6 Content Marketing Solutions For Social Media Advertising

September 24, 2020

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The internet is filled content, and getting people to notice yours is very hard, especially now that changes to organic algorithms in social media sites and google it has become even more challenging. 

Competitive organic commercial searches have become harder to rank, and paid search CPCs are high in all markets. The organic scene in social media is pretty much dead now. 

Half of all content posted in social media gets zero shares, while only 0.1% of the posts get shared more than a thousand times. Along with that, Facebook has made it harder for people to discover content for mutuals. Plus, internet marketing conversion rates are less than 1%, so it is a bit harder. 

So how does social media content marketing work? Well, that’s what we are going to talk about here. According to Freelancer’s Hub marketing experts, let’s check out the content marketing solutions for social media advertising

You Should Know The Simple Content Marketing Steps Doesn’t Work

Now, often you will go to social media service providers, and they will say that content marketing on social media is a three-step process, and that’s not the case at all. The three significant steps they will tell you about are:

  • Creating the content.
  • Sharing it all on your social channels.
  • And the final step is that people see your content and buy your stuff.

It never happens this way. The customer journey is a complex process and never a straight line. It cannot be explained in such simplistic terms, and if you believe it, you are mistaken. 

So how do you acquire more leads and sales? Well, social media ads can help you there. Social media advertising is a fantastic tool that can help your business grow if done right. 

The benefits of social media advertising are that it’s a highly scalable content promotion tool, and it doesn’t require a massive ad budget. 

So what is a better approach to content marketing in social media? Well, there is a simple track you can follow. Here is what you can do for your content marketing efforts:

  • Creation: Create content and share them on your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ETC. 
  • Amp Up: Find out your top content on social channels start promoting them.
  • Tag ‘Em: You need to build your remarketing team, so whenever you have a site visitor, tag them with cookies. 
  • Filter Your Audience: You should create audience segments through behavioral, demographic filters.
  • Remarketing Should Be A Priority: Make sure you start remarketing to your audience with display ads, social ads, and Remarketing Lists for Search Ads and promote your offers.
  • Conversion: Work on converting your leads and making sales through remarketing efforts.
  • Keep On Repeating: The process is simple as washing your hair. Rinse, lather, and repeat. Just follow the above list, and you will see results.

So that’s your process, but here are some of our battle-tested content marketing tips to make sure your social media posts catch many eyeballs. So let’s check out how you can create a traffic explosion on your social channels. 

Focus On Your Quality Scores

If you have ever worked with PPC for social media or AdWords, you have some idea quality scores. If you don’t, then it’s a metric Google usually uses to rate your keywords and PPC ads’ quality and relevance. It influences your cost-per-click, so make sure you check it properly. 

One thing of note is that Facebook calls its metric “Relevancy Score,” and Twitter calls their’s “Quality Adjusted Bid.” Regardless of the platform and whatever its name is, you cannot ignore the importance of it. 

When you see a high-quality score on your ads, it will mean that there will be a higher impression rate and a likelihood of it being shared. Focusing on your post engagement rates on social media networks will most definitely get your quality score up. 

When the quality score is high, it will mean people will engage with it more, meaning you will get higher performance at a lower rate. That’s because the cost to engagement ratio will become lower, helping you manage your social media ads budget better. 

One way to get the engagement rates up is by simply promoting the content performed in the top 1-3 percentile and ignoring the other ones at the bottom. Now there’s a simple way to find out which posts will work best. So let’s check it out:

  • First, you need to post all of your content on Twitter organically. 
  • After that, check Twitter analytics to find out which posts are gathering traction on Twitter.
  • Take your best stuff and organically post them to LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Find out which of those posts are getting the highest engagement.
  • Now those posts are your unicorns. Promote those content on Facebook and Twitter.

Remember, if you want native advertising to succeed on social media, you have to be very picky. 

Always make sure to cast a wide net when working on your social media ads, and you will see an increase in your engagement rates. 

Work With Targeted Audience

Listen you engaging with all your audience is not a good idea. It will be a lazy option, and you will end up wasting most of your social media marketing budget. 

Targeted Audience - Freelancers Hub

Your audience isn’t a homogenous blob. Each has different incomes, interests, values, and preferences. This means that you look for specific audiences when creating a demographic—each social media ad campaign, whether a B2C or a B2B social media ad campaign, requires legwork. 

Find the right demographic for each content. So if you are working for a small business that deals in stoves, you want homemakers who love to cook, see and engage with your content. 

When you cater to a very specific demographic, you will see an uptake in engagement and conversion from your content marketing efforts on your social channels. 

Paid Ads Generate Free Traffic

When you conduct a tweet engagement campaign, then by all seriousness, you are just wasting a good chunk of your ad budget. Even though this is the most popular ad campaigns, but it is also the one that will eat most of your ads budget. 

Imagine paying for views on your profile, or if someone expands your image, or expands your tweet from the tweet stream, or clicks on a hashtag. 

That’s exactly what an engagement campaign on Twitter will do for you. Instead, what we suggest is you go for a Twitter followers campaign. That way, you will only be paying for the essential engagements and nothing else. 

When you run a followers campaign with your unique high-performance content, you will see an uptake in engagement. You will be paying only when you get a follower. 

If you use the unicorn content you have lined up; then you are just lining your socials for lots of impressions, retweets, replies, mentions, likes, and visits to your website. 

These sorts of content marketing campaigns on social media will create user engagements like website visits, app installs, followers, leads, or actual video views all for zero dollars. So why not run social media advertising campaigns like that?

Work On Your High-Performance Videos

Did you know you can get thousands of views for only a fraction of the cost? Well, that’s what you can do if you craft a content marketing campaign on your social channels with the high-performance videos you pick out from your social content. 

Remember, people remember you more when they watch videos. So what makes them buy from you? Well, here are some tips for you to work on social video ad campaigns:

  • Find out which videos have been performing the best on platforms like YouTube, your website, and other platforms.
  • Optimize your videos to ensure that people can understand the message without sound. Remember, most videos on social media platforms are watched without sound.
  • Do not make it too big and make it simple so that people can easily understand the purpose. Try to keep the videos within one and a half minutes. 
  • Make sure you work on creating custom demographics that will be attracted to your video.

You should also make sure you do video campaigns because when you run a video campaign, you see it will automatically increase your quality score by at least two points. 

Work On Other Social Networks

Remember to focus and run campaigns on Medium, Hacker News, Reddit, Digg, LinkedIn, Pulse call, Pinterest, and other social sites. These sites have many users with high engagement rates. 

What this means is that you can run social media ad campaigns that will send the right sort of traffic to your business. Now we support you if you want to post new content, but a better strategy is to repurpose your old content. 

New traffic coming in will get the chance to see, engage with, and consume your old content. Running ad campaigns on your social channels will act as a catalyst to garner hundreds, thousands, and even millions of views on your content. 

Do you know the best part? When you have an ad generating many buzzes, you may be opening up to content syndication opportunities. If your content is perfect, major publications like New York Observer and Time Magazine might be privy to syndication opportunities. 

That would take your business to the next level. So make sure you work on your PPC social ad campaigns. If you promote your content on these sites, you will be paying less money than your big social platforms. So you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to bring in some accessible business. 

Be Smart With Your Social Ad Campaigns

So there you go, that’s our list of 6 content marketing solutions for social media advertising. Now, there are other solutions you can find for your company, and we will get to those eventually. However, if you are starting, then these solutions will work wonders for your business. 

If you are working with a digital content marketing agency, discuss the solutions we talked about here. Ask about what you can expect from their social media services. Find out why they say you need social media advertising solutions. Check out the content marketing ideas their creative team whips up for your business. 

Now, that’s what we have to say on the matter for now. If anything new comes to mind, we will let you know as soon as possible. 

Now you may be wondering about the effects of social media on advertising on your business or any other questions, then feel free to contact our social media experts. We will be more than happy to talk to you regarding your social ads problems. So that’s it for now, until next time, see ya!

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