The Secret Sauce For Creating High-Performance PPC Landing Pages

September 21, 2020

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Search engine marketing or social media marketing relies on PPC campaigns to enrich and enhance the results and maximize success.

 You can have a marketing portfolio with thousands of keywords with excellent click-through rates(CTR) and create perfect PPC campaigns. 

However, if you don’t have quality landing pages for the traffic, you are just wasting your ad budget. If you want to reach your full money-making potential and optimize your cost per action, you need to create some highly optimized PPC landing pages. 

Now, if you are working with a complete digital service company, then their PPC managers will tell you how important landing pages are. 

First impressions matter, and that’s why you have to make sure that the landing pages make the best impression. So what qualifies for a highly optimized PPC landing page? 

Well, that’s what we will talk about today. Here is Freelancer’s Hub‘s secret sauce to creating high-performance PPC landing pages. 

Establishing Clear Goals & Defining Your Targeted Audience

So the first thing to consider when creating a landing page is defining your PPC campaign goals. You need to know clearly define your goals. Decide whether you want your goal to be sales, form fills, mailing list registrations, sign-ups, ETC. 

Once you are done defining your goals and have set your campaigns and ad groups, you do some in-depth competitor research. Find out what your competitors’ landing pages look like and how they are performing. 

Also, look at some templates of high-performance PPC landing pages to find inspiration on how you should create yours.

Consequently, you should be able to define your target audience for your PPC landing page clearly. 

When creating your audience profiles, make sure you focus on the details. Note down as many vital metrics as you can. Metrics like demographics, location, interests, habits, past behaviors, ETC, will go a long way into creating the perfect profile. 

When you have a detailed audience profile, you will know whom you are targeting and create high-performance landing pages for your PPC campaign.

Find Out Where Your Audience Is Coming From

One of the biggest mistakes we see from PPC campaigns is that the campaign has one message for all approaches. Now that will make you look robotic, repetitive, and lazy. 

That is the last thing you want to do when running a PPC campaign. You should know whether your traffic is coming from social media or email nurturing campaigns or some other channel to your PPC campaign landing page. 

Audiences from different channels have different interests and should always be shown additional messages tailored to their online personas. What that will do is make sure your conversion rates shoot up. 

Separate Landing Pages For Each Ad Group

Hyper targeting your audience is the key to having a successful marketing campaign. Now, creating separate landing pages for each ad group is the perfect option to see maximum success. However, that is not a luxury all can afford. 

Now you may not be able to create a landing page for each group, but you can try your best to do whatever you can. What we suggest is that you take one PPC campaign at a time. 

With each campaign, start building targeted PPC landing pages that fit the ad groups. As time goes by and the number of campaigns you run increases, you will be able to amass all the landing pages targeted for each ad group. 

You need to put in much time building your PPC landing pages but ensure that you take great care to make them specifically to the ad groups’ requirements.

Do Not Direct Traffic To Your Home Page

The attention span of an online buyer is concise. If they have to jump through many hoops to get to something, they will usually abandon the process. 

Now what that means for your business is fewer leads, fewer sign-ups, fewer sales, and less money. So when running a PPC campaign, do not direct your traffic to a targeted, conversion-optimized landing page instead of your home page. 

Best Practices For Optimized Landing Pages

You might be thinking about optimizing your landing pages for the PPC campaigns. Now here are some of the best practices for landing page optimization. So let’s see what they are:

  • Keep your landing page clean and clutter-free. As we said before, holding the audience’s attention is hard. Be sweet and short and only provide pertinent information. 
  • Make the journey simple and provide multiple conversion outlets. Your goal is for the traffic to trust you and have them convert. Allow them the opportunity to do both.
  • Make the lead capture forms simple. You do not need the entire biography of your lead. As time and again, we’ve been saying simple make impressions. Ask for only the information you need. The less information you ask for, the more trusting you will be. Mind you; people are very wary about information leak, so make sure you don’t seem sketchy.
  • You need to have a clear call to action (CTA) and use directional pointers and arrows to nudge your traffic into converting. Don’t be evident in your attempt to convert. Use clear CTAs in tandem with subtle arrows or suggestive images to make your traffic focus on conversion. 
  • Convincing copies with high value “power words.” Utilize your creative team to create inspiring words to encourage your landing page visitors to take action.
  • Convincing copies with high value “power words.” Utilize your creative team to create inspiring words to encourage your landing page visitors to take action.

Never Stop Testing

Your business doesn’t have a salesman to woo your customers. The highly optimized landing pages replace them. When finding the right solution for your landing pages, the best option is to test. A/B testing will go a long way into determining what will convert your traffic into sales or leads and what won’t.

Never Stop Testing - Freelancers Hub

You can do it using Google Experiments. Find out which provides the best results and then integrate that optimized landing page into your PPC campaign. 

With constant testing, you will perfect your conversion methods and create campaigns that will envy your competitors. 

Due Diligence Is Of The Utmost Importance

Complete your due diligence before letting it loose in the world. Let your tests run for some time to find out any underlying problems with the landing pages. 

Remember that conducting thorough due diligence will help you focus more on strategy and avoid common mistakes that will hamper your PPC campaign. 

Get as much data as you can before making your decision on which one is the best. Analyze the data, and you will be able to ensure your PPC landing pages are highly optimized. 

Sharing Is Caring

Remember, people love talking about the good things they’ve done or are happy about. Your customers will be your biggest advocates if you make them happy. 

Make sure you allow your customers to share their experiences and talk about the things they bought from you. Allow them to share their experiences on social media

Encourage them if you can share them. Trust me, you will see many eager participants eager to talk about the fantastic service and product. 

The Secret Is Simplicity

There you go, these are the ingredients to our secret sauce to creating high-performance landing pages. Creating perfectly optimized landing pages will be challenging because the secret to making one is keeping things simple. We often tend to complicate things when we are trying to convince a customer. Don’t. 

Keep it simple and poignant, and you will see your conversions go up and ROI increased. And that concludes our recipe for a successful PPC landing page. We will come back with something new very soon. Until then, see ya!

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