. They have a good number of visitors that can be somehow relevant to your business.

Getting a backlink on Harvard or Stanford University can be a great achievement. But you have to figure out how you can register there, get them publish your content and share it. The only trick for this is to create content of the highest quality with something informative and relevant to government and education sites.

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