Generating Revenue Through Native Ads (4 Reasons To Do It)

Native ads are a great way to generate ad revenue for your business. It’s different from other advertising forms, such as Google or Facebook Ads. In 2016, Search Engine Journal (SEJ) published an article stating how relying heavily on Google Ads and Ad Exchanges to generate profit had backfired. In addition, they found out that […]

Why Does Click Volume Decrease In Your Site? [4 Reasons & Solutions]

Your research has shown a decline in interest. Do we need to be concerned? Yes. Possible commercial prospects may pass you by. If your company isn’t getting its fair share of online traffic, your rivals steal potential clients with every click they get. With only about 3 percent of website visits converting, attracting those clicks […]

Benefits Of Optimized PPC For Increasing Landing Page Conversion Rate

PPC or pay per click services is the ideal tool to gain new leads for your business. Companies often overlook pay per click advertising services. There are several benefits for PPC advertising, and here are some you should know about: It allows for quick entry. Easy to track and measure. Works incredibly well with other […]

An Easy Guide To Setting Up Your Google Adwords Account

So you are a company that has a perfect website. Your site is filled with relevant content, and it’s easy to navigate and is structured correctly. But your website will have no use if it doesn’t have any visitors.  Now to help you with driving traffic, you need Google Ads, previously known as Google Adwords. […]

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Smart PPC Advertisement

You must be tired of hearing about the wonders PPC advertisement. From reading about social media PPC campaigns to pitches from digital agencies who sell you on search engine marketing(SEM) and PPC you must be hard of hearing about it. However, as much as it seems like they are all beating the same drum, there […]

Pay Per Click Service Basics That You Should Know About

Pay per click service or PPC is an advertising tool that helps businesses showcase their products and services to enhance their reach and encourage growth in the process. Odds are until now you have heard a lot about PPC and its impact. So if you want to start working on business growth then PPC is […]

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