7 Ways of Digital Marketing For Youtube Channel [Tested & Proven]

September 7, 2022

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To maximize the exposure of your YouTube channel, you should start doing so immediately.

But why the word “now”?

Since we now spend up to six hours a day watching videos online, it’s clear that YouTube will continue to grow in importance in the future. Use as many advertising tools as possible if you want to get noticed on YouTube.

Specifically, we’ll explain how you may use each strategy to increase the number of people who watch your videos on YouTube in further depth below. These suggestions are useful whether you’re just starting out or already seeing steady growth.

Optimize your YouTube Video

Often, YouTube results appear before those from more conventional sources like blogs or websites. On its alone, YouTube ranks as the world’s second-largest SE. People use YouTube the same way they use Google to find products and solutions to issues.

You should treat your YouTube videos like any other content by optimizing them with keywords, tags, and other methods. You should use some of the best practices for YouTube SEO if you want to improve your chances of being found:

  • Titles and summaries: make sure you’re using relevant keywords. To generate keyword suggestions, you can utilize a tool such as Keywordtool.io.
  • Suppose you want YouTube to comprehend what your video is about. In that case, you should use keywords, as Backlinko’s Brian Dean suggested.
  • Video popularity in YouTube’s search results is based partly on user interaction with the video (number of likes, comments, and views).
  • YouTube can learn more about who to show your videos to if you use categories.
  • YouTube’s tag system allows you to provide even more information about your videos beyond the types you choose. There’s enough for many tags, so feel free to use as many as you like.

Make engaging titles for better presentation

Presentation is critical in YouTube marketing. The success of your video entirely depends on its title. Are you presenting your material as a must-see or a good option?

The trick to writing attention-grabbing titles is to do it without using obvious clickbait. People want to watch videos that keep their attention and know what the film is about right away.

For instance, observe the strategies of successful YouTube channels like BuzzFeed and WhatCulture. Listicles, question-based titles, and exaggeration (“crazy,” “…of all time”) are commonplace in the names of these films to attract an audience.

The lesson here is that you shouldn’t just go with the first title idea that comes to mind but should spend some time thinking of potential titles that will pique people’s interest.

Align your content with the target audience

Your content, no matter what form it takes, should always cater to the preferences of your target demographic.

Before you begin any content creation, whether a blog post or a video, you must research your target demographic and the kinds of things they’re interested in seeing from you.

Consider your rivals and other producers in your field while planning your YouTube channel’s initial promotion. Consider which of their videos are the most popular. This can help you determine the best format for your films and the types of information your audience is interested in.

You may also check out your analytics if you’ve already posted videos to YouTube. You can learn a lot about your YouTube audience, including their demographics, where they live, how engaged they are, and more, thanks to the analytics provided by YouTube.

YouTube reporting in Sprout Social is a great way to analyze how your content compares to another social video you’ve generated, taking your approach to the next level.

Make thumbnails that make sense

Making unique thumbnails for your videos on YouTube is a simple yet powerful marketing strategy. Consider the title and thumbnail a one-two punch to entice people to click on your post.

YouTube will automatically grab a still from the video and use it as a thumbnail. Sometimes it will catch a hazy shot of you adjusting the camera, or a changeover, which is unfortunate.

It’s not a pretty sight, is it? Making your thumbnails for your videos has the dual benefit of making them look more professional and increasing their visual appeal.

Creating a thumbnail doesn’t need to be a feat of engineering, either. To maintain uniformity and authenticity, you can develop a template using a specific typeface and design style.

With the help of Canva and other image editing tools, this is a breeze. Take this example from Binging with Babish as an illustration.

Enhance community engagement

YouTube is a platform where users actively participate with content through profiles, “likes,” and comments, even if the site isn’t typically considered a social network.

We’d say it’s a pretty “social” concept. As was said earlier, YouTube values any indicator of engagement from your channel’s audience.

At the very least, interacting with your subscribers can build a stronger connection with your audience. Pinning a favorite comment as a private message to your subscribers or clicking “like” on a comment takes only a few seconds of your time.

For instance, the YouTube channel Artzie Musik frequently interacts with its viewers by “liking” and replying to comments on its most recent videos. The channel’s author frequently interacts with viewers to thank them and answer their queries.

Keep an eye on Google

It’s common knowledge that YouTube dominates the search engine optimization (SEO) game. And while it’s not a good idea to solely write for search engines rather than human readers, you should still market your YouTube channel with search engine optimization in mind. Search engines favor in-depth articles, tutorials, and long-form films (10+ minutes) dedicated to a single term (SERPs).

Don’t overlook the marketing potential of your YouTube channel if you’re at a loss for content ideas or hoping to cash in on a recently popular term in your field.

Add CTA for better engagement

Considering the instantaneity and connection that video material can establish, a simple request for interaction is sometimes the most remarkable approach to seeing your videos.

It’s usual practice to include a call to action in the video’s description or caption, encouraging viewers to subscribe or leave a like if they enjoyed the video.

There’s no shame in asking people to support you, especially if you’re a newer channel. Asking visitors to respond to a question in the suggested comments section or to watch another video are two great methods to keep the conversation going. A call to action (CTA) can also take the form of a link to another video or an external link to your website

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