The Easy Days For ECommerce Sites Are Over, Here’s Why!

September 27, 2020

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Every business that sells something now has turned its sight to the internet. E-commerce has become the norm for companies, and it is not an emerging sector anymore. 

It has already become one of the most significant sectors globally and is changing the way we shop. According to the numbers from a recent Statista article, it’s estimated that within 2021 there will be around 2.14 billion online purchasers of goods and services. 

The same report shows that in 2019 the total e-commerce sales reached 3.53 trillion US dollars, and within the year 2022, the total sales would reach around 6.54 trillion US dollars. 

The modern-day e-commerce store faces a lot of different challenges and hurdles. From finding the right suppliers and employees, design the right product, generate traffic on the portal, and manage the leads, store, inventory, logistics, and different host hurdles. 

We all know how important technology is to an e-commerce company’s growth. It is fundamental to the development of an e-commerce store in many different ways. 

The e-commerce sector is ever-evolving, with new tech flooding the industry, and the businesses have to be continually adapting to the changes. 

The best e-commerce website development companies will inform you of the latest trends in e-commerce tech so that you can make your website the best in the business. 

So what is changing in the industry? Here are some of the 2020 e-commerce trends you should know about that is changing the whole sector. Let’s check them out!

Mobile Is The Only Way To Guarantee Success

As days go by, e-commerce is becoming more and more mobile-centric. More and more people are using their smartphones to access the internet, be it for watching movies or videos, checking their social media, or shopping. 

A recent Statista study shows that by 2021 72% of all e-commerce sales will be from mobile devices. With mobile usage increasing as time goes by, e-commerce as a sector keeps growing with it. 

This sudden influx of newer users has driven advances and has made shopping more accessible, faster, and more convenient. The majority of the online shoppers who come through mobile devices are from 20-40, who are usually tech-savvy. 

This demographic of people is typically impulsive buyers and focuses more on fashion, brand, and style than pricing. With most buyers being on mobile, the need for creating mobile-optimized e-commerce sites is a must if you want to have a successful business.

Along with that, e-commerce development companies provide additional support in creating mobile apps, Progressive Web Apps. These innovations help improve customer experience through enhanced interaction and seamless experience. 

Professional full digital service companies like Freelancer’s Hub can help you build mobile-friendly e-commerce sites and apps that are entirely SEO optimized. Making sure your business drives revenue.

Making Payment Options Easier Goes A Long Way

Different customers are accustomed to various payment options. While credit and debit card payments are still the most popular payment options, other payment options are getting popular by the minute. 

More and more people are using payment options like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal, ETC, making frictionless checkout a possibility. When you develop an e-commerce site with different payment options, you ensure that people have many choices when making their payment. 

It makes things easier for the customer, allows for ease of access, and makes the overall shopping experience much better. If you have an e-commerce site, then you already know that customers prefer one-click payment options. 

However, they also need to trust you, so integrating and enhancing security compliances is a priority. Another trend that is gaining popularity when it comes to payment options is adopting a subscription model. 

Experts already believe that as time passes, more and more e-commerce companies will develop subscription services. These services tend to engage customers for long terms while also providing more value for their money. 

As you can see, offering a wide variety of payment options, your conversion rates will be better. So work with e-commerce website development companies to create customer-friendly payment options when building your site. 

Augmented Reality Is Already Here

There is one thing it cannot offer for all the comfort online shopping offers—the feel of the product or the ability to try it out. Well, augmented reality or AR is here to change that. With AR, customers can now easily visualize the product and allow shoppers to try out the products virtually. 

Currently, AR is not something for the future, but it is already here. Many e-commerce eyewear, makeup, and wristwatch brands allow customers to try out their products virtually. 

AR works to engage customers on a more intimate level, and it breeds trust in the brand. Even furniture stores are integrating AR to showcase their products in your rooms, virtually making it a win-win situation for the business and the customer. 

Long gone are the days of looking through a screen without knowing how it will look in reality. Working with digital service companies to develop a better instinctive and immersive shopping experience is the most logical progression. 

You can talk to our experts and ask about creating an e-commerce site and integrating AR into your business.

Join The AI Revolution

There is a revolution afoot in the tech industry. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are become a common denominator in most industries and are changing them forever. 

Join The AI Revolution - Freelancers Hub

The same thing is happening in the e-commerce sector. AI helps e-commerce sites make smart recommendations to their customers and offer personalized guidance according to their needs. 

AI has also been the main driving factor in creating the new wave of 24/7 e-commerce sites through real-time information collection. More and more e-commerce sites are integrating chatbots armed with FAQs to assist customers at any time of the day. 

The impact of AI and machine learning has many faces, and it doesn’t only make the experience better for the customers but also the business as a whole. 

If you want to integrate AI or machine learning tech, you will also need to create dynamic pages that load faster. Ask your digital service provider on the best course for the upgrade. 

Personalization Takes Business To A Whole New Level

Everyone craves attention, and businesses over time have noticed it. Before, companies had no tool to provide personalized approaches to customers, but now with the internet and advances in tech, they are. 

Innovative tech is allowing e-commerce websites to offer customized services like mobile personal assistants. Businesses also have other unique routes to engage with customers, such as social media sites, emails, and other channels. 

With personalization, you will make better product recommendations and send out personalized messages to enhance better conversion rates. So work with your digital marketing service providers to create a personalization strategy for your e-commerce website. 

Practice Sustainability

We only have one planet, and with the climate getting weirder by the day, people are becoming more aware of eco-friendly practices and sustainability. 

Online shoppers are much more informed nowadays, and they make their choices based on companies that also believe their values and beliefs. 

As an eco-friendly e-commerce business, you should ensure that you integrate minimalist and eco-friendly packaging measures, reducing waste, engaging with the customers on their core values. 

Voice Search Optimization Has Become A Necessity

We all know that SEO is imperative for a business to succeed, and you optimized your website for specialized keywords to rank high. However, you haven’t yet optimized your e-commerce website for voice search because you think it’s something to do in the future. 

Voice Search Optimization - Freelancers Hub

You needed voice search optimization last year. We already use and depend on voice assistants like Google Assistant, SIRI, and Alexa, for many things. 

So you see, you need to optimize your e-commerce site for voice search as soon as possible. Please work with the digital service providers to ensure people can find you with their voice assistant. 

Enrich Customer Experience With Visual Commerce

Images and pictures do not cut it anymore. You need engaging visual content to make sure your e-commerce site engages with your audience. 

Visual commerce is the next evolution of simple images and photos. The purpose of visual commerce is to capture visitors’ attention and interest through interactive content, product videos, and consumer-generated videos. 

Focusing on visual commerce is how you get your business to succeed, and it is re-defining e-commerce changing the marketing sphere. 

Customers now look at Instagram influencers and YouTube channels other social media influencers for information and reviews on products, services, recipes, tutorials, ETC. So providing engaging content for the customers to interact with is the only way to increase your conversion rates. 

Find a digital marketing company that can work with you to create a killer content marketing strategy with creators who will help you stand out in the crowd. 

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

The e-commerce platform is changing all the time with new technology flooding the sector. The trends we listed above are what will help you get established in the new decade.

E-commerce website development has changed over the years and is making the platforms more interactive than before. Make sure you either integrate the trends in your website or start rebuilding your e-commerce site from the ground up to better match with the times. 

If you are overwhelmed by the choices and are confused about how to develop the perfect e-commerce website, then you can talk to our e-commerce website development specialists. 

They will be more than happy to help you out in this regard. So that’s it for today. We will come back soon with something new to talk about. Until then, see ya!

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