7 Digital Marketing Strategy for Travel Agency

January 10, 2022

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The number of people choosing to travel depends on the digital marketing strategy for travel agency. The travel industry is highly competitive, and the number of new agencies opening each year is nearly equal to the number of existing ones closing down.

So, if you want to stand alone from the crowd, it’s time to think something out of the box. We know it’s not easy to execute. However, a professional digital marketing agency like FreelancresHub can help you sort out.

Our experience and market research data show a few strategies are more effective in the case of online travel agencies than others.

7 Digital Marketing Strategy for Travel Agency

A travel agency needs to maintain a competitive edge by focusing on a personalized approach to customer service and using all the available channels. To get started on your digital marketing strategy, here are a few steps to take.

Responsive website

No matter business you run, a responsive website can make your job easy. If your business website loads smoothly and can adapt to any device, get ready for tons of customers. You may find this as an overstatement for travel agency digital marketing, but it’s not. Let me tell you why!

Websites are the face of your business and brands. And for a travel agency, nothing can beat the impact of a great website with updated information, images, booking links, and blogs. You need to make your client’s journey smoothly from informing to purchasing super smooth.

Moreover, a mobile-friendly website can go a long way. More than 70% of netizens search on their smart devices. If you consider a big launching ceremony before making your site mobile-friendly, you are losing a big chunk of that 70%.

Nobody loves a slow website that takes ages to load. People will hardly wait for 2 to 3 seconds to see how impressive your business is on the web. Hire professionals in FreelancersHub to develop a fast, optimized, and adaptive website.

Social Media Marketing

Successful digital marketing for online travel agency should incorporate social media platforms as an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. It will help you build a following that will continue to grow. If your target audience is interested in your services, consider retargeting. This type of advertisement will appear when the consumer searches for a particular product or service.

Using social media as a part of your digital marketing strategy for a travel agency is a smart move. This platform offers many benefits, such as user-generated content, generating new leads, and increasing your fan base.

These features will increase your website’s performance and provide you with the data you need to optimize your website and make it more appealing to your customers. Listed below are some of the best ways to use social media to promote your travel agency.


Blogs are increasingly popular among travelers, and travel agencies are trying to tap into this opportunity. Using blogs to promote your travel agency can boost your website’s visibility and increase customer engagement.

It allows you to engage with customers in a way that helps them make more informed decisions, which increases the likelihood of them accepting your offers. In Ukraine, for example, a small online travel agency turned into one of the most widely read online travel publications in the country.

While developing blogs, make sure they are updated and crisp to read. Veteran travelers already know about Iffeal Tower, but they may not know how great the sushis are in the Okito Suhi nearby the tower. Only uniqueness can make your blogs effective and engaging to the customers.

Content marketing

It may sound redundant after talking about blogging but let me tell you why it is not. Content is not only about blogging. Youtube videos, Instagram images, or a simple Tweet all fall under your content marketing.

Align the contents according to your business goals and sales objective so that the customer can understand what you are offering from any posts. 

You should also invest in sponsored links and paid traffic. Creating a website for your travel agency is just the beginning. Adding a personal touch to your business’s digital marketing strategy will go a long way to secure your future in the industry.

To make the most of these techniques, you must have the right content for your website. Besides, you should have a mobile website. It will be easier for your customers to buy your products online to view the pictures online.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing - travel agency digital marketing - Freelancers HUB

Email is a powerful communication channel for travel agencies and provides users with a closer connection with a brand. You can create a newsletter and send out emails to your subscribers. 

Using this channel will ensure that you get your customer’s undivided attention. In addition, you can make your email content relevant to the user. Moreover, you can use retargeting and email marketing to build your brand’s loyalty to your customers.

Retargeting advertisements will be displayed based on the customer’s keywords to find your business. Once you have built a loyal customer base, you can start implementing a digital marketing strategy for the travel agency.

Search engine optimization

Once you’ve established your brand, you’ll need to develop distribution channels. Metasearch engines are a great way to spread the word about your agency. These sites compile deals from different supplier sites and OTAs and offer consumers a convenient way to compare prices and book their trips.

These channels are an invaluable tool for travel agencies. Most people visit metasearch engines to get a sense of what’s available and compare prices. Moreover, they are also free and will help your business get a lot of exposure.

Setting up distribution channels is an integral part of a digital marketing strategy for a travel agency. It is crucial for a travel agency to create a presence on popular metasearch engines like Google and Yahoo. These websites provide the best information for potential customers and make it easier to find and book flights.

Once they’ve created a profile on these sites, they should post testimonials and reviews from their previous clients. This will boost their credibility and increase their chances of getting more business.

Bonus: Don’t Ignore Images

One of the most important aspects of a travel agency’s digital marketing strategy is images. Whether you have a professional photographer or have one of your own, images help showcase the destination.

A digital marketing strategy for travel agencies should include pictures when it comes to the travel industry. Good images enhance the destination. You can purchase pictures that illustrate your travel agency’s destinations to get better results.

Let’s begin the business

Are you still in a dilemma to set up a digital marketing strategy for travel agency? If yes, let FFreelancersHub help you to do the hard work. We have worked with numerous companies to promote their brand and also put them at the top of the client’s minds.

Let us do the same while you do the thing you know better than anyone-business.

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