5 SEO Concepts Your CIO And Technical Team Needs To Know

July 18, 2022

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The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is a crucial ally for SEO since they are the executive in charge of your company’s information and technology management, implementation, and supervision.

The CMO can significantly benefit from the support and understanding of the CIO during the decision-making and prioritization processes (chief marketing officer).

Indeed, this is not a relationship you want to be hostile. Instead, it should be mutually beneficial.

Fostering a solid partnership between marketing and technology at the CEO level is vital in producing the rich, tailored experiences today’s hyperconnected consumer wants.

5 SEO Concepts For Your CIO And Technical Team

According to analyst data, over 20 percent of the marketing budget is utilized for technology, and one-third of marketing firms currently have a dedicated technical staff.

How can you effectively educate your CIO and technical team on the benefits of SEO and develop closeness in this critical inter-departmental relationship?

Here are a few search concepts you’ll want your CIO and technical team to know.

CMS Error and Technical Aspect of the Site

Technical flaws in your code and CMS (content management system) can cause problems, from hampering crawling and blocking indexation to security issues, orphaned pages, and duplicate content.

Prioritizing SEO-related technical requests will be much easier for your CIO and their development team if you use this tool.

This issue might make it difficult for users to get on the site, but it could also make it vulnerable.

Don’t let that be buried in redirect requests.

Helping your CIO learn about the most prevalent forms of technical problems affecting rankings enables them to notice potential concerns in requests from other departments.

The use and application of AI is another crucial area where the CIO and SEO collaborate (artificial intelligence).

This is where a lot of CMS fails.

Intelligent content recommendations, SEO-friendly outputs, and automated rapid corrections for severe problems can all be aided by AI.

CRM Support for SEO analysis

Each and every CIO, as well as every SEO platform, should place a high value on their customers.

Managing your prospects and customer data in your CRM system is essential as SEO rises to the status of a boardroom agenda item.

SEO pros employ CRM to turn prospects into sales and boost their effectiveness across a business.

There are a variety of CRM systems available, and the CIO must help choose which one best serves the SEO and content teams’ needs.

With the rise of CDPs (customer data platforms), DAMs (Digital Asset Management), and DMPs (digital management platforms), the role of the CIO is crucial in:

Choosing the best SEO and marketing technology ecosystem partners and systems.

improving the user and consumer experience by integrating cutting-edge technology

Web Page Speed, on-page SEO, and UX

Web Page Speed, on-page SEO, and UX - technical SEO for team - FreelancersHub

Core Web Vitals and the more considerable Page Experience upgrade stressed the need for a quick, fluid browsing experience for searchers.

Largest contentful paint, first input delay, and cumulative layout shift are three CWV indicators that Google employs to understand better how users interact with your website.

If you meet the minimum limits for CWVs, you satisfy Google’s page speed requirements.

Your pages will not be punished for not excelling at the Core Web Vitals metrics.

The truth is, you may pass up on an opportunity to gain a leg up on the competition by not taking advantage of these overlooked opportunities.

This Advanced Technical SEO Core Web Vitals Guide should be available to your CIO so they may gain an understanding of how these requests on your support tickets transfer directly into increased visibility and site traffic..

Using a Material Delivery Network (CDN) can also help support your SEO page speed goals by providing content from geographically scattered servers closer to the searcher.

These servers save a copy of your page’s content in memory so that it may be served up more quickly and simply when needed.

When CIOs cooperate with SEO and content marketers, the business impacts can be noticeable.

According to a recent study (disclosure from my company BrightEdge), working together on Core Web Vitals can enhance performance by up to 58%.

Everything About Schema

It is not a ranking criterion, but structured data markup helps search engines better grasp the content of your page.

From there, it can assist in triggering lucrative Featured Snippets that provide your brand additional real estate and functionality in the SERPs (search engines results page) (search engines results page).

Schema is the sort of markup that search engines prefer, including Google, Bing, and Yandex.

Adding schema to your pages helps to offer the context that enables Google to match your page to a relevant query, making it a crucial piece of your SEO strategy.

Correctly implementing and testing schema becomes more challenging the more significant the site, making your CIO’s mastery of it critical at the enterprise level.

It’s worth revealing specifics of schema.org and pages like these where Google takes a deep dive into structure data.

Data Safety and SEO

The CIO is intimately aware of security and compliance issues – you don’t need to educate here.

What can help is showing your CIO that you are also cognizant of the security concerns and taking care to examine those risks before asking their staff.

The worst-case situation is an anti-SEO CIO who became that way after a serious breach or incident they attribute to an optimization demanded by SEO or marketing.

Display to your CIO that you understand the SEO spam strategies hackers use to inject code, set malicious redirects, and manipulate your site in any other way.

As we are facing an accelerating data growth revolution and Web 3.0, data compliance and user privacy become critical for the SEO, data scientist, and the CIO.

Share your risk assessment when you make a request that could raise the dev team’s eyebrows.

Be proactive and get ahead of those arguments against the optimization by demonstrating to the CIO that you care about security as much as they do.


As the relationship between CMOs and CIOs aligns, so does the link with SEO. Successful customer experience on the web involves speed and response.

As the most cost-effective and lasting marketing channel, the tectonic change and interest in technical SEO means that CIO has become a vital part of the SEO revenue equation.

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