Creating Perfect Landing Pages For Your PPC Campaign

September 17, 2020

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When you are running a PPC campaign, there are a million different things that you need to make sure happens right. You could make the competitive bids; you can make laser targetted ads, and have a good looking landing page and still not find enough leads coming in from the campaigns.

You see, your potential leads slowly slipping away from your business. At the same time, you may be profitable right now. All the while, your competitors are finding ways to improve, enhance, and build trust and relationships with clients. They could have been your customers. 

So the most significant jump in conversion rate jump won’t come from beautiful ads but from creating specialized landing pages for your PPC campaigns. Many business owners often think that creating landing pages is challenging and expensive. However, that’s a myth. 

There are many digital service providers out there that offer affordable landing page optimization services for PPC campaigns. 

Now, before you go out to look for a company that can help you, let us give you some ideas about creating the perfect landing page for your PPC campaigns. The following list will help you increase your conversion rates and lower your cost of acquisition. So let’s get into it.

The Perfect Headline & Proposition Value

The headline is the first thing a person sees when a person comes to your website. That’s not only the case. Only 2 out of every ten people that visit a website continue to read after the headline. 

That’s one of the reasons why you should make a compelling headline that ensures visitors continue to read what’s on the page. Here are some tips you can follow to create a compelling headline:

  • Always keep it clear and straightforward.
  • Make sure you promise to solve a unique problem.
  • Ensure the ad’s message is in line with the content on the landing page.
  • Remember to use the title case for your headlines and subheads case for your subheads.
  • Starting with a question helps your case.
  • Try creating headlines like the National Enquirer but always remain truthful. 
  • Use words that have a high conversion rate.
  • Try using humor that always goes a long way.
  • Using wording like “How To..” always helps your cause.

Try using free tools like Headline Analyzer to find out how good your headline is. Tools like this tell you how much intellectual, empathetic, or spiritual the headline is and the emotional marketing value for it. 

Regardless of how good the score comes out, it would be best if you still carried out A/B testing to see how your audience reacts to the headlines. The unique selling proposition or USP is also known as a value proposition for the landing page. 

It should be unique to your business. It has to be similar to what you are trying to communicate in your headlines. Knowing your audience’s pain points and fears will help you create headlines and tailor propositions that will value them. So make sure you do your research.

Keep Space For Testimonials & Reviews

If you do it right then, testimonials and reviews can work wonders for your business. When visitors come to the landing page and sees positive reinforcements from other users, it will assure them that you run a legit operation.

Testimonials & Reviews - Freelancers Hub

The best and most powerful marketing technique is the word of mouth marketing. Reviews and customer testimonials are the best social proof and the newly evolved word of mouth marketing. 

Remember, do not put up generic testimonials like “great work,” “Wow,” and things of this sort. These comments frankly seem like they are fake, and it will only hurt your business. 

You should make sure that you put up testimonials that describe what you did to help the client. The more the detail in the testimonial, the more human it will seem, and the more believable it is for your audience. 

Remember the testimonials that come with the client and business’s full name and have details about the service or product your supplied will always leave a better impact on the people coming in. 

Testimonials like this work as a useful tool as well as a reference tool for new potential clients. You can create sliders for your testimonials, and when you run a PPC campaign, you should utilize its powers for better conversion rates. 

Trust us when we say that you will be able to see that people care about the testimonials when you check the heatmap for the optimized landing page.

Install An Optimized Lead Capture Form

One of the best ways to optimize landing pages is to tweak your lead capture form. Optimizing your lead capture form will ensure conversion rates jump up when you are running a PPC campaign

According to multiple studies, if you have a cluttered lead capture form, it will hamper your conversion rate. The more information the visitor is asked to put in, the lower the chances of them engaging. 

So what do you do? First, you can stop asking for first and last name and just put in one option for the name; as for the company’s name, you can find that out later and only ask for one phone number instead of all their contact information. 

You can even do without their phone number and only ask for the email as a medium of contact. Less is more. Always remember that. Only ask for pertinent information in the lead capture form to ensure visitors don’t feel overwhelmed. 

With simple tweaks like this, you will see an uptake in your conversion rates without changing your bid strategy or ad creation.

Another thing you should keep in mind is to ensure the form is clean and comfortable to read. 

Now, if you cannot lessen the number of fields you need to be filled, then you can integrate a progress bar. A progress bar will help you break up your lead capture form into multiple steps, and it will ensure the visitors don’t get overwhelmed with the form. 

Isolating The Leads Coming From The Landing Page

Isolation is key to creating the perfect landing page. Make sure that no link on the page can distract the visitor. The landing pages should have only one goal: to ensure that the visitors are clicking on your PPC ads and convert according to the campaign’s intent. 

Isolating the leads help you in your conversion rates because of a little known effect called the Zeigarnik Effect. So this is an effect where your brain feels uncomfortable because there is an incomplete task and people always remember the unfinished tasks more than the ones they completed. 

With only one task on the landing page, your visitors will feel compelled to complete the only task there is and ensure a boost in your conversion rates. So always remember that when you are building your landing page. 

Testing Out Different Color, Shape & Size For The Button

Did you know that there is the real science behind the shape, size, and color of buttons on websites? These play a vital role in the conversion psychology of the leads you bring in through your PPC campaigns. 

When it comes to importance, there is nothing more important than the button, as that is the one thing you want your audience to click. That is why you should make sure that the buttons are performing at peak conditions. So what do you do? Well. Let’s get into discussing the three main factors.


The first thing to remember is that the button’s color should always contrast the landing page. It has to stand out amongst everything else on the page. For example, Orange is the opposite of blue, red the opposite of green, purple the opposite of yellow, Etc. 

You can find color wheels online to help you decide the contrasting color for the button. Colors like Orange are always popular amongst marketers because it’s energetic, creating a sense of buying or selling. 

Even conversion service providers use Orange as their button color. So that’s one thing you can consider for your landing page conversion button. Red also works as well as Orange as it creates a sense of urgency for visitors. Now, there’s no way to know the right color for your PPC landing page until you have tested them. 

One key thing to remember is that not everyone will like the colors when you test it out. However, it would be best if you went with the one that the majority clicks on. Trust the process, and it will provide you with better conversion rates than before. 


Did you know that studies show that buttons with rounded corners usually convert more leads than sharp corners? Well, that is a scientific fact and here’s why:

  • Rounded corners are accessible for the eyes and brain to process.
  • Humans have been preprogrammed to be wary of sharp corners as they usually posed a threat. That primal psychological conditioning still works on us today.
  • Sharp corners can seem like directional arrows and can divert the attention of the visitors to something else.

If you want to optimize the landing pages to perfection, you should not use patterns like rectangles, ovals, squares, or circles as buttons but a combination of these patterns. 

Create new button patterns and try them out on your landing pages and see which one works best for your leads. 


Like the two criteria we talked about, the button’s size matters, but it is relative to what your leads like. 

So do some testing on the size of the buttons and use the one that converts the most. But from our experience, bigger is usually better. 

Find The Best Call To Action For Your Landing Page

We here at Freelancer’s Hub often find that the call to action or CTA has more significance in a landing page than the button itself. That’s because a CTA lets the visitor know what they are in for if they go forward with the action intended. 

Having a vague CTA hampers conversion because the visitor won’t know what they are in for. So adding value and relevance to the call to action will convince potential customers to convert. Now here are some things you should consider when optimizing the call to action for your PPC landing page:

  • Check the font color.
  • Try using “My” instead of “Your.”
  • Focus on what the visitor will get, not the action they have to take.
  • Use the verb “Get” wherever it makes sense. 
  • Try to integrate a right-pointing arrow on the left side of the button.
  • Ensure value and relevancy to the button.
  • Try testing headline CTA and Subhead CTA when optimizing landing pages. 
  • Utilize the hover effect on the button where the button changes color when the pointer hovers over the button.

Integrate A Chat Tool For Your Landing Pages

Nowadays, people don’t like to call companies for information. They are much more comfortable texting or chatting. Also, there is the dreaded answering machine. 

No one wants to go through that. That’s where chat tools and chatbots come into play. It’s a laid back option where the visitor comes to you without it being intimidating.

Many chat tool service providers will provide you with custom chat solutions for your landing pages. So what should you look for when integrating a chat tool? Well, here are some features that will take your chat tool to the next level:

  • Showcasing the location of the visitor within the chat.
  • Showing you which page the visitor is on.
  • Showcasing how long they have been on the site.
  • Integrating attention-grabbing images to encourage interactions.
  • Uses a round-robin operator system.
  • Allows easy split-testing of greeter texts.

Remember that the purpose of a chat tool is to remove the intimidation of a call and communication delay with emails. 

Starting a chat doesn’t require any name, email, phone number, or social security, and that makes it a very enticing option for visitors to engage without them feeling like we are after their money. 

When you look at the conversion rates after the PPC campaign is over, you will see that it was a significant factor in boosting the numbers. 

Integrating Directional Cues

Directional cues are elements within your landing page that divert the visitor’s attention to what you want them to see. 

It helps you suggest to your visitors about the purpose of the landing page. There are two types of directional cues. So let’s check out how they impact the visitor’s attention:

Explicit Directional Cues

These are very on the nose cues where they point directly to the place you want the visitor’s attention to shift. 

Explicit directional cues are mostly arrows that point to lead capture forms, buttons, or the pricing list that will entice visitors’ engagement. 

Implicit Directional Cues

These are more subtle cues where the cues are more suggestive than arrows. 

It can be an image looking or facing the button/ lead capture form or some other visual aid that organically brings the visitor’s attention to where you want.

Introduce Explainer Content

Do you remember the 1-3 minute videos you see on websites? Well, that’s an explainer video. The target of these types of content is to explain to visitors what your business does and your company’s mission and vision. 

If you can do it right then, these animated videos can ensure that the conversion rates go up a lot. Now you may be wondering why these explainer videos are so successful. Well, that’s because of the decline in user attention span over the years. 

Nowadays, no one wants to read newspapers if they can ingest the same information passively on video. Plus, videos always have a high engagement rate when compared to other types of content. 

However, you have to remember that you are not making a short film. Explainer videos need to be made in a certain way to be effective. Here are some tips about creating explainer videos for your landing page. 

  • Plan the videos perfectly because creating one video is expensive, so you may not be able to do A/B testing with explainer content.
  • Focus on creating a killer script because that’s the video’s meat and potatoes and not the animation. 
  • Think about your voiceovers. Make sure you choose the right sort of voice for the videos. If you are selling toys and other products for kids, you can use a child to voice it. If you want to impress and appear smart, use a voiceover actor who is very articulate when pronouncing. Thinking about the type of voice your audience will like will ensure people watch your explainer video.
  • Always integrate the best features/benefits and direct viewers with a call to action at the end of the video. 
  • Try to keep it short. The videos should be around one and a half minutes. Anymore and visitors might not finish the video. 

Now, creating explainer videos are usually very expensive and requires much effort. So if you are looking to optimize many landing pages, then it can become a burden on your budget. 

So a more affordable option for many businesses is image sliders. If you think you cannot explain everything in a short video, image sliders are always a better option, and studies show that they perform better than long videos. 

Ensure you check out what you need to make your PPC campaign convert more and create explainer content per your need. 

Put In Trust Badges & Guarantees

Whenever you look on a website, you search for signs that show the business can be trusted. One of the best ways that websites garner trust is by integrating trust badges. 

People visiting will site will most definitely check out the trust badges and even click on it to see your reviews. Once they see the reviews from the trust badge websites, they will trust you enough to do business with you. 

Here at Freelancer’s Hub, we have worked with sites that put in trust badges and guarantees and places that didn’t. 

We noticed that the sites with trust badges have a higher conversion than those that don’t, and sometimes the difference is as high as 32%. Here are some tips on integrating trust badges and seals:

  • Put the badges and seals near the “Place Order” button. 
  • Put the badge on your header.
  • Make the badge clickable so that your customers can check them out. 
  • Do not overpopulate with badges.

You should also include any corporate rewards or significant media mentions. Add the links to the mentions if you can as well. That will help build the trust factor with your site visitors. 

Plus, you should include some guarantees that supplement the service you provide. Here are some ideas about guarantees you can put in when doing landing page optimization.

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • 100% Risk-Free Guarantee
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • The Lifetime Guarantee
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • Free Trial Period
  • The Extreme Guarantee(365 Day Guarantee)
  • Lifetime Warranty

When you integrate these tips into your landing page, you are bound to see an increase in conversion rates. 

Now, the number varies from business to business, so check them out for yourself. But we guarantee that there will be an increase in conversion rates. 

Do Not Clutter Your Landing Page

Listen, we get it. You want to ensure that your clients are getting all the information they need about your business. But that’s not all the information about your business. 

You have to remember that people do not have the patience to go through a forest of information when visiting your site. 

When you remove unnecessary paragraphs, you will see an uptake in conversion rate. So make sure you declutter your landing page when you are optimizing it. 

Make It Fancy

We live in a very visual world. Social sites like Instagram and Pinterest have very high engagement rates compared to other social sites. People love expressing themselves. 

The same goes for businesses in the 21st century. Don’t tell your visitors that you are different; show them. Utilize brilliant visual content and a careful content strategy to create a persona that stands out amongst your competition. 

When you do that, you will see that people engage with your ads and interact with your optimized landing pages ensuring higher conversion rates. 

Bonus Tips For Landing Page Optimization

So we couldn’t let you go without some bonus tips to take your landing page into the next level. Check out these tips to elevate your landing pages:

Landing Page Optimization Service - Freelancers Hub
  • Always do one significant change when optimizing your landing page. Do not redesign, layout, headline, Etc. Altogether. Your conversion rates will collapse if you do.
  • Do some tests and analyze the results correctly and find out the change in the result is because of the changes made and not because of some external factors. Once you are over 95% sure about the change, then only implement it. 
  • Making your button more prominent or changing the color to Orange won’t guarantee an increase in conversion rates. Nothing is guaranteed, so never make assumptions and do some A/B testing to find the best option for your business. 
  • Always keep testing new things to take your landing pages to the new level.
  • Sometimes it will take months for you to see a significant change in results. You can use the A/B testing calculator to see how long you should run your test. 
  • Remember, landing pages can show a high number of conversion rates because they have acquired many leads. However, that doesn’t mean uptake in the right conversion rates or sales numbers. So make sure you check your customer interactions and other aspects of your business to see how you can hit higher sales numbers. 

Find The Best Landing Page Optimization Services

We believe you should know how your business can go to the next level, even if you are working with a digital service company to do the work. 

This is why we created this list to build the perfect landing page for your PPC campaigns. We care about the results, and that is why we did not just give you a list of successful landing page templates. 

Now you know what you should expect from your full-scale digital service provider when you work with them to optimize your landing pages. So that concludes our discussion for today.

If you want to find out more about landing page optimization, then contact our PPC managers. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about landing pages and PPC campaigns. So get in touch. That’s it for now. We will come back soon with some new information. Until then, see ya!

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