Content Marketing Goals You Need To Set In 2021!

April 20, 2021

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Whenever you start a business or trying to grow your business online, you will hear everyone say that content marketing is one of the cornerstones of building a successful brand. We come across many entrepreneurs in our line of work who find that statement confusing. They’ve done the hard work created content but still don’t understand whether or not it’s actually impacting the growth of their business. By now, you might be tired of reading “content is king” everywhere you click, but the statement isn’t entirely true, and the proof can be seen in the 2020 Google December Core Update. Content just by itself is only content. 

Even if you write the most terrific that contains the meaning of life or the secrets to world peace or the process to ending poverty and world hunger, it will not affect if you don’t define its goals. Setting goals means you knowing what you want to happen when you put content out. This is especially true if you are creating content for businesses. We here at the Freelancers Hub understand the importance of goal setting when it comes to content marketing. 

Our focus is always on providing content marketing solutions that inform, educate, and creates awareness without losing the brand’s authentic voice. Our team understands the history of content marketing, and that’s why whenever we collaborate with a brand for content marketing solutions, the first thing we ask them what impact they want the contents to have. We set goals and create a strategy way before we think about the content. 

The online world is everchanging, and each year you need to recalibrate your goals and strategy if you want to be successful. So we thought we should let you know the content marketing goals you should set in 2021 for the most impact. However, before discussing the goals, you should set, let’s talk about what makes it work. So let’s check it out!

What Makes Content Marketing Work?

Whenever you want to succeed with your content marketing efforts, you need to understand the business goals. Then the next step would be to create content that is made with the goals in mind. Your content shouldn’t be something your audience glances at to pass the time. Your overall strategy needs to be under a larger umbrella, whether it’s blog posts, email marketing, ebooks, podcasts, advertising. 

Now, if you are only creating content for creative purposes, then create as your spirit moves you, but when you are creating content for a business, then it’s a whole another ball game. For a business, the need for a strategic framework is imperative. Plenty of companies already have found success when using a strategic framework to create content for their business. Don’t simply believe us. 

You can look up other brands that found success with a comprehensive content marketing strategy. You can look up content marketing examples to better understand how to tackle content marketing and what solutions you need. So now that you know how content marketing works let’s get into the 2021 content marketing goals you need to set for 2021!

Building Trust & Rapport

It may seem very obvious, but it is often overlooked. Whenever you invest time in creating useful, interesting, and valuable content shows your audience that you are trustworthy. Content like this gives your audience the understanding that you know what you are talking about also helps them understand your personality while also giving them some sense of what it might feel like to work with you. 

If you lack quality content, then you will never grow an audience that trusts you, but an abundance of valuable content builds trust. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen as keep populating the online sphere with valuable content. 

Attracting New Prospects

If you know Seth Godin, then you know that he always tells marketers that they need to be remarkable. So what does that mean? Well, it means that the content you create must attract links, social media sharing, and generate conversations. This is the only way new people can find you. 

Even if you have a dedicated audience who will never go anywhere, you will need new prospects if you want to keep growing your brand. Remember, if people are not talking about your content, then there is a big chance you won’t generate new prospects, and your business will stagnate.

Know The Prospects’ Pain

Don’t get us wrong; we are not asking you to be sadists here. We just want you to understand and know what solutions you can provide your prospects. In our experience, the businesses that endure the longest were the ones that focused on solving problems. 

It can be anything from health problems, parenting problems, money problems, business problems, technical problems to the “what do I make for lunch tomorrow” problem. Our approach to content marketing has always been to solve prospect pains, and any business that’s looking to grow should have this as the core of its marketing message. 

We aren’t being overdramatic when we say that when we look to create a content marketing solution, we go and try to find “What annoys them? What frightens them? What keeps them awake at night?” One key thing you should remember about good content is that it should always have room for feedbacks and questions. It can be through anything from email replies, blog comments, or through holding Q&A sessions or webinars. See what questions they have for you, and then use those answers to build your future content as well. 

Illustrating Benefits

Now only attracting new prospects and knowing their pains won’t get you there. You need to talk about the fixes. Showcasing the techniques, tips, tricks, methods, approaches to get rid of the problem is the next step. You have to illustrate the benefits of how practical your strategy is to solve your audience’s problems. 

Content like “7 Ways to Solve Problem X” works like a charm as it shows the audience your approach works while also ensuring them that working with you will solve their problem. Demonstrations are better than just telling your audience, and it is considered a cornerstone persuasion technique. So make sure you showcase how your approach can help your audience. 

Addressing Objections

Your prospect might be looking to solve their problems, but that’s not all they are looking out for. They are also looking out for potential problems. The perfect content marketing solution will address the issues you can solve and the objections they might have, like addressing the reasons they don’t buy. If you see that more of your audience is having trouble committing because of the price, then make sure you put out content that demonstrates your approach offers value. In the long run, it’s a much cheaper option. 

If you see your audience finds your process a bit too complicated, then make sure you create content that shows how effortless it can be to take up your service. Remember that simply knowing your benefits won’t cut it, and people need to understand the value you offer, and you have to convince them to work with you rather than your competitors is the way to go. 

Paint A Picture

We’ve talked about showcasing the benefits of your product or service through content marketing, and the best way to do that is to paint a picture of how it will improve your audience’s lifestyle. It’s one of the cornerstones of an effective content marketing strategy. Remember, your competitors are selling similar products like yours, and often you will see that it comes down to who is better able to sell the experience. Whether the product is a pocket calculator, a private jet, a multi-million-dollar mansion, or something else, if you can effectively showcase the experience of owning the product mentally to the customer, you will see the impact. 

Storytelling has always been one of the best tools when creating a content marketing strategy as it lets them “try out” mentally. Now, there is no need for you to start making a long format fascinating story immediately. There are other ways you can create meaningful content as well, and social media content can be just as impactful. Social media content solutions can represent extreme value for businesses, so make sure you check out how you can create effective social media content for your business. 

Work In Building Strategic Partnerships

Building strategic partnerships are one of the most effective ways for businesses to grow, especially for startups. Strategic partnerships bring in a broad complement of skills that will elevate your service and product. When you make strategic partnerships, you will be able to grow faster and will be able to go farther and be able to overcome obstacles much easier if you were on your own. 

Work In Building Strategic Partnerships

So one of the best approaches to content marketing is to create content that’s attractive to your audience and prospective partners—working on building content marketing solutions that highlight your business potential and your passion for the work. So make sure you include attracting strategic partners in your list of content marketing goals for 2021.

Build On Existing Customer Relationships

Remember when we said that you should not only rely on existing customer relationships for business growth? Well, this content marketing goal is an extension of that one. The goal we listed above was about attracting new prospects to your business, and this one is you building tighter relationships with your existing customers. 

It is one of our most favorite content marketing goals and is a staple of content marketing solutions regardless of the year. One of the reasons why it’s so popular amongst marketers is that successful businesses have a solid referral and repeat business, which stems from building relationships with the existing customer relationships. 

From our years of experience, we have seen that companies who never had any content marketing effort saw a radical improvement and impact on the bottom line simply by improving the communication with existing customers. Make sure you acknowledge and create content that your existing audience likes and show them that you value their trust and loyalty by giving them great stuff!

Constantly Brainstorming New Ideas

The modern economy is continuously evolving, and constant innovation is the only to survive the harsh modern business world. That means you have to constantly brainstorm and try out new ideas for your business, and the best place to do that is through your content. Whenever you talk about digital marketing, you will see marketers talk about A/B testing, which goes for your business. 

Find out whether or not you need to reposition your key product or if you need to define better or innovate your unique selling proposition. Or, if you see a new problem coming up that your audience might want you to solve, these are just some of the things you need to think about when brainstorming new business ideas. Make sure you get these ideas into your content and gauge the audience’s reaction. You will be able to find out what excites people and what fizzles out before making a massive change in how you operate your business. 

Experts compare this technique to firing bullets rather than cannonballs meaning you are firing off something low-risk to test the waters. Remember making a considerable change without know how the audience might react can backfire, so brainstorming new ideas and integrating them into your content marketing effort is a sure-fire way to understand how you can grow your business. 

Content Marketing Helps With Search Engine Reputation

The staple of every digital marketer is search engine optimization, and the number one reason to have a comprehensive content marketing solution. SEO is vital, and if you don’t prioritize it as a goal, your business will suffer. Search engines will only find your website valuable when you have something of value for readers.  

Remember that you need to make sure your content is engaging and substantive to web surfers, so if you want people to click on your website, you need to ensure the content you have intrigues users’ interest. So when setting up content marketing goals, make sure you take SEO optimization into account. We should also tell you that you need to make sure you keep an eye out for SEO trends yearly to recalibrate your complete digital marketing effort.

Find Content Marketing Solutions That Work For You

So there you go; those are the content marketing goals you need to set in 2021 if you want to grow your business significantly. Make sure you check out some content marketing examples to find inspiration for your strategy. Remember that your content marketing strategy will be unique to your brand, so make sure your team knows how to utilize your personality and unique proposition to carve out your position in the market. 

We here at the Freelancers Hub have a content marketing team made up of top researchers and market-leading copywriters who work tirelessly to provide comprehensive content marketing solutions to businesses worldwide. So if you are finding it hard to impact your current content marketing efforts, please contact us and sign up for a free 30-minute consultation with an expert to know how to optimize your efforts. 

We here at the Freelancers Hub believe in providing value over everything else, and it’s not just about selling our services. That is one of the main reasons why we make sure to cover the latest news on the digital marketing frontier while also ensuring you know how you can create a better business on your own. So if you want to know more about creating a successful online business, then make sure to check out the Freelancers Hub Blog

And with that being said, that’s about all we have for you today. Let us know in the comments below what expectations you have from your content marketing efforts this year. Also, hit us up on our socials and send in your thoughts and suggestions. Your feedback allows us to improve our approach, and we need it to ensure that what we do better caters to your needs, so please send them in. So that’s it for now. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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