Strategizing Email Marketing in 2023: 6 Trends To Follow

October 12, 2022

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6 trends will surface in 2023 that will change the email marketing game.

There we said it. 

Experts predict that we, as digital marketers, will get to see 6 upcoming trends in email marketing. Now, we can’t tell whether these forthcoming trends will prove helpful or not, but we can take a glance at these trends.

6 Email Marketing Strategy Trends You Should Know in 2023

Email interactivity will be the next big thing

Email interactivity is one of the top email trends that will make headlines in 2023. If you want users to interact with your emails and take prompt action, you need to make them engaging. Here’s where interactivity comes into play. 

You can integrate sliders, games, carousels, and videos to make your email content more interactive and engaging. That way, you will stand out from your competition more and most likely get increasing attention from your target audience.

Storytelling matters 

Customers crave a little back story from the brands. Because that way, they will know if a brand deserves their attention and trust or not. So, you must be prepared to tell your story in a very unique and interesting way. 

Now, what will distinguish you from your competitors is how good your storytelling is. This will be important in the upcoming year, so you must develop new approaches to telling your story.

  • You can share your side of the story, how you personally feel about your brand and what you are doing for the brand’s betterment.
  • You can ask your users to share their thoughts about how you could improve your brand.
  • You can share behind the scene pictures or videos, editorial shoots, news, quotes, etc.
  • Don’t forget to throw some freebies here and there; customers love them.

The goal is to make your newsletter feel more personal rather than just a bunch of boring formal-ish emails. By incorporating personalization, you will be surprised how easily you can build relationships with your subscriber and increase engagement. This will, in turn, encourage them to become your loyal customer.

Clicks and click-through rate will be the highlight

Marketers have witnessed many privacy-related changes past year regarding email marketing. We are expected to adapt to these latest changes, and data focus will be a much bigger focus in the upcoming year. 

For example, Apple recently released new privacy settings that prevented marketers from tracking Apple’s users. These are some changes made by apple to prevent users from getting tracked:

  • The timing of users opening their emails
  • The location of the users opening their emails
  • The devices used to open the emails
  • The activity on the devices when opening the emails

These changes have resulted in a decline in open rates in email marketing. Therefore, clicks and click-through rates will have a more vantage point from now on. So, now creating engaging content with effective CTAs will be the topmost priority.

AI-centric email marketing for a better output

Our earlier post discussed how AI influences the digital marketing industry. AI will continue to build a strong presence in marketing and will continue to help marketers, as well as business owners, make better decisions. So, AI will be an essential component of email marketing in 2023.

With the help of AI, you can analyze data points and retrieve insights to plan a better marketing strategy and execute it. The data collected by marketers is subjected to privacy updates, so AI can help them understand the data with a fresh perspective. 

Essentially, AI can help you know what your customers want from your company. Based on the data, you will be able to create customized email campaigns that work wonders.

Personalized emails will be the key to attracting more audience

We don’t usually acknowledge this, but the personalization of emails matters. According to recent studies, personalization can significantly improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns. 

Personalized emails will be the key to attracting more audience

Specifically, personalizing the subject line of your emails can increase open rates by 26%, and personalized content can increase the average clickthrough rate by 14%. In addition, personalization can lead to an increase of 10% in terms of conversions.

In short, personalized messages catch your audience’s attention and intrigue them to open the emails you send. What you can do is, use their names when addressing the emails to them and/or share content tailored to their interest. This will raise your likeability in your target audience’s eyes.

Emails curated for mobiles will be bringing in new leads

Most people open and read emails on their phones these days. So, one of the biggest highlights of 2023 is to ensure the mobile usability of emails is top-notch. That means you must provide your emails with a completely responsive layout to be mobile-optimized. 

The reduced space in mobile phones means audiences will only want to read short, to-the-point messages, so don’t fill your emails with information that serves no purpose. Too long an email and you will lose your readers, so be mindful of what you put in your email.

How To Plan Email Marketing Strategy (4 Tips To Do It)

Email marketing can be an effective way to connect with customers and promote your business. Here are four tips that may help you plan your email marketing strategy for 2023:

1. Know Your Audience

Before planning email marketing campaigns, it is crucial to understand who the recipients are. This information can help tailor content, design emails, and develop engagement strategies.

2. Think Outside the Email Box

Email marketing can be used for more than just sending newsletters or promotional emails. You can also use it to drive traffic to your website or social media profiles, build customer relationships, and create brand advocates.

3. Keep Things Brief and Concise

Email subscribers are busy people who want concise information delivered in a timely manner. Keep emails between one and three paragraphs, and use visual elements, like graphs or images, to help readers understand your message.

4. Test and Measure Your Results

Don’t hesitate to test different marketing strategies and measure their effect on your business. This will help you fine-tune your email marketing strategy for maximum impact.

Using The 5 T’s of Email Marketing

If you want to create a successful email marketing campaign and are unsure, here are the tried and tested 5 T’s of email marketing that will help you achieve a positive result.


If you want to be successful with email marketing, you need to teach yourself the basics. Start by reading articles and tutorials on the subject. Then, experiment with different strategies to see which works best for you and your company. Don’t be afraid to change things from time to time to see what works best. You also need to teach your audience the value of your products/services and what they will get when subscribing to you.


Your email recipients should be your target market. You should think about who you want to reach, what interests them, and what you can offer that is of interest. Once you have determined your target audience, you must devise a plan to reach them.


One of the best ways to keep your recipients interested is to send occasional “teasers” that hint at what’s coming next. This way, they don’t have to wait long to find out what’s on the agenda.


Don’t be afraid to test different email marketing strategies before you go all-in. For example, trying out different templates, subject lines, and images can be helpful. You can also vary your communications frequency to see what works best for your audience.


Keep track of your results with monthly or weekly reports showing how many subscribers you’ve gained, how much revenue your campaigns have generated, and what kinds of email recipients are most responsive to your marketing efforts.


When starting your email marketing campaign, keep these 6 trends in mind. Following these 6 trends in 2023 will help you create a lasting impression on your target audience, increasing the click-through rate even more.

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