Generating Revenue Through Native Ads (4 Reasons To Do It)

October 19, 2022

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Native ads are a great way to generate ad revenue for your business. It’s different from other advertising forms, such as Google or Facebook Ads.

In 2016, Search Engine Journal (SEJ) published an article stating how relying heavily on Google Ads and Ad Exchanges to generate profit had backfired. In addition, they found out that 24% of their audience was using ad blockers to block their ads. So this prompted them to explore the world of native advertising, which resulted in success.

This teaches us that while Google Ads is undoubtedly the best way for advert marketing, native ads can be used to companies’ advantage. In this post, we are gonna find out why you should incorporate native advertising in the ad marketing campaign. But before that, let’s know a bit more about what native ads actually are.

What are native ads in a marketing sense?

Native advertising is the idea of creating ads that are cohesive with the page content. These ads are integrated into the design and arranged in such a way that they mesh with the entire layout. The placement of the ads in the platform gives viewers the feeling that the ad belongs without disrupting the user experience.

Native advertising can come in many forms, such as promoted search results or social media posts. Both of these formats can provide the same value as organic search results and user-generated social media posts.

As consumers have become more resistant to traditional forms of advertising, brands and startups are allocating larger budgets to non-disruptive ad formats.

Did you know? The global market for native advertising is expected to reach $402 billion in annual revenue by 2025.

How do native ads work?

Native ads support performance marketing and work in terms of supply and demand. Publishers supply content to target and reach audiences in terms of monetizing their sites. On the other hand, advertisers play the “demand” side, aiming to reach the audience with their target goals to boost lead generation.

When a user visits a website with native ads, the publisher’s Supply-Side Platform (SSP) sends a bid request to a Demand-Side Platform (DSP). DSP then sends back an advertiser’s bid and metadata metrics. Finally, the advertiser who wins the bid shows their ad to the user.

The Benefits of Native Ads

Attract Your Target Audience

Native advertising is more effective for building brand awareness than traditional display ads. Native ads are less intrusive and more seamlessly integrated into the surrounding content. This makes them more convenient for viewers, who are less likely to recognize them as ads.

Generate Engagement From the Audience

Native advertising can be accurately targeted towards specific audience segments, so advertisers know they have a higher chance of generating engagement from their impression. Native advertising is exceptionally well received by audiences searching for more information about a particular service or product. For example, if your company deals with skincare products, you can distribute ads on a beauty/skincare publisher site. This will help target and reach readers who have expressed interest in the skincare section.

Better Than Other Forms of Advertisement 

Native advertising is a popular and effective form of online advertising. Compared to other advertising forms, native ads perform better in engagement and capture viewers’ attention. According to a recent study, 71% of consumers say they identify with brands that launch native ads.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your online advertising, native ads are a great option to consider.

Increase Clickthrough Rates

Natives ads are proven to be much more effective than traditional ads, with some reports showing a CTR increase of up to 40 times. This is especially true in specific topics such as food, parenting, and pets.

Building Trust & Connection With Consumers

If you want your customers to trust you, native advertising is a crucial component of your marketing strategy. This form of advertising helps brands establish trust among their audiences by providing informative content without disturbing viewers with annoying pop-ups or intrusive messages.

Why Use Native Ads To Generate Revenue

1. Native ads generate greater revenue

They can shift how you monetize your app so you can maximize ad revenue and build a sustainable business. Native ads increase engagement and help you unlock more potential to appease your targeted customer. Using native ads can also help you unlock new inventory that you might not be able to access by using banners alone.

2. They aren’t as disruptive as the banner ads

Banner ads can interfere with a website or app’s interface and are intrusive. Consumers have also faced problems in the past where they would accidentally click on banner ads. But, again, this disrupts the user experience. In addition, since they weren’t designed for the mobile environment, they ended up being an extra hassle for both advertisers and customers.

This is where native advertising gets the leverage. The ads can be designed to match the surrounding content of the app so they fit in seamlessly without causing any disruption.

3. They don’t disrupt the user experience

When choosing which ad formats to include in your app, it’s essential to consider not only aesthetic aspects but also the experience of your users. For example, research has shown that viewers are likelier to click on an ad in discovery mode. This mode is less likely to disrupt the user experience and more likely to get noticed by viewers.

Ad discovery is typically implemented in a two-touch approach, meaning people are invited to click to display an ad. This can enable you to monetize new areas of your app using limited-screen real estate.

4. They can help retain your users in your apps

As an app developer or publisher, retaining users is your primary importance. Users have reported neglecting or uninstalling apps with obtrusive ad formats derail the experience. To make your ad marketing work without making your users angry, you need native ads.

How To Create Engaging Native Ads

1. Understand the end goal

It’s important to start with the end goal in mind when creating any advertising or marketing copy. Without knowing what you want your work to achieve, producing copy that can make a significant impact will be challenging. Each native ad should have a specific objective, such as encouraging your audience to sign up for a newsletter or offering them a free trial. This call to action (CTA) will largely determine the ad creation process.

2. Make your content valuable

This is an important native advertising best practice: your content should always provide value to your audience. It can be tempting to go for the hard sell in ads, but including helpful information will be far more successful in the long term.

When creating an ad, it’s important to be concise and make every word count. In addition, keep the desired action you want the consumer to take in mind and what type of content would be most appealing. With this foundation in place, you can create an ad that will stand out.

3. Use the brand name

Studies show that consumers continue to make associations with brands over time. Therefore, using the brand name in headlines and descriptions will ultimately lead to more interactions. Even if they don’t click on an ad the first time they come across one, they will still learn what your brand does and what solutions it offers. In addition, they will recall your brand if they require services that you provide further down the line.

4. Include a CTA

Once you have captured the attention of your consumers with your advertising, it is important to maintain their interest with valuable content that is relevant to them. You must then encourage your consumers to take action. What will they miss out on if they don’t respond to your call to action? What can you provide that other businesses can’t? How can they find different pieces of content that will appeal to them? The rest of your native advertising should be designed to lead people to your call to action, so make sure this part is compelling.

Include a CTA - Freelancers Hub

Best Native Ads Platform

Here is a list of some of the best native ads platform:

1. Outbrain

2. Taboola

3. Yahoo Gemini

4. Nativo

5. TripleLift

6. RevContent



If you haven’t started with native advertising yet, 2023 is the year for a fresh start. If you struggle with generating revenue through other ad campaigns, why not give native ads a try? Will you do it? Or are you happy with the other form of ad marketing? Let us know in the comment.

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