Simple Guide To Using Social Media To Grow Your Dropshipping Operation

March 10, 2021

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The effects of social media on advertising are vast, and it’s even more pronounced in e-commerce businesses like a dropshipping operation. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or all of them combined, there is no denying the fact that social media is vital for growing a dropshipping business.

You can’t simply take it lightly and post content without a solid strategy and think you will start gathering followers. While the social media landscape may seem like a mad place for businesses. There is a method to the madness that you can utilize to ensure your dropshipping business generates continuous growth. 

We here at Freelancers Hub specialize in providing dropshipping companies with top-tier digital solutions that ensure steady growth opportunities. One of the things we do offer is social media growth and management for dropshippers. Now, being a well-wisher of the dropship nation, we know all there is to know about creating a successful social media strategy catered towards a dropshipping brand. 

So how do you find success on social media? Well, check out the following guide where we explain it all. From what you are missing, to what you are doing wrong, to how you can optimize your approach, you will get all you need to know to start generating traffic from your social media channel. So without further ado, let’s begin!

Early Research & Identifying Your Niche Helps 

There are plenty of social media tools out there that you can use to generate some traffic, but nothing is better than the ones that are the most overlooked, trending topics and search features. These tools start helping you flesh out your business long before you even start a dropshipping business. Things like discovering your niche, understanding who your key customers are, and knowing how you can serve them are vital information you need to have. No place is more likely to help you out on this than the birthplace of Twitter trending topics. 

Twitter is the perfect place to see what everyone’s talking about and find out what people say about the niche you are interested in. Check out the trending topics, moments, and search features to find out what’s dominating the social media platform. Find the topics that are in line with your niche and then ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do the customers like about online shops they use?
  • How can I emulate those likable factors in my own business to help grow my dropshipping operation?
  • What do people hate, and what do I need to avoid?

When you know what people like and what they don’t, you will be able to create a product or service that will generate interest and sales even in a highly saturated niche. You will be able to create a marketable identity within social media and start generating some followers. 

Remember, you are not just limited to Twitter. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube. There are scores of other social media marketing and social media marketing tools that can help you carve out your niche and unique selling point.

Why Use Social Media Marketing In Dropshipping?

There are plenty of reasons why you should be using social media marketing for your dropshipping operation. The effects of social media on drop shipping are huge, and it is a vital part of growth and success. 

Remember that your customers usually spend most of their time on some sort of social media outlet, so if you can market your products there, you will be able to capture their interest. If you are still not convinced, then check out the following reasons:

Need a Comprehensive Social
Media Growth Strategy?

A Wide User Base

Social media one of the most active online platforms, with it receiving billions of active users, millions of daily active users, and millions of images and videos being shared daily. So there is no question that if you want your drop shipping operation to grow, you need a comprehensive social media marketing strategy. 

Better Organic Growth Resulting In Less Investment

While the entire online world is based on recent relevancy, and it even more true for social media platforms where trends can die in a matter of hours. However, if you stay relevant, you will see plenty of organic growth without investing a single penny. So how does one do that? Well, suppose you chose the right niche, post quality content regularly, and answer queries on social media every day. In that case, the odds are you are looking at the beginning of something successful. 

Visual Content Is More Impactful

We love pictures. They really do say a thousand words, which is one reason people use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Using images, you can tell your brand’s story and get people acquainted with your products. 

Utilizing the right hashtags on photos will help you reach a wider audience and help people locate your products when they need them. Posting images and videos of your products and employees will help you connect with audiences, generate interest, and foster trust in your dropshipping brand.

Operating With Minimal Ads Budget

Paid advertising is a fantastic tool if you want to generate high sales volume and engagement numbers. However, if you are just starting your dropshipping business and have a minimal ad budget, then social media can be the perfect place to grow your brand. 

With the right social media marketing strategy, you will be able to drive sales and traffic to your e-commerce website even without any ad budget. Quality prevails in social media, and if you utilize the free methods with a comprehensive social media dropshipping strategy, you will be able to generate plenty of traffic.

It’s Simple To Grow

Setting up social media dropshipping accounts is very easy. You can open accounts on prominent social media platforms, add your product images and start generating interest in no time. The benefits of social media marketing for dropshipping businesses are vast, and it is the perfect place from which you can get substantial traffic and sales numbers to help grow your operation without having to spend a lot on paid advertising.  

The Don’ts Of Dropshipping Social Media Marketing Strategy

Suppose you are already on social media and have accounts set up for your dropshipping operation but still not seeing the results you want. Then the odds are you are doing something wrong. Here are the don’ts of dropshipping social media marketing strategy to help understand what you are doing wrong.

Don’t Copy, Be Unique

One of the major “no-no” in social media marketing is being boring and offering nothing unique. Remember that your customers are continuously bombarded with content on social media, so if you don’t provide something worth their while, they will not give a second thought. 

Besides, you and your competitors are selling the same products, so capturing customers’ interest usually depends on your brand’s uniqueness. Whenever you are posting something or promoting your product, make sure you do it uniquely, and it should help you generate a lot of new interest from your target audience.

Don’t Be Irregular On Social Media

We’ve come across plenty of dropshipping entrepreneurs who think that just because they have a website and works on search engine optimization, they can post irregularly on social media. However, that’s detrimental to your dropshipping operation. A consistent posting schedule goes a long way in ensuring plenty of people checking your products out. If you post irregularly, your target audience won’t know that you’ve posted something good or worse, choose to ignore your posts; they think your brand isn’t trustworthy because of the irregularity. So make sure you aren’t irregular on social media!

Don’t Be Inaccessible To The Public

Your business is for the public, so if the public cannot access it, then there is no way you will be generating any interest or gaining any followers on social media. For your personal account, you are allowed to keep it private and use it however you want. But your business socials should always be accessible and diplomatic in their approach so that you don’t alienate your audience. 

Not Interacting Enough

Social media is all about interaction, and the more you interact on the platform, the better it will be for your dropshipping business. Ensure you constantly interact and communicate with customers and prospects to show them you care about their options and value their presence. Answer all the queries as soon as possible and have positive interactions to induce trust and build relationships. Remember that communicating and interacting with your customers’ count as serving them, so if you want to grow your dropshipping business on social media, then interact!

Not Utilizing Hashtags Correctly

Hashtags are a significant part of social media, and if your posts aren’t reaching a wider audience, then you are not maximizing the impact of social media hashtags. Using appropriate hashtags will not only help you maximize your social media reach, but you will be right there at the center of the discussion about the niche itself, and that will provide valuable insights. 

Integrating your branded hashtags alongside popular niche-specific hashtags will help you generate more engagement and increase your brand’s notoriety, and that will leave a significant impact on the future. As people will start associating your brand with the niche you are operating in.

How To Optimize Your Dropshipping Social Media Marketing Strategy?

So now that you know what not to do on social media for dropshipping, you should already understand the importance and effects of social media on dropshipping businesses. It should be a no-brainer that a dynamic social media strategy is vital if you want to grow your audience and expand your dropshipping operation sustainably. But how do you do that? Well, here are some key ways you can start to optimize your dropshipping social media strategy to ensure you begin generating engagements.

Using The Right Hashtags

A recent marketing study showed that posts with at least one hashtag would generate more likes and engagement than ones without a hashtag. We’ve already iterated the fact that hashtags are vital to developing user-engagement and broadening your reach, so make sure you integrate hashtags. Here are four things you should do on your social media posts:

  1. Use relevant content-specific hashtags.
  2. Find out hashtags your competitors are using.
  3. Use hashtags that fit your brand.
  4. Create your very own branded hashtag.

Make Things Visually Attractive

Remember, the more attractive something is on social media, the more attention you grab. So posting visually stunning images, videos and content should always be a priority. Here are some of the things you can do to make your dropshipping social media posts more attractive:

  1. Use filters to create gorgeous photos.
  2. Be consistent about the color and the style of the visuals.
  3. Quality always trumps quantity.
  4. Captions should be concise not to take focus away from the visuals.

Get Involved 

If you are active on social media, then people will know you. Getting involved and having a hands-on approach to social media is a fantastic way to grow your dropshipping business on social media. Try regular engagement with partners, bloggers and publishing networks to ensure people from different segments see you regularly and feel that you are relevant. If you see someone following your content, make sure you are following their content.

Your Brand Name Should Be Your Username

Your brand name is your brand’s identity on social media, so instead of naming it something fancy or witty, make sure that your social media handles are the same as your brand’s name. For example, we are Freelancers Hub, and our social media handle is @freelancershub, So make sure you get this one right. 

Take Advantage Of Time-Sensitive Opportunities

As a dropshipping operation, you need to find out time-sensitive opportunities to post and promote your social media content. There are peak hours of traffic, and it varies with the social media platform and niche accordingly. So before you start posting, please find out the peak hours and create a schedule around it. Remember, if you post during peak traffic hours, then you will generate several times the engagement than any other time of the day. 

Work With The Best Social Media Marketing Strategist For Dropshipping

So there you go, that’s our simple guide to using social media to grow your dropshipping operation. Following this will ensure you start generating a steady flow of traffic. However, if you want something more comprehensive, then please contact us. We at Freelancers Hub understand the effects of social media on dropshipping. 

That’s why we specialize in providing dynamic dropshipping social media marketing strategies to dropshipping hopefuls from around the world. And with that being said, that’s about all we have for you today. Let us know in the comments below what your dropshipping niche is and hit us up on our social to get a free social media marketing strategy consultation; We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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