How To Write Meta Titles For Your Business Website In 3 Ways

April 10, 2022

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If you are looking for better CTR and more traffic, a meta title can be the game-changer for your business website. Moreover, a well-structured meta description can also generate sales from your ecommerce site.

No matter if you are a veteran marketer or simply fathoming the depth of the industry, meta titles are the essential piece of text for your content.

FreelancersHub works with numerous business entities to develop their content and associated meta titles to make them stand alone in the competition. However, when you plan to generate meta for a big chunk of content, we recommend some different strategies.

Let us share the 3 methods that you can use to become a master in the meta tag for your business websites.

Basics of Writing An Effective Meta Title

It’s no rocket scene to write a perfect meta for your page or product. The SEOP professionals simply maintain the following trend while working on a meta tag.

Keep it Between 30 to 60 Characters

Meta titles longer than 60 characters will not appear correctly in the search results. On the contrary, anything less than 30 characters will not be detailed enough to inform search engines and visitors about the page’s content.

Be More Descriptive

What is the purpose of this page? It’s critical to be concise and truthful here. Your title should explain your page and include your main keyword to aid SEO.

Tell What is Your USP

Including USPs in your meta titles will surely help you get more clicks. Words like certified, best, or emergency services make an impact on visitors’ minds who are there on the internet for a particular reason.

For example, if you are looking for an electrician, you want someone who is the “best” or who provides emergency assistance. These are unique selling features that attract clicks, but they may also aid your SEO by including keywords and explaining the content of your page.

Include Trigger Words

Searchers might be persuaded to visit your website if you use the proper terms or phrases. These are words that elicit strong emotions or psychological reactions.

  • Exclusive.
  • Free.
  • Get.
  • Grow.
  • Guarantee.
  • Hurry.
  • Last chance.
  • Learn.
  • Limited time.
  • Secrets.
  • Special offer.
  • Try.
  • Urgent.

You can get more clicks if you utilize language that creates an emotional response.

Write Meta For Your Business Page in 3 Ways

Write Meta For Your Business Page in 3 Ways - new york seo - Freelancers HUB

Now it’s time for the three techniques that we have found effective and proven. FreelancersHub has helped numerous clients generate meta titles for websites and products using these tricks.

Make The Writing Automated

Automation has gone a long way, but Google just stated that AI-generated content violates their policies.

Is this going to incorporate meta titles? I’m not sure, but you don’t want AI to render hundreds of page titles unintelligible.

However, you can follow other processes to automate the meta title generation.

  • Use Javascript and Python to automate the generation process
  • Include synonyms for the words you are interested about
  • Look for similar titles that convey your message

Meta Data in Meta Title

When you are dealing with hundreds of meta titles at a time, it’s better to include some numbers like date, serial, or author data. You can add a category, writer’s name, and publishing date in the meta.

Because these are news and blog sites, no one will complain if this information appears at the end of the titles, preferably after a dash or pipe.

If you run an ecommerce business with third-party sellers, you may put the seller’s name at the end to make things more distinctive.

Unconventional Way To Include Information

One of the most challenging aspects of producing meta titles at scale is that you eventually run out of ideas. If your meta titles are too similar, look for specific information in unexpected places.

Furthermore, if you sell comparable items or variants of the same product, creating distinct meta titles may be difficult.

To avoid these issues, you can include

  • SKU number
  • Model number
  • Made
  • Size and dimensions

Main Issues With Meta Title When You Are in Business

Meta titles grow extremely complex while working on a business site and producing enormous volumes of material.

Your titles should be centered on keywords that do not compete with one another on different pages of your website.

To some extent, automation or complex algorithms can assist in making titles unique, verifying if the same title exists, and making tiny tweaks to make titles unique.

However, it is generally preferable to employ human input and technologies (such as backend scripts that check for the same or similar names) to guarantee that titles are unique and cannibalization does not occur.


Business meta tags are difficult to design, but you may generate distinctive titles that encourage clicks while avoiding cannibalization if you follow these guidelines.

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