What Are Some Reliable White Hat SEO Techniques For Building Links?

January 25, 2019

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Here we are going to list best White Hat SEO techniques for link building that can be helpful for anyone.

What is White Hat SEO?

Before we get to the techniques for link building, we should understand what White Hat SEO is? Using the Google approved rules and laws for site optimization and improving its ranking in the search engine is called White Hat SEO. We used the world “Google approved” and it makes a deep sense. There are a number of other strategies used by SEO experts that Google has not approved.

The reason is that Google keeps updating its rules and policies for SEO. The standard methods yield slow results but they are effective for building brands and running a successful website. But some people believe in quick results in order to beat their competitors. For this, they use illegal and unethical practices that Google doesn’t recommend. This situation forces other people to follow their footsteps.

White Hat SEO is all about the legal practices and staying within the limits to optimize sites, increase organic traffic and improve the site ranking. For SEO, link building is very much important. Today, here we will talk about some effective and practical link building techniques used in White Hat SEO.

What is Link Building?

Link building is the strategy used by bloggers as well as SEO experts to improve the site ranking, domain authority and get more organic traffic. For this, they publish their content on relevant but high authority sites and get backlinks in return.

The backlinks are a sort of confidence votes. The more backlinks a site gets, the faster and better it will rank. For getting backlinks, several techniques are used that we are going to list below in the section. It should be remembered, the practice used in White Hat SEO are safe, legal and bring the best results for any website.White Hat SEO Techniques for Building Backlinks Links - Frelancers HUB

White Hat SEO Techniques for Building Links

Following is the list of White Hat SEO techniques for link building.

1. Guest Blogging

This is the best and most important method for getting backlinks. Guest blogging refers to creating high quality content and publishing it on other relevant sites. The website managers outreach other sites with high authority and quality traffic for sharing content. When they agree to share your content, you have to submit the guest posts and in return you will be given an inbound link backlink to your site.

This is totally a free method but takes some time. It is really effective and plays an important role in optimizing the site and improving its ranking. Apart from better site ranking, you will also get referral traffic from the relevant platforms. This quality traffic makes a huge impact and increases sales of the business.

2. Blog Writing

Every site has a dedicated section where regular content is shared. This content is for the visitors and customers of the site. Anyone can keep the users active and engage them in actions with blog posts. Experts believe the blogs should be updated regularly and 3-4 posts in a week is the best option.

Apart from referral traffic, every site needs regular visitors to keep working and generate revenues. So if you will stop updating the blogs, there will be no visitors and traffic at all. This will also affect the site ranking. Within a blog, you can hyperlink other blogs and sections of your site to increase the number of pages per session and user stay on the site.

3. Press Release

A press release or PR is written when some important information is to be shared. For example, when a brand introduces new products or services or discounts or promotions, it creates a PR to spread the word. This is an effective way to get backlinks.

If you have a famous brand or business name in the market, people will share the press release and that creates backlink to your site. With a single PR, you can get hundreds of backlinks as well as thousands of social shares. Writing a PR is tricky and somehow technical but this can boost your traffic instantly.

4. Broken Link Building

In order to understand broken link building, I am going to put an example here. Suppose, you have shared a guest blog or post on your own site and linked other pages of your site to that post. Due to some reasons, the linked page has been deleted, removed or is not available to the users. This will be termed as the broken link.

Finding all such links is tough but not impossible. Neil Patel increased his traffic by 140% within ten days just by fixing broken links. You can use online tools, websites and apps that allow you to spot all such links that can be fixed. Once, you find all such links, replace them with new links to your site or pages. This will provide a huge traffic.

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5. The Skyscraper Technique

This is somehow a new technique but very effective when it comes to link building. In this technique, you have to follow and run after the trend. It was developed and promulgated by Brian Dean and has now become a popular White Hat SEO practice for link building.

The science behind this trick is that you have to find out the trending topics, stories, videos or content ideas. You will create the similar content, but make sure it should not be copied. With the similar but differently worded post or content, you will start getting organic traffic. This can be shared on social sites too for more traffic. It can also offer you quality backlinks from relevant sites.

6. Quality Research

When it comes to SEO, content is everything in all ways. Without quality and researched content, you can never make an impact. Most of the people grew from zero to top just because they know the art of writing unique and creative content. You can create research-based work, studies, surveys and reports.

When you will have research studies, they will be shared. But the topics matter the most. You have to fill the content gap left by the competitors. Like, you can create videos or infographics based on your own research. When they will be shared, you will get thousands of social shares, traffic as well as backlinks from credible sources and websites.

7. Affiliation Links

Affiliation links are different from affiliate marketing. In this method, you connect with your friends and colleagues and exchange backlinks. For example, you have a website on gadgets and accessories and your friend has a tech news site. They can backlink your pages as well as the site in their posts and vice versa. This is effective to increase backlinks and promote your websites.

This is the simplest and cheapest way to get backlinks. But make sure the sites have high domain authority and quality traffic. If the site you have been linked has low traffic, you cannot expect better results. This is like getting backlinks from a site with millions of visitors and a site with less than a hundred visitors in a month.

8. Directories

This is a very common technique used by most of the SEOs and link builders. You will see many sites with directors, lists, pages of businesses, sites, companies, professionals, and other people. These directors are really good for building links. You can add your business and sites there too with backlinks.

The search engine crawlers also consider the directories for ranking a site and improving its authority. There are over 200 factors Google considers while it ranks a site. You have to maximize all these factors in order to be on the safe side.

9. Visual Content

We have so far seen that content is involved everywhere when it comes to White Hat SEO. This is because content determines where your site will rank and when it will be ranked on top. You have to try everything and new ideas. Many business sites also create visual contents. This includes videos, slide shares, infographics, image-based content and the like.

You are doing this for the readers and customers. But this becomes more effective. It reaches other potential customers and audience that might be interested in your business. So you are indirectly linking with the potential audience and people relevant to your business. You will get backlinks as well as social shares for visual content.

10. Content Gap

There is always a content gap in every sector and business. Anyone filling this content gap wins the match and manages to stay on top. Research based work, studies, interviews as well as detailed and comprehensive tutorials are best considered for filling the content gap.

All you need is to figure out what areas have not been touched and covered by your competitors. Find out all such topics and work on them. Conduct interviews with business tycoons, public figures, make reports, conduct research studies and share this content.

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