Something Suspicious is Going On With Google Ads Account Managers (Scam Alert!)

December 16, 2022

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If you are a Google Ads account manager, beware of scammers attempting to take advantage of your position. Recently, we have seen a rise in people claiming to be from Google, requesting access to accounts or funds. 

What Is Actually Going On?

There is no known reason why scammers would target Google Ads account managers specifically. However, many people unfamiliar with online security may be more likely to fall for scams if they believe they are dealing with a company they trust. 

What Is The Suspicious Activity Involving Google Ads Account Managers?

Recently, Google Ad Account Manager has been under scrutiny due to suspicious activity. 

Reports suggest that these Account Managers are taking advantage of their access to advertisers’ accounts, manipulating the system to generate higher profits for themselves. 

Google is taking steps to investigate and address this issue, with a focus on safeguarding advertiser accounts and ensuring that all activity is conducted in an ethical manner.

Why Are Scammers Targeting Google Ads Manager?

There is no known reason why scammers would target Google Ads Account Managers specifically. 

However, many people who are unfamiliar with online security may be more likely to fall for scams if they believe that they are dealing with a company that they trust. 

If you have any questions about something suspicious that you have seen or received in relation to your Google Ads account, please do not hesitate to reach out.

How Do I Protect Myself From This Scam?

To safeguard yourself against fraud, it is essential to adhere to a few prudent guidelines. Nevertheless, following these recommendations will undoubtedly serve as an effective preventative measure.

Be Cautious

Be on the lookout for requests from unexpected sources requesting access to your Google Ads account or assets. Ensure that the person making inquiries has been properly identified before providing any information or resources.

Verify Identity

If you do decide to provide information or resources to someone you have met in person, be sure to verify their identity. This may involve contacting Google or a trusted third-party verification service to confirm the legitimacy of the person.

Educate Yourself

For those unfamiliar with the nuances of online security, it is essential to educate oneself. This entails learning about common cons and how to avoid them, thus ensuring that your account remains secure from potential harm.

Report Suspicious Behavior

If you have any suspicions about suspicious behavior in relation to your Google Ads account, please do not hesitate to reach out. We will work with the appropriate authorities to investigate and take the necessary steps to protect your account.

Be Vigilant

Finally, remember to be vigilant about your online security. This includes being aware of potential scams and taking the appropriate precautions to protect yourself. 

Stay Informed

Stay on top of the most current information and alerts about online security so that you can be vigilant against potential harm. 

By staying informed, you’ll remain protected from attacks like phishing scams and other devious schemes. By following these simple tips, you can safeguard yourself from being scammed.

Why Does Google Ads Account Get Suspended For Suspicious Payment?

Suspicious activity on your account: If we notice any indications of fraudulent or questionable payment behavior, we may restrict how much money can be spent from the account and temporarily halt provisioning. 

In cases where one or more debts remain unpaid, access to such accounts may be temporarily limited.

What Transpires If You Happen To Click On A Scam Inadvertently?

Sending a malicious link or opening an attachment in one of these messages can lead to a malware infection on your device. 

These insidious activities occur without the user being aware and remain undetected – which is especially troubling given the prevalence of such scams today!

What Is Google Ads Authorized Representative? 

Google ads authorized representative is a person or company you have authorized to manage your Google Ads account. 

This could be your employer, a partner agency, or another business associate you trust. 

Why Would You Need It?

For businesses that want to advertise on Google, having an authorized representative is an essential step in the process. This representative acts as an intermediary between the business and Google, ensuring that all communications and processes are conducted in accordance with Google’s policies and procedures.

This helps to ensure that businesses remain compliant with Google’s regulations while still being able to benefit from the platform’s advertising capabilities. 

An authorized representative can also provide valuable advice and assistance in setting up campaigns and managing budgets effectively.

Why Should You Choose Google Ads Representative?

Gaining access to all of Google’s range of products and services via certified representatives is an excellent way to optimize your business’ use of Google Ads. These professionals possess extensive knowledge and experience in providing guidance on how best to leverage these tools for success.

To Manage & Budget Google Ads Campaigns Effectively

To Manage & Budget Google Ads Campaigns Effectively - Freelancers Hub

Using an Authorized Representative to manage and budget Google Ads campaigns is an effective way to ensure that your campaigns are running optimally within your desired budget. 

An Authorized Representative will have the knowledge and expertise required to optimize your campaigns, helping to maximize the return on your investment. 

They can also help you to effectively plan your campaigns and ensure that you are targeting the right audiences with the right messages. 

To Be Fully In Tune With Google’s Policies & Regulations

This program has been designed to ensure that all communication with Google is done in accordance with their policies. It allows those who are registered with Google as authorized representatives to communicate directly with the company and have access to the necessary resources and materials. 

This program will help to streamline communication between Google and its customers while also ensuring that all policies are respected and followed.

To Have Someone Who Can Help Troubleshoot Any Issues Regarding With The Campaigns

Having an authorized representative from Google Ads can be a great asset if you’re looking to troubleshoot any issues you may have with your campaigns. 

An authorized representative will be able to provide solutions and assist you in getting the most out of your campaigns. They also provide advice and guidance on how to optimize your campaigns for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. 

To Prevent Scams From Occurring

If you are not using an authorized representative, then you are at risk of falling victim to scams. Scams occur when someone sends you a message or attachment that is designed to infect your device with malware. 

These messages generally try to deceive the user into believing that they are receiving something valuable or important. Unfortunately, these messages can be incredibly persuasive and often need to be protected. 

To Be Up To Date With Changes To Google’s Policies

Assigning authority to an authorized representative is of utmost importance; it is critical that you remain cognizant of any alterations in Google’s policies. 

Representatives should make sure all campaigns and procedures are conducted with complete legitimacy; if modifications happen, then the first location for guidance should be found here regarding how to comply.


As you may have noticed, there has been some suspicious activity going on with Google Ads account managers. Be sure to be careful when using your account, and contact Google if you experience any problems. If you have faced the same issue, report it to the Google representative without delay.

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