High-Performance Social Media Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

May 29, 2020

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It’s the start of a new decade and it is a world of digital living. The world around us is judged through online friendships and followers and new businesses need to have more than just fancy advertising to be a success. They need personalities and social media clout.

Social growth has become imperative for any small business that wants to be a success. Social media dictates the action of the masses. Want to go to a good restaurant? Check Yelp. Want to know about interesting recipes or clothes? Check Pinterest. Want a job? Check LinkedIn.

With social media, customers can choose the best option for them by looking at the people who have already vetted business. There is a trust in the recommendation of a Facebook friend than the product description on a website.

According to a recent study it has been seen that social networks are the second most method of brand research by consumers. Consumers may search first hand on search engines to find the best brands then they will most definitely hop on their favorite social networks to research more about the brand.

They will check out if the brand is on point with what they want through social channels. This is why social media correspondence and engagement have become a very big part of establishing a brand and it goes the same way for a small business.

With that in mind, the social managers at Freelancer’s Hub have created this list of easy to do high-performance social media management services and tips for small businesses. They are simple but require dedication and in due time you will see a big change in your social network performance. So let’s get into it.

Quality Above All

There was a time when businesses could just spam mediocre content and populate the social space and garner notoriety. However, that’s not the case at all now. As time went on and technology evolved so did the standard of quality.

Now having a constant flow of content on social channels is always a good thing however, you should have nothing instead of a cluster of mediocre posts. The main goal of your social channels is to post something that will be re-shared or retweeted, passed on to colleagues across industries.

Remember your small business should look to capitalize on trends, not fads. Make sure that the posts you create last and not go out of fashion the week after you post it. Developing content that provides industry insight or a look into your brand’s identity is a sure-fire way to ensure relevance. Remember that people look for surprises and wow factor in social media.

As a brand, you should also cite your sources so that you can show your credibility as a trusted business. People don’t often look into brands who hide their sources so be open about everything that’s going on in your brand on social networks.

Perfect Quality With Analytics

We talked about it in the previous segment a little that volume gets a lot of attention but without quality it’s meaningless. However, if you can ensure that you can churn out quality social posts daily you will see a significant rise in engagement. This is especially true for Twitter.

Social Media Marketing Tips by Freelancers Hub

In a recent experiment conducted by WordStream, they found a “46% increase in engagement week over week after publishing 30 more tweets than the week prior”. In that experiment, they saw a 30% increase in web traffic and a 60% increase in “link clicks” than the previous week.

Now they could maintain their quality of post while increasing their productivity and your small business could see similar results if you can maintain volume and quality together.

Organic traffic can dwindle sometimes as your posts can get crowded in with other similar posts. In this instant, we have found that posting frequently helps. Especially on Twitter. However, do not post the same thing over and over again on the same day on Facebook. People hate that and will consider you as a spammer.

A good way to increase your “social cred” is by getting involved in discussions about your industry wherever you can. Start chiming in on conversations and forums and show your brand’s expertise and depth of understanding. It will help garner interest for your brand in the long term. 

Turn Up The Charm

Social media is an amalgamation of the extremely cruel and the blessedly pleasant. If you are engaged with your social media audience and you are nice enough then that niceness will be reciprocated.

Remember what goes around comes around so make sure you engage with your audience and turn on the charm offensive and you will see great results. Now you can be worried about not having enough content to post about. However, there are a lot of social media management tools out there to help you out.

Need a Comprehensive Social
Media Growth Strategy?

Tools like Mention and Buzzsumo can help you out with it by sending alerts for specific keywords and topics you are looking to discuss. You can also use free content management tools like Google Alerts for top content notification.

You can additionally lookup content aggregate tools like Feedly and RSS where they bring all the content you need to one single place. It can help you find the right sort of content you want to create for your audience. 

Scheduling Tools Will Make Your Life Easier

Posting 20+ times per day on social media accounts every day will take out almost all the time in your day and leave you no time to work on your business. No one wants that. This is where social media scheduling comes into play. Tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Social Pilot, etc are great options for you to check out. Even HubSpot provides a social media scheduling solution for businesses small or large.

Using scheduling tools help you save a lot of time mostly because you can schedule all the posts for all your social networks together ahead of posting time. However, you must put some thought into the timing of the posts because timing is a very important part that is often ignored by small business owners, don’t make that mistake.

Finding the optimal time to post can boost your engagement ratio by a lot. Analyze your social data to find the peaks in engagement to find out the best time. Along with that, you can use Tweriod. It is a tool that tells you when your tweets will garner the best engagement numbers.

Automate Tasks Through If This, Then That

IFTTT or If This, Then That is a sure-fire recipe for efficiency. They allow businesses to link up several different apps and put in simple commands that perform predetermined tasks if triggered. Now you may be a bit confused about what the function is. So let’s break it down a bit.

Social Media Marketing Tips by Freelancers Hub

Imagine you have Facebook hooked up with the IFTTT app and set up the command where every time you post on Facebook that post is automatically pinned in your Pinterest board. That sort of automation is what IFTTT provides.

The amount of time you can save with this sort of automation is huge and it will let you focus on social media while letting you put in the time to build other aspects of your small business.

Social Media Analytics Data Utilization

I mean this should be a given. It is the age of information and data is the foundation of all business. Social media analytics provide you with the data you need. With the data from your social networks, you can find out who is interacting with your posts, who doesn’t like what you are posting and where you can improve in your social media strategy.

Social media outlets like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook have their analytics data you can read easily along with that, Buffer and Kissmetrics can breakdown the data for you as well. If your brand as a small business is to grow in reach then you can put the focus on engagement and impressions and URL clicks from your posts. It will help you garner new audience interest socially while driving traffic to your website.

The Human Touch

At the start, we said that your brand needs personality. This means that it needs to show that your business has an attitude and sass. People like following humans than brands in social media so if you can build your brand with several personality traits by giving it a human touch then you should.

Companies like Gizmodo, Contently, Chipotle, Nutella, and Seamless have companies dedicated to creating social profiles with a lot of personality and flair. It connects more with your audience because they provide the viewers with the type of content they like. If you don’t believe us then check out their social profiles.

Now being a small business means that you don’t have the production value to create extravagant content but you can engage with your audience. You can create a cozy little sphere in social media for your audience. Find disgruntled customers and engage with them. Provide them with the solutions they need. Being there for people will help you gather clout in social media and people will learn to trust you.

Your customer service sector will greatly benefit from social interactions. In a recent survey by Insite Consulting, it shows that 83% of companies deal with questions or complaints through social media. Dealing with customer service issues through social media will show you as a brand that cares and will give you a personality behind all the mechanics of social media.

There are several ways you can gain easy attention. We have seen that posts with emojis respond better than posts without emojis. Also, the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been truer than in the social media landscape. Images with real people generate a lot more shares and engagement. It’s been observed memes with real people in them also generate a lot more engagement than plain old posts.

So you can see that social media is vital for your small business. It helps you with reaching new people, grow the trust factor with your existing audience, and make sure your overall brand authority grows.

 Now all this can seem like an overwhelming task for a small business owner to handle on your own. But we here at Freelancer’s Hub can provide you with the type of social media management solutions you need for your business.

If you need any more information on social media management services then our social managers can help you out with that as well. So you can just get in touch and our social experts can you with all you need. Until then, See Ya!

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