Do not ignore these 10 ways social media can expand your business every day

July 7, 2019

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Is Social Media Marketing the next big thing in business? Some agree with it and think we should grab the benefits of social media marketing. However, for some skeptics, it is just hype with no significant value. It does not matter which school of thoughts you belong to; Social Media is influencing the market and doing it massively.

A post on Twitter or Facebook about new arrivals in the store or introduction of new service seems reasonable. However, the return could be huge if it is compiled strategically.  According to a HubSpot survey, more than 90% of marketing professionals said Social Median enhances sales. In the same study, around 80% of marketer found increased inbound traffic to their brands. How effective is that?

Are you still skeptical about the advantages of social media? It is ok because out of all the social media based marketers, more than 80% is always doubtful. However, they agree there is something that has altered the customers view about their business. Can you sense the secret? Yes, it is their presence in social media.

Out of the numerous benefits of social media marketing, we have rounded up the best 10 to boost your business. Let’s look at them.

It aware people about the Brand

Each time you get a chance to syndicate your content with the brand, grab it! There is no other best way than using social media. Every social media platform work like a new conduit to connect with the mass.

One of the best advantages of social media is it conveniently connects you with a broader audience. Any engaging upload or update can ignite intense interest among that audience. You need to develop multiple social media platform during the planning phase of the business. Tell your acquaintances to ‘like’ and ‘share’ so that people can see an already active platform right from the start.

A newbie in the market may not know about your brand. However, simultaneous content upload and sharing will not only promote your brand. Moreover, it will also turn those fresh minds towards the brand. If a Facebook user randomly stumbles upon your engaging post, that user will definitely search for older updates.

Make sure your posts are ‘Wow! That’s great; my friends should know it’ type. Yes, these are engaging content that people cannot help sharing. Each share will turn new people into potential customers. Around 90% of marketers found an effective social marketing strategy enhanced their exposure.

There will be more incoming traffic 

You may not like any traffic while hitting the road for the office. However, you will love inbound traffic to your brand. Do you know the best way to do so? Yes, it is social media marketing. The more engaging and interactive your social media channels, the more lead will inflow through them.

Social media is like a Chinese hot pot. From meat to veggies or spices to seaweeds, everything boils in the hot pot. In the same way, peoples from diverse background mingle in social media for different needs. You have to syndicate your social media posts according to the target audience. The content may not attract all but, if meticulously tailored, it will turn the target tide towards your brand.

Social network marketing works on multiple platforms. Therefore, the content needs to be custom-made for each of them. A short but strong tweet will not inspire an older demographic the way it will do the millennial. Instead, an elaborate Facebook post or descriptive YouTube video will engage a wider audience.

End of the day, you will see a massive inbound organic traffic. Different social media platform will keep the inflow consistent. If one platform is not responsive enough, you can turn towards another for a better result.

Benefitrs of Social media in Search Performance explained by freelancers HUB-min

Search Engine Rankings will be on the rise

If ‘Content is the King’ than its ranking in the Search Engine must be the Queen. Because we all know who controls the King! Social media has no direct relation with search engine ranking; however; it will still affect someone’s searching pattern.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is probably one of the highest ranked buzzes in the digital platform. It is the strategy to bring your content on the first page of any search page for a specific keyword. You know why. None of us will go beyond the first page of a search result.

Do you think about the relation between SEO and Social Media? Well, here comes the ‘King.’ If you can integrate your target keywords in the social media posts, it will kick the search results. One of the benefits of social media marketing is you can syndicate the target keywords in different ways. From Tweets to hashtags in YouTube videos, social media platforms come with all the options.

High-quality content can be in different forms in the various social platforms. The types include graphs, infographics, case studies, business information, and many more. All you have to do is to integrate your target keywords in those contents. The keywords need to be included naturally to create responsive content.

Quick updates and engaging uploads will create a community in the social media who will talk about your brand and keywords. They will both ‘like’ and ‘share’ the updates and push you in the front seat of the industry. Now the market influencers will write about your brands, and you will get invaluable Back Links.

Raising Rate of Conversion aka Lead Generation

Both inbound traffic and SEO has a connection with the conversion rate. The missing part here is the engagement with the audience. When these three works together, there will be a booming rate of conversion. The importance of social media marketing is it provides the stage for these three to synchronize.

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Social Media add a humanization factor in the engagement. Everyone will prefer to do business with a human being rather than an impassive robot. When someone likes or comments on your social media post, they also expect an appreciation. If you can provide that, you completed the first step of conversion. In a recent HubSpot study, more than half of the marketers said building communication with customers increases the sales by at least a quarter percent.

Social media is like an electronic social gathering. Instead of the living room or church premises, it is taking place in the digital world. Just like another gathering, propel meet with friends, share thoughts and ideas, both appreciate and criticize issues. When you throw the right item into the right crowd in this gathering, it is a bull’s eye for business.

People in Social Media will talk about your brand, share with friends and communities. These conversations will work as social proof of quality and lead towards conversion. Social Media platforms can increase the lead generation up to 6hours per week. This is said in a report published by Social Media Examiner.

More Loyalty towards the Brand

You get your tablet from BestBuy, and it is working great. After a few weeks, you wrote about your experience on their Social Media platform. In return, you get a warm appreciation. Where will you go to get your laptop next month?

Responsive communication with customers on Social Media increases not only the conversion but also loyalty. Regular engagement with customers means the satisfaction and loyalty growing side by side. A satisfied customer will always be a loyal customer. Furthermore, he/she will bring some more potential.

The millennials will soon engulf the market within the next few decades. They are the engagement-loving generation. If a Brand is responsive and engaging, they will be loyal to that brand. They prefer social media platforms for these communications. A recent study shows that the Millennials are more than 60% more loyal to a brand that has a responsive social media platform.

There is no way you can avoid this large market population for your business expansion and brand loyalty. You need to leverage their attention by using the benefits of social networking.

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Increasing Influence of the Brand over Customer

Currently, the influences of Brand over customers are not limited to purchase. It includes the connection and communication between them. Furthermore, how a brand is affecting customer’s lifestyle is also an essential part of it. For example, after influenced by iPhone dedicated Apple loyalists are getting Apple Watch. Now the brand is in both wrist and pocket.

The influence starts with effective communication. When customer found your posts in the social media platforms and get responses from them, they start talking about the brand. As a part of the digital community, that customer shares your brand value with others and generates a circle of influence.

That circle of influence work as a social vocal for your service. When a group of satisfied clients talks about the value of your brand and service, they work as an advertiser for you. Also, it adds a human perspective and eventually, a trustworthy reputation.

All these lead towards the authoritative status of your brand. Now you can use it to influence customers with effective communication in social media. An expansion of this Brand influence requires modified marketing through social media.

Inexpensive way of Expansion

Yes, you want to expand and increase your presence in social media. You want people to talk about your brand and service. Nevertheless, what will be the expense of expansion? How much money you have to spend so that people spend more time on your platform? Believe me, for social media; it is not expensive.

The first step of getting the benefits of social media for business is opening an account. Now you have to create original but engaging content for your target audience. This step may be time-consuming and required a great deal of research but not expensive at all. If you have a budget, you can involve a marketing company.

The next step is to associate your keywords with the contents. It will ensure a better search result for your page. The more your content will be on the top of the search, the more inbound traffic you have. This is the step where you may take help from an SEO company. However, doing SEO is not rocket science; you can do it with some research.

Finally, yet importantly, is the communication with the customer. This is the most crucial step to utilize the advantages of social media marketing. Responsive communications bring loyalty and eventually, more sales. Now, you will found a higher return on investment (ROI). All because of effective but inexpensive social marketing strategy.

In those steps, you can involve professional organizations. However, in the beginning, you can do your social media strategy development and marketing. Later, with the extra budget, you can fine-tune your strategy with professional help.

In-depth Insights into the Market

Market insight is the importance of social media in business that you should not ignore. It is the most convenient and reliable way of understanding the market and its stakeholders. Moreover, the insight will be a reflection of customer profile and buying patterns.

Social Media is full of Buzzwords. These words represent the mindset and thoughts of the customers. Thus, you can understand the interests and opinions of customers from social media. It is like having a personal conversation with individual customers.

Careful monitoring of the social media responses reveals the like and dislike of your target audience. Besides, it also tells you what is going on in the market and what could happen. No, it is not a wild guess. Every marketing organization uses social media as a complementary market research tool.

What are you going to do with the market insight? Leading fast food chain ‘Burger King’ once used their Social Media page to learn about the buzzwords about grilled meat. Lately, they used those exact phrases in the summer campaign. Yes, market insight gives you an idea of what is going on in peoples mind. It helps tremendously to design the content and campaign strategy.

When you know what people’s ‘top of the mind is,’ it is easier to syndicate those concepts as a keyword in your content.  Now the materials will be more humanized and comprehensible.

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It keeps you Stay on Top

You are the originator of your posts in social media until a professional marketing agency does it for you. Therefore, in the beginning, you have to read, research, and think a lot about your business and customers. It will not only expand your thought process but will also make you an expert eventually.

This could be a tedious job initially to check your competitor’s post, look for current business trends, and many more. However, this dull detection will turn into an exciting expedition when you get the pulse of the market. It is because you already know the market insight.

Both the intense research on customers and competitors as well as market insight, will make you an expert on business marketing. Now you can construct your social media strategy, content development, and keyword association. You can always hire a professional firm, however, who do not want to be his/her boss.

All these experts will aid you to communicate with your brand loyalists in a way that will make them think you are personally connecting. This humanization of social media interaction will develop a massive influence on the community to like, share, and talk about your brand. Thus, as an expert, you will be on the leading position in the market along with your brand.

Tips on Engaging Social Media use

  • The Profile and Cover Photo is essential. Promote your brand with these two windows of opportunities.
  • Put open-ended questions in the post and let the audience participate.
  • Provide shout-outs for the companies  you work with
  • Social listening is crucial to get the market vibe. Make it’s a daily routine
  • Let people share their stories with your Brand
  • Keep an eye on the reach and insights
  • Maintain the same dedication for all the social media platforms
  • Give some FREEBIES in the platforms
  • Use short links by using
  • Make your post not only for sales but mostly for people
  •   Try to tell a story on every post
  • Use hashtag on the most useful words

Social Media Marketing matters, so rather than ignoring Master on it 

Technology is engulfing everywhere. Business is not out of it. The business approach is no longer restricted in sales figure and profit calculation. It is all about communication. The closer you can go to your customer and market, the more outcomes you can generate.

Thus, do not wait for your sales tally to rise automatically. The more you wait, the more you will lose. Only the Social Media platforms can give you access to the mind and heart of the clients as well as the core of the market.

If you want to use social network marketing as an advantage of your business, it is the best time to start. It does not matter how long you waited; the quicker you will begin to the faster your brand will become the buzz.

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