The Aftermaths of Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant for Steady Business Promotion

November 16, 2019

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Where you spend most of your time in a day? It is not at home or in the office. It is in the online world. Thus, to get your complete attention, the digital world will be the best place. All expert marketers are shifting their approach and strategy towards the digital world. This global shift created a new professional group ‘Digital Marketing Consultant.’

Are you interested to know how they can affect your business? Allow me to introduce.

What is Digital Marketing?

In a nutshell, the definition is straightforward. It is the marketing strategy using digital platforms. Yes, it covers most of the concept of Digital Marketing. However, a pro-marketer will define it differently. It is the use of the different digital platform and associated tactics to communicate with online customers.

The platforms include the website, email marketing, digital advertising, online flyer, and many more. All of these are included under the umbrella of Digital Marketing.

A digital marketing campaign relies on a planned strategy using everything under the umbrella. The components are;

If you are not proof of this field, it will be a daunting task to choose between these approaches based on your brand. For example, a Social Media approach will use the social media platform to engage the community about your brand. On the contrary, a Content Marketing strategy will rely on blogs and articles where the brand related keywords will be syndicated.

How are you going to choose the appropriate one according to the demand of your business? A professional Digital Marketing Consultant will come to your help in this stage.

Who is a Digital Marketing Consultant?

A Digital Marketing Consultant fills the gap between the online world and business. Moreover, the consultant devices a strategy for a better sell of service and products as well as effective communication with the clients.

Creativity is the utmost outstanding quality of a Digital Marketing Adviser. The consultant figures out the innovative way of communication to attract new customers. Besides, he/she modify the business approach to keep the existing clients on the communication loop.

The marketing itself is an ever-evolving issue. If you cannot pace up with the trend, the market will be move beyond your reach. Digital Marketing Consultant improvises the aspects of online marketing like Email, Content, and Social Media marketing as well as SEO.

The consultant uses email, social media marketing, or native marketing campaigns to manage and improvise the Brand value. Besides, the content marketing consultant manages the company brand and enhances community engagement using those campaigns.

Coordinating the website landing pages and blogs are one of the essential things an online marketing consultant do. Besides, the online advertising consultant raises the search engine ranking by introducing new keywords syndicated into the website content. This keyword-based optimization places a specific company website on the high ranking that generates better sell.

What will a Digital Marketing Consultant do for your Business?

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Content Marketing Specialist

It is a marketing strategy by creating and promoting contents to increase the growth of traffic, generate brand awareness, and lead, as well as the customer. The material has different forms, such as Blog Post, Ebooks, and Whitepapers. They have various applications.

Blog Posts helps to exhibit experience in the industry and generates organic traffic inbound towards the web. On the other hand, Ebooks and Whitepapers are more prolonged and more informative than blogs. Both types play a vital role in lead generation.

A Content Marketing Specialist creates contents aligned with the business strategy of an organization. They ensure, coordinating with other departments, that the designed content supports the products and campaigns of the business organization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager

It is the process of promoting aka ‘rank’ the webpage higher in the search results. This top ranking ensures massive incoming organic traffic. The best channels that can be directly affected by SEO are blogs, infographics, and the website itself.

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SEO of a website is doable in at least three ways. ‘On-Site SEO’ works on the contents of the website. By reaching on high-ranked keywords, and associating those on the content will help to answer the client’s queries. ‘Off-Site SEO’ deals with everything that is not on the site. It includes ‘Backlinks.’

Networking with other blogs and creating guest content for other pages will provide inbound links or backlinks. All the technical aspects of a page are covered under ‘Technical SEO.’ The main target is to increase the loading speed of the page.

An SEO manager will ensure all the contents have the target seed keywords, long tail keywords, latent semantic indices (LSI), and unique structure to rank high in the search engines. Higher rankings mean more organic traffic.

Pay per Click (PPC) Marketer

PPC is one of the most popular marketing strategies now. It drives inbound traffic to a business website by paying the publisher each time someone clicks the ads. Google Ads provide an excellent opportunity for this marketing strategy. If the ads ranked top for specific keywords, the particular organization would only pay them.

Most of the time, online marketing consulting services formulate the ads campaign for PPC. However, it is not rocket science, and a startup marketing consultant can do it. The consultant needs to do extensive research on the target keywords.

The best places for PPC ads are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. A business organization pays Facebook to tailor an image, video, or slide show that will only appear on the page of appropriate audiences. Twitter usually post profile badges or series of post for target audiences to achieve particular goals. Furthermore, LinkedIn will send specific user-targeted messages directly to the inbox.

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Social Media Marketing Manager

The use of social media platforms for business is one of the most modern and effective marketing strategies. It will increase brand awareness, redirect traffic, and generate leads. The social media that are widely used are;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest

A Social Media Marketing Manager selects the appropriate platform according to the business and target audience. Additionally, the manager manages the content posting schedule of the organization for better engagement.

The Social Media Marketing Manager may also have to collaborate with the Content Marketing Manager. Together they devise the strategy of what content will post on which platforms.

Native Advertising Manager

Native Advertising is the paid ads that align with the existing editorial policies of the organization. Furthermore, it is crafted especially for the target audiences reflecting their mental status and requirements. That is why Native Advertising is one of the most effective marketing strategies.

The Native Advertising Manager ensures a non-disruptive introduction of the ads during the customer’s involvement in the website. For Example, all the pop-ups and advertisements on top of the search engine and Facebook pages are native ads. The less they look like ‘sticking out,’ the more effective they will be.

Email Marketing Specialist

Once upon a time, it does not even sound feasible to run a marketing campaign using emails. However, it is one of the most effective ways of marketing communications. The emails distribute the news of discounts and events as well as promote content. In these ways, email direct people’s attention to particular products or services.

Email Marketing specialists from online marketing consulting firms decide what content will be on the mails. They research consumer behavior with time and design the emails. The materials include but not limited to;

  • Customer Welcome Email
  • Follow-up emails for website visitors
  • Subscription newsletter of Blogs
  • Promotional Emails Containing Coupons and Discounts
  • Tips and Tricks
Public Relation Officer Functions explained by Freelancers HUB

Online Public Relations (PR) Officer

After earning online traffic, it is essential to secure them. Online PR will keep communication with the different segments of the online community. It is like doing regular PR but on digital platforms.

Keep regular communication with the press is essential for brand expansion. A local marketing consultant keeps in touch with the local media to disburse news and promotions. On the contrary, large-scale consulting firms will deal with a more significant audience.

Replying the reviews on the website and social media platforms are one of the essential parts of online PR. No matter how adverse or positive the reviews are, a professional PR officer will reply to them with positive and constructive approaches.

As a PR officer, Digital Marketing Consultants stay active in their pages to promote the brand they work for. It provides a human touch behind every response. Therefore, the customers and followers appreciate and talk about it.

Affiliated Marketing Manager

This is an affiliation based marketing strategy. The organization receives a commission for promoting someone else’s product. Moreover, this is a performance-based ad campaign designed to stay on top of the competitors

There are multiple ways of Affiliate Marketing. However, the most popular ones are;

  • Affiliated link posting from the social media account
  • Video Hosting through the YouTube Partner Program

Affiliate Marketing Manager researches on the buying pattern and decides the appropriate method. Additionally, the manager collaborates with the content manager to ensure suitable affiliation with the external products or services.

Marketing Automation Coordinator

Marketing automation is the automation of regular marketing tasks that generally assigned to digital marketing consulting services. Most of the company use different marketing software to perform various tasks.

The automation software sends an email newsletter to the target audiences. Additionally, it may also expand or shrink the sender’s list based on particular services and products. An organization needs to post regularly to stay on top of the market. As it is not easy to maintain a regular schedule manually, social media post automation software can be handy here. The software can also keep campaign details.

A Marketing Automation Coordinator will choose and maintain the automation software to measure the business growth and realize customer’s patterns. Most of the marketing components work separately; therefore, the coordinator groups those activities under the umbrella of a single campaign.

Inbound Marketing Manager

This is the strategy devised by a Digital Consultant Manager to reroute traffic towards the business. It includes engaging, attracts, and delight the customers to motivate in moving towards the next buying steps.

The Marketing Manager uses all possible tactics to work with the customer for a better experience. Besides, the manager ensures the client can have all the information and knowledge about the organization, its products, and services. It helps active community engagement.

Inbound marketing devices are diverse. However, the most effective ones are pop-up ads, blog, advertising and video, and email marketing.

How to Become Successfull Digital Marketing Consultant by Freelancers HUB

How to become a successful Digital Marketing Consultant?

Now, you already know what a digital marketing consultant is. If you think this is the best profession to excel in your career, you need to know its traits. The job is booming like a mushroom. Millions of business organizations, both small and large, are looking to attract appropriate clients. Therefore, the demands of a strategist will not go to lessen soon.

There could be hundreds of tricks and tips to become a successful digital marketing consultant. However, it is not fishable to review all of them let alone follow. Based on our industry experience and client satisfaction factor, we have rounded up the most important ones.

Choose your field of specialization aka Niche

What do you want to do in the Digital Marketing sector? This is the easiest while most challenging question to ask you. The answer depends on your specific skills to fulfill the client’s needs. If you are still hesitant to decide, ask the following queries;

  • Are you expert in SEO?
  • Can you generate traffic?
  • Are you an expert lead generator?
  • Can you optimize conversion?
  • What is your zone of comfort, paid, or app marketing?
  • Can you generate useful emails?

It will be easier for you to decide your niche if you can answer most of these questions. It is entirely up to you whether you want to become a small business digital marketing consultant or work for a large firm.

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Make your Presence Online and Offline

Are you done with selecting your Niche? If yes, now it is time to establish an online and offline presence. It is essential for a Digital Marketing Consultant to let people know what you can provide them. There is no better way to design a website highlighting all your skills and expertise.

Your online presence will be the hub of your business. The visitors can reach your services and can know about it. Case studies and testimonials work as an accurate statement supporting your service quality. Thus, posting those statements your website will enhance your presence. Make sure you include all the contact details in your site.

Begin the Blogging

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to establish an Online Marketing Consultant. Blogs are highly knowledge-based content that reflects your in-depth understanding of a specific issue.

If you want to start your career as a marketing consultant, start writing about SEO, SMO tips. Moreover, provide marketing solutions in the blogs. These approaches will not only display your expertise in this sector but will also attract clients to contact you.

You have to ensure that your blogs focus on specific issues and less self-promoting. Additionally, compile the content according to SEO strategy. If you target a particular social media platform, devise the content according to that platform.

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It is important in a business ‘who you know.’ 

Networking is the key to success in any business. In the current business world, it is essential ‘who you know’ rather than ‘what you know.’ You can overcome many issues if you know the right person.  In the same way, if you have a network of customers, you can quickly spread the news of services and products.

To establish an active network, use all your previous connections from the corporate. Maintain regular but casual communication with former colleagues, managers, and business prospects. You may have to provide some free services to promote your services. Therefore, I have prepared for it.

Use Social Media to reach your Customers

Social Media is one of the easiest ways to reach your target audience. Moreover, it is lively and interactive. Whatever going on in peoples mind or the market, you can learn it right away. By 2021, the active use of social media will be 3.2 billion. Can you imagine how vast will be the competition and opportunity?

Social Media is the pulse of the community. Thus, if you want to know the buzzwords or vibe of the people, use those digital platforms strategically. Engaging interactions with the users will not only establish your presence but will also promote your brand.

To be on top of the Social Media, make sure you stay updated with the community. Moreover, they provide real-time communication with visitors so that they can get a personal touch. It will enhance both share and likes in your posts.

Stay Online matters to stay On the Market

It is evident that to successfully promote a business and establish an online presence, a Digital Marketing Consultant is essential. Therefore, do not wait to consult with one. The longer you will wait, the more you stay behind in the race.

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