How To Do Keyword Research With the Google Ads Keyword Forecast Tool

October 26, 2022

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Keywords keep the SEO going, so it’s no secret that good keywords are a vital source of ranking high in Google. You would want to invest your time and energy researching keywords and trends to stay ahead of the curve. And Google keyword forecast tool is the perfect way to get a headstart. 

Today, we will guide you on how to use the Google keyword forecast tool to boost your SEO and PPC efforts.

Why is Keyword Research Important?

Keyword research helps you understand the demand for individual keywords and how complex it would be to compete for search results. Understanding the competition will help you create your strategy and optimization efforts to rank better in the SERP engine.

You can create targeted content with properly targeted keyword research to drive massive traffic and conversions directly to your website. While many keyword research tools are available, Google ad keyword planner is one great tool.

Before we start, let’s first understand the concept of the tool. 

What is the Google Keyword Forecast Tool?

Google Ads forecasting tool is a tool every digital marketer needs to use these days. You can use it to predict future trends in terms of SEO and PPC. In addition, this tool is a fantastic option for those who want to find and narrow down the future potential for one or multiple keywords. 

The reason google is so accurate with its prediction is that it updates the forecast daily from up to 10 days past. The data obtained include detailed information on market changes that have happened within the past 10 days. Another smart this about the Google keyword tool is that it keeps seasonality in mind when doing the analysis. That way, marketers won’t get confused by natural market fluctuations.

How Accurate is the Google keyword Forecast Tool?

Google’s keyword forecast tool is valuable for any online marketer or website owner. The tool allows you to see how popular specific keywords are and how much traffic they are generating. However, it is essential to note that the tool is not 100% accurate. Google does not release all the data that goes into its keyword forecast tool, so there is always some uncertainty. However, the tool is still a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their website’s traffic.

How Google Keyword Forecast can Help You

The forecast tool will help you predict how your keywords will perform in optimal settings. For example, with the forecast tool, you can do these:

You can adjust your maximum CPC (Cost Per Click) or bidding strategy to fit your budget. 

See a chart of your estimated performance to get an idea of how your campaigns perform.

See predictions for individual keywords or grouped keywords to get an idea of how your site is performing.

These estimates can be adjusted based on your max CPC or bidding strategy. The date range for your forecast can be adjusted to see how different time frames may affect the predictions.

Benefits of using Google Keyword Forecast Tool

Benefits of using Google Keyword Forecast Tool - Freelancers Hub

1. Get detailed predictions on how your keywords will perform in the future- This will help optimize your campaigns and make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

2. See how different time frames may affect predictions – This can help you decide when to invest more in a campaign or change your bidding strategy.

3. Compare estimated performance for individual or grouped keywords- This can give you an idea of how well a site is doing and what areas need improvement.

4. Adjust predictions as needed – The date range for the forecast can be adjusted to see how changes in time might affect predictions.

5. Check predictions for keywords you’re interested in – This can help you see how well those keywords are performing and what changes might be necessary to improve their performance.

6. Get a detailed report of your predictions- This will show you which keywords are performing best, where you may need to focus your campaigns, and where you can save money.

7. Free trial available- If you’re not satisfied with the results of the forecast tool, you can always request a refund.

8. Fully optimized for Google AdWords – The forecast tool is fully optimized for Google AdWords campaigns, so it’s easy to get accurate predictions.

How to use the Keyword Forecast Tool

You can use the Google forecast tool in 2 ways on Google Ads. The steps are listed below:

Method #1

Step 1: 

When you go to the Google Ads keyword planner, you will find the section called ‘forecast.’ Once you click it, you can either enter one or more keywords using separate commas or line breaks. 

Step 2:

You can upload a spreadsheet file to transport the keywords as well. Once you enter the keywords, click ‘Get Started’ That will take you to a page with several tabs located at the left-hand side of the Google Ads panel.

Step 3:

From there, find these 3 tabs: Forecasts, Saved Keywords & Negative Keywords.

Since you need the forecast, click the first tab labeled ‘Forecasts.’ You’ll see a selection of forecast data appear based on the keywords you’ve entered.

Step 4:

Your forecast data will show something like this – 

  • Clicks if the keyword triggers your ad
  • Impressions
  • Cost or your average projected spend
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Average CPC or the average amount you may pay for an ad click
  • Conversions
  • Average cost per acquisition (CPA)

Note: Google Ads automatically will show monthly forecasts on default mode. If you want to, you can change the settings of the shorter or longer period based on your preferences. 

Step 5:

The result will be demonstrated via graphs and data charts to showcase the predictions for the keywords you’ve selected. This helps you determine the best plans for starting ad campaigns. The information provided by the tool can also let you know if your existing campaigns need to be adjusted based on consumer behavior. 

If you need to share the report, you can download it and then share it with your team.

Method #2

You can see the forecast in another way. Click ‘Discover new keywords’ instead of ‘Get search volume and forecasts.’ 

You can discover new ideas for keywords or edit a pre-existing list of keywords based on the data; that depends on you. With the ‘Discover new keywords’ tab, you can also see the performance of the keywords.

If you want to add the keywords from the ‘Discover new keywords’ to supervise the performance, here’s what you need to do 

  • Select the keywords you want to add by ticking the boxes. 
  • Click the dropdown option and select ‘Add to plan’
  • Choose either ‘Add to plan’ or ‘Add to existing campaign’
  • Click the dropdown option named ‘Adding to [name of ad group]’
  • Select the type of match using the dropdown option ‘Broad match’
  • Now, select ‘Add keywords’

And you’re done!


The Google Ads Keyword Planner Forecast tool isn’t just used for adding new keywords to the campaign. You can even use it to predict future trends for your existing campaigns, which is very useful if you are interested in generating the right leads for your business.

Forecasting trends not only helps generate leads but also helps in identifying competition and potential budgets. You can use tools like SEMrush, Google Trends, Google Benchmark Report, and Google Ad Automated Insights to create a robust marketing plan.

Therefore, we do suggest you use the tool to help you stay ahead of the competition.

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